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 Nov 1, 2011; 05:20PM - North Wind already, blow out October?
 Category:  Saltwater Fly Fishing Reports
 Author Name:  Gary Graham
 Author E-mail:
Report Description: Endless Season Update Wednesday, October
31, 2011
REPORT #1265 'Below the Border'
Saltwater Fly-Fishing reports since 1996

East Cape

After a month of hot water and by all
accounts, slow fishing, the much awaited
cooling of the sea temperatures has
finally begun. Remembering the old
saying about being careful what you ask
for, the cooler water that was hoped
for, was brought about by or closely
followed by, an early dose of north
wind. While that may be good news for
arriving kite boarders, it's a bummer
for fishing.
But not so fast! The wind seems to be
what the doctor ordered. While the tuna
seem to have disappeared, the dorado are
suddenly hanging out around the shark
buoys…I think this is the first time
this season I could say that with
conviction. Plus…drum roll here… the
striped marlin and sailfish are back in
the game. How long will it last? I
wouldn't dare guess, but it is fun-fun-
fun fishing for the moment.

Current East Cape Weather
Magdalena Bay, Baja Mexico

We received two 'on the spot' reports:

'We fished the ridge last Saturday,
Sunday and Monday. It was very slow.
We heard a few reports of boats getting
a wahoo or two, but we had no 'hoo
hookups. Got three dorado, and a YT on
the dropper, along with some small
grouper. Had a marlin strike that
missed. Saw about eight marlin and may
have had shots at them but we weren't
really interested in that. We talked to
many groups of fishermen, and many
locals. No one spoke of seeing tuna in
quite a while, and the quantities
mentioned did not gel with what I had
been hearing.'

The second report was from George
Landrum who helped bring a boat down
from Ensenada:

'Mid-morning we were at the mid-point on
the Ridge north of Mag Bay and the wind
finally died down, the water calmed and
also started to warm up a bit. We had
left Ensenada with green, 64 degree
water and by the time we reached the
upper Thetis Bank it had turned much
more blue and had warmed up to 72
degrees. With the water warm, clean and
much calmer we proceeded to put four
lures out and made a pass on the Thetis.
This resulted in catching the owner his
largest wahoo to date, estimated at 65
pounds! Several more passes resulted in
no more strikes so we continued on to
the lower Thetis Bank. This area had
plenty of striped marlin and we had a
fish in the pattern constantly. The
owner was fighting one when another one
swam right up to the transom and Carlos
quickly dropped another lure in the
water. With the swivel at the rod tip
and 10 feet of leader, he swung the lure
back and forth a few times and the
second fish bit and hooked up!
Thankfully it only stayed on a few
minutes then jumped off and we were able
to leader and release the fish the owner
had been fighting.

Wanting to arrive in Magdalena Bay
before dark we continued on and spotted
some shark buoys. Making a few passes
with the lures we were able to bring
several dorado on board to join the
wahoo already in the freezer. We then
powered up and ran into the bay,
anchoring up for the night at the Man of
War anchorage. With the underwater
lights on we caught a few live mackerel
for bait the next day and caught some
Up again early, our plan was to head
straight out to the deep-water ledge and
see if we could find some tuna for
sashimi. As we were exiting Mag Bay we
spotted several areas where the mackerel
were feeding and caught another dozen to
put in the live bait tank.

We spotted a frigate bird and caught a
dorado about 20 minutes out, then under
another frigate 45 minutes later we had
a sailfish come in on a lure and hook
up. A short fight resulted in a release
at the boat. The rest of the day was
uneventful until we spotted more buoys
on the way in and caught three more
dorado, then had a wahoo strike just off
the beach on the way into anchor for the

Current Magdalena Bay Weather
Zihuatanejo, Mainland Mexico
See report on Baja Bytes report

Current Zihuatanejo Weather

Cabo San Lucas

The billfish have picked up, more
striped marlin are being caught, and the
sailfish numbers are remaining up there
also. They usually feed with the dorado,
but have heard reports of the sailfish
being caught alongside the yellowfin. No
reports of any large blue or black
marlin, but there were some in the 100
to 200 pound range.

