18 Feb 2021 - GORDO BANKS PANGAS San Jose del Cabo
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February 7, 2021

As we start the new month of February there are light numbers of tourists
arriving, this is mainly due to ongoing Covid pandemic and the new
requirements being put in place for travelers. We are hoping that by spring
season we might see an improvement of this situation. The Los Cabos area
relies entirely on tourist trade for the local economy and without this
income people cannot support themselves and families.

We have felt a warming trend this past week, we saw high temperatures up to
80 degrees, mostly clear sunny skies. Winds were still unpredictable,
though the forecast for the coming week looks very calm, favorable to help
stabilize ocean conditions. Ocean temperature has been in the 70 to72
degree range, clarity was changing daily with the strong currents that have
been pushing through. Overall the water was appearing cleaner on the
grounds near the Iman Bank. This is where in recent days the majority of
the light crowds of charters have been concentrated.

Every day we were seeing a handful of yellowfin tuna landed, anglers were
fortunate to land one of these tuna, some charters even reported a couple
of these fish. The yellowfin were very finicky, but could be enticed with
persistence and patience using a combination of sardinas, caballito, strips
of squid or skipjack. Average size of the tuna were in the 50 to 80 lb.
class. On these same grounds and on other rocky high sports anglers found a
mix of bottom species. Though the bottom bite with the strong currents
running was not consistent, more bonito and black skipjack than anything
else, a few varieties of pargo/snapper, an occasional cabrilla, amberjack
or yellowtail. Strong currents were a problem this past week, we do
anticipate this pattern to change and should help improve the all-around
action. Also in recent days red crabs were starting to appear on the
surface, these can be used for red snapper bait, with calmer conditions
this could develop into something.

Other options were found closer to shore, mainly in the southern zone
towards Cabo San Lucas, where sierra, skipjack and triggerfish were the
main species encountered, still spotty from day to day, no consistent hot
spot now. A few dorado are still hanging around in the cooler waters, found
scattered in small schools, most of these smaller sized fish.

Lots of whales throughout the region, peak season will continue for at
least another month. Sea lions, turtles and manta rays also providing
sightseeing entertainment.

Good fishing, Eric

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