Tuna! Tuna! Tuna! I want Sushi! Lots of
tuna around which is a good thing with
the Western Outdoor News Tuna Jackpot
coming up this Thursday and Friday. Most
of the tuna I have seen coming in
however have been in the 30 to 40 pound
range with a few in the 60 to 100 pound
range. There are reports of 200+ pound
fish jumping, but couldn't get them to
bite. Tossing ballyhoo, mackerel, cedar
plugs, they just wouldn't bite. Whoever
figures out what they want will make
some money this week if they are in the

Lots, and lots of dorado again. If you
are trolling inshore, they are hard to
miss. A lot of small ones; I even saw
someone with a 2 pound fish the other
day. Normally, those are thrown back,
but this one didn't make it. Most of the
fish are in the 8 to 15 pound range with
some hitting the 30 pound mark.
There have been a few wahoo flags
recently…fish in the 30 pound range. Not
usually many this time of year.

The water temperatures are staying warm,
so still some nice roosterfish around,
snapper, groupers; almost November, but
I haven't seen any sierra yet. The
dorado fishing is also good close to
shore…George and Mary Landrum

Current Cabo Weather
 Sep 18, 2011; 08:58AM - Tuna Roll
 Category:  Saltwater Fly Fishing Reports
 Author Name:  Gary Graham
 Author E-mail:
Report Description: Endless Season Update Wednesday,
September 17, 2011
REPORT #1263 'Below the Border'
Saltwater Fly-Fishing reports since 1996

East Cape

Tuna, atún, tuńczyk. . .in any language
these fish are practically chewing the
paint off the bottom of the boats. Every
report from East Cape is filled with
sweaty ,casually-clothed anglers wearing
big smiles commensurate with the size of
the tuna.

Traditionally, September is a slow
month because of the propensity of
Chubasos to show up unexpectedly. This
year, throughout the summer every month
has looked like September at all the
hotels as far as the number of guests
and anglers is concerned.

Clearly the tuna are impervious to the
bad economy and in terms of quantity and
quality, tuna fishing is as good as it
gets right now. Meanwhile dorado are
showing up more in the catches each day
with the largest in the forty-pound
class. And though not drawing as much
attention, the billfish action for
blues, sails and stripers has been
picking up as well.

Last but not least, the roosterfish bite
has gone on almost all summer.

Regardless of your tackle choice,
conventional, spinning or fly, there are
enough challenges and personal bests to
satisfy both newcomers and seasoned

Current East Cape Weather
Magdalena Bay, Baja Mexico

Fishing continues to improve after a bit
of unsettled conditions. Large dorado
and the early appearance of marlin have
the few anglers who are fishing
excited. Fish are in 85° water just a
few miles outside Boca Soledad. My son
released two and had more follows in the

Out at the Thetis, wahoo have been
sporadically good recently. . .just not
in the concentrations that were here
last year. …Bob Hoyt

Current Magdalena Bay Weather
Zihuatanejo, Mainland Mexico
See report on Baja Bytes report

Current Zihuatanejo Weather

Cabo San Lucas
There are plenty of striped marlin being
seen but not all of them are hungry.
Just getting one released has been a
reason for celebration for most anglers.
Some blacks are beginning to show up off
the Gordo Banks and the Punta Gordo area
and there have been blue marlin
attacking lures both south of Cabo and
around the warm water plume on the
Pacific side. Most of these larger fish
have been in the 200- to 300-pound
class. Lures have been best to use on
the blue marlin and the black marlin
really like slow-trolled live skipjack.
Strangely enough, yellowfin tuna have
remained our top reported fish. I mean
that because we have been seeing purse
seiners setting on schools out here, and
we are still catching nice tuna, in
spite of them! There have been some very
nice-sized fish reported from the area
of the Finger Banks, but that is a long
haul for the fleet guys on a fingers-
crossed trip when there is good fishing
closer to home. Boats fishing the
Pacific side have been catching fish
ranging from 10 to 100 pounds with most
of them in the 20- to 30-pound class
while trolling cedar plugs and feathers
around porpoise and dolphin. The larger
fish have been hooked on slow-trolled
live bait dropped-back after hooking up
to a trolled fish, but the very largest
fish have been taken while fishing under
a kite. We had clients this week who
caught five yellowfin between 30 and 60
pounds and several smaller ones, the
larger fish all coming from using the
kite. Other boats working a bit farther
out to the south reported larger fish
over 100 pounds coming from under a
Plenty of dorado to be caught, you just
had to be fishing the right areas to get
them. Almost all the big numbers were
found within two miles of the beach on
the Pacific side up past the Arcos area.
Big numbers do not mean big fish though
as most of these fish were in the 10-
pound class along with a few much
smaller ones. The larger fish were
found scattered farther offshore. Boats
that did well on the larger fish were
looking for feeding frigate birds and
running to them, tossing out live bait
and slow trolling the area. Also,
almost anything you found floating this
week was likely to have fish under it.
A few boats were able to get into small
groups averaging 25 pounds and catching
three or four for the fish box.
Some roosterfish as well as a scattering
of snapper and grouper have kept most
inshore anglers a little busy, but with
the water conditions the way they are
most of the pangas are going offshore
looking for the larger dorado and some
of those great yellowfin tuna…George and
Mary Landrum

Current Cabo Weather
 Aug 18, 2011; 01:00PM - Blame Game
 Category:  Saltwater Fly Fishing Reports
 Author Name:  Gary Graham
 Author E-mail:
Report Description: Endless Season Update August 18, 2011
REPORT #1262 'Below the Border'
Saltwater Fly-Fishing reports since 1996
Mid August and the fish seemed to have
taken a powder. Still some fish around
but they aren't exactly jumping in the
boats. Three out of four reports this
week drug the 'full moon' explanation
off the shelf to explain the poor
fishing. The moon is like Baja if
anything goes wrong it gets the blame.
Have you ever read that fishing was wide
open…must have been the full moon?

How slow was it, Mark Rayor of Jen Wren
Sportfishing, spent more time reporting
on bird than fish? There were a few
highlight fo the lucky ones.

Buenavista Beach Resort boats Liliana
and Dottie B11 managed to capture the
top prizes in dorado and tuna
categories. Last weekend in the La
Ribera tournament that coincided the La
Ribera Days festival that takes place
every August.

John Ireland, Rancho Leonero reported
the inshore produced more quality sized
roosters again this week along with some
large amberjack. Lots of pompano are
still around. A couple of nice pargo in
the 20 to 30 # range taken this week.

Current East Cape Weather
Magdalena Bay, Baja Mexico

Warm water currents resulted in the best
early showing of marlin in two years
from Tasco to the upper end of the
ridge. Most of the shark buoys holding
dorado and there is a good showing of
yellowfin tuna feeding on baitballs.
Watch for the bird schools.
In the esteros there have been a
smattering of nice sized corvina and
grouper scattered above Lopez Mateos…Bob

Current Magdalena Bay Weather
Zihuatanejo, Mainland Mexico
No report….Ed Kunze

Current Zihuatanejo Weather

Cabo San Lucas
The marlin fishing was similar to
fishing for every else this week, not a
lot of fish but the ones that were
caught were quality fish. With the warm
water has come the blue marlin, and
while not every boat managed to hook
into one, there were a few boats that
managed a release on two per day. Most
of the fish were under 300 pounds. From
just off the beach to beyond the 1,000
fathom line, they were scattered
everywhere. We also saw quite a few
sailfish this week, most of them over
100 pounds. Not appearing in large
packs, still they were getting into the
lure in small groups of two or three
fish at a time and causing quite a
commotion on the deck as the attacked
everything in the water. The striped
marlin bite has died off quite a bit.
There are still a few fish caught every
day, most of them from just off the
beach to the north on the Pacific side.
Tuna slowed still more, the bite has
fallen off quite a bit. Where we were
getting at least a couple of fish every
trip, now it is a fish or two every few
trips. On a good note, these fish have
been real nice ones! As I said earlier,
quality fish, not quantity of fish.
Finding porpoise was still the key, and
being the first to them was something
that you had to have happen. Second
boat or later may as well have just not
moved. With fish to #200, a few boats
were lucky enough to be the first ones
on the porpoise and sometimes ended up
with multiple hook-ups, but were
thankful to get one of them into the
boat. Boats that were able to fly a
kite increased their chances of hooking
up by at least 50%, and if you did not
have a kite, having flouro-carbon leader
sure was better than normal mono-
filament leader for these big tuna.
While there are still plenty of dorado
out there, the number caught is down.
Again, most of the fish were close to
the beach and averaged just 8-10 pounds.
A few larger fish were caught and again
slow trolling live bait seemed to
produce better quality fish than just
trolling lures. Almost all the action
occurred on the Pacific side of the
Once again there was a scattering of
wahoo in the smaller size range caught
this week, mostly by boats working off
the beach for the small dorado. I did
not hear of any large ones being caught
and the smaller fish were in the 20-25
pound class. With the full moon just
happening, the bite might turn on for a
couple of days.
Inshore fishing was slow, as was
everything else this week. We had a few
clients on Pangas who did fair on the
dorado, were able to catch plenty of
skip-jack and bonito and had some action
on hammerhead sharks as well.
Roosterfish were not real active and
while a few decent snapper and grouper
were caught, they were not there in the
numbers to make it worth targeting
them..…George and Mary Landrum

Current Cabo Weather
 Jul 22, 2011; 08:23AM - Dora looms
 Category:  Saltwater Fly Fishing Reports
 Author Name:  Gary Graham
 Author E-mail:
Report Description: Endless Season Update July 21, 2011
REPORT #1261 'Below the Border'
Saltwater Fly-Fishing reports since 1996
While Dora pounds its way north, most
locals are cautiously looking over their
.html[/url] East Cape webcam for current
live view
Summer action continues, however, with
billfish dominating the catches as more
and more anglers attention turns to the
upcoming East Cape Offshore that begins
next week. Hopefully it will not be a
repeat of last week's Dorado Shootout
when the target fish became scarce.
Speaking of scarce, the cow-sized tuna
are scattered in Las Palmas Bay with
little or no concentration. Mark Rayor
did manage to corral a couple, but he
was the exception to the rule. Most of
fleet had to be content with the smaller
football variety.
Inshore, the roosters and jacks are in
the house…smaller versions only; the
larger versions are not.

Current East Cape Weather
[B]Magdalena Bay, Baja Mexico[/B]

Rumblings out of Magdalena indicate that
there is a decent yellowtail bite on the
ridge while locals are reporting dorado
and striped marlin outside of Cabo
Lazaro. This seems backwards to the way
it should be in a normal year.
In the Esteros the action remains
consistent for the usual suspects but
since many locals are currently
clamming, it is difficult to figure out
how bad or how
good it is.

Current Magdalena Bay Weather
[B]Zihuatanejo, Mainland Mexico[/B]
We are enjoying a great month!
Francisco, on the super panga Huntress,
fished three days in the nearby blue
water and caught seven sailfish, dorado,
lots of
ocianicos (skipjack), and even yellowfin
tuna. Plus, his clients from Denmark,
Niels Theirs and his daughter, also
fished the inshore for several days,
numerous roosters and jack crevalle.

The roosterfish action is still blazing
hot for us here in Ixtapa /Zihuatanejo.
Early in the week, I had already been
booked in advance by David Yoder of
Seattle to fly fish for roosters when
Henry Huskins of Houston, Texas called
me the night before wanting to
conventional gear fish for roosters. I
called Adolfo and we put Henry with
Cheva on the panga Dos Hermanos
(Adolfo’s boat), and because Cheva’s
boat, the Dos Hermanos II is more fly-
fishing-friendly, David and I went
with Adolfo on Cheva’s boat.

The action was incredible. We fished the
clean water south of Valentin and on
down past the antennas. With Adolfo, we
brought at least 12 roosters to the
boat, and David caught and released one
along with a medium-sized jack crevalle.
This was David’s first experience for
roosters on the fly and he soon learned
12 roosters teased to the boat with a
hookless teaser e 12 caught fish when
you have hooks in the surface popper and
a live bait to back it up. But that one
fish on the fly is so much more
rewarding when you do hook up,
especially when using a fly you had tied
yourself. Meanwhile, Henry was with
Cheva and had not handicapped himself
with the fly rod. He released eight nice

Plus, when David went back with Adolfo
the next day, with memories of those 50
pound and Fly Fishing World Record 70
pound class fish that had followed his
fly, but did not eat it, he quickly got
over his learning curve. On the first
day the cast was sometimes a bit early,
but usually a bit too late. By the
second day he was able to get the timing
down of having the fly hit the water
just in front of the hookless surface
teaser popper, and about 50 feet out.
Did he do well? He
got SIX roosters on the fly! I would say
he is a veteran now….Ed Kunze

Current Zihuatanejo Weather

[B]Cabo San Lucas[/B]
Though there are still some to be found,
the striped marlin bite has fallen off
as we expect when the water gets over 80
degrees. I have not seen very many
boats flying multiple flags, two at the
most, and my guess is there is a success
rate of about 35%. In addition, the
fish have been scattered. Best results
have been from the area of cool water on
the Pacific side close to the beach.
There have been more frequent attacks on
lures from the larger marlin! Reports of
blues up to 500 pounds taking yellowfin
tuna as they are being reeled in gives
you a reason to get out there, but they
haven't arrived in any numbers…just an
occasional fish or so. Smaller blue
marlin and possibly a few black marlin
have been reported attacking lures
pulled around the tuna schools. Maybe
it’s time to down-rig a few tuna on the

A bright star this week was the
yellowfin tuna action. As is normal with
these fish, first boats to the action
had the best luck, and finding the fish
for the most part consisted of finding
porpoise. The yellowfin averaged 15
pounds and once in a while jumped over
the 40 pound mark. I did hear reports of
a few larger fish
coming from the area outside of Punta
Gorda, fish that went over the 100 pound
mark. Almost anyone that wanted tuna
this week were able to get a few, with
some anglers limiting out. On a worry
note: the purse seiners nave started to
show up, but that means that there are
more fish on the way, just hope they
don’t get them all before we have a
chance at some!

Another bright spot this week was the
number of dorado we have been seeing…an
average of 12 pounds. There have been a
few really small ones that bode
well for the next few months as they get
larger, and of course the 40 pound fish
that get everyone all excited. The
majority of the larger dorado are being
found on the Cortez side in the warmer
water and the smaller fish are being
found close to the beach.

Inshore fishing was a repeat of last
week with the inclusion of a few more
dorado showing up… roosterfish to 60
pounds, amberjack, jack crevalle,
grouper, snapper; all the inshore fish
are showing in the reports this week.
Slow trolling live bait is the key to
getting most of the fish except the
bottom species, and those were biting on
butterfly jigs.…George and Mary Landrum

Current Cabo Weather
 Jul 4, 2011; 05:25PM - Baja sizzles while So. Cal. chills
 Category:  Saltwater Fly Fishing Reports
 Author Name:  Gary Graham
 Author E-mail:
Report Description: Endless Season Update July 4, 2011
REPORT #1260 'Below the Border'
Saltwater Fly-Fishing reports since 1996

While the hotel owners worried about the
lack of guests and more importantly, the
lack of anglers to cash in on the
action, tuna ate and ate on the 88 again
this week! and the size was anywhere
from 'teeners' to 'cows' exceeding
200 pounds.

Not every boat and not every angler,
but enough that cocktail hour was
dominated with fish stories and sashimi.

Shark buoys strung out across the Sea
held bait beneath them that attracted
dorado, tuna and billfish, from blue to
sail variety.

While back inshore the roosters are on
the prowl with enough jacks to entertain
both conventional and fly anglers from
boat and beach.

Current East Cape Weather
Magdalena Bay, Baja Mexico

Slow…slow…slow offshore and inshore
according to locals and Lance Peterson
who recently returned from a scouting
trip to the area.
Current Magdalena Bay Weather
Zihuatanejo, Mainland Mexico
The 84° blue water is still holding
close to the beach, but this may change
as the rains are still coming. It
started this morning (Friday) about 2:30
and did not let up until about noon. We
expect more tonight.

The fishing has been excellent. The
average per boat sailfish action is two
to three fish per day. Martin, on the
cruiser Gaviota, released six earlier in
the week. It should also be noted Martin
was the No. 1 Tag and Release Captain
for the entire West Coast of Mexico for
last year’s NOAA tags. No results are
available yet for the Billfish
Foundation tags.

Offshore also has skipjack tuna,
yellowfin tuna, and a few blue marlin.
Here is a report emailed to me by Kevin
Seelick: On Sun 6/26, I called Adolfo
Sr. and he was booked for the week.
'Give me 5 minutos, I'll find you a
captain.' He put me on an offshore boat
with captain Martin (Chico on the panga
Llamarda is the owner) and deckhand
Tyson aka 'Mike Tyson', on the Rosa
Nautica. My daughter and I caught 37
oceanicos (skipjack tuna) and one good
size yellowfin tuna. I was the lucky one
with catching a highly acrobatic
fighting sailfish.
Day 2: Adolfo Sr. put me onto Cheva's
boat 'Dos Hermanos II' with Adolfo Jr.
Trolling live bait and casting 3.oz
blue/white Roberts Lure's top water
poppers. We hooked 14 smaller roosters
and numerous jacks and one awesome
roosterfish. We named him 'Sancho' and
released him to be caught another day.

Muchos Gracias to Adolfo Sr, Jr., Cheva,
Martin, and Chico aka 'Mike Tyson'…Ed

Current Zihuatanejo Weather

Cabo San Lucas
The marlin were found right outside the
bay, most of them between ½ and 5 miles
out, and they were hungry! Not a wide
open bite by any stretch, but much
better than we had seen earlier in the

We had two boats out Sunday, and both
came back with between 13 and 15
yellowfin each, ranging between 12 and
40 pounds. We were not the only ones;
almost all the fleet that went the
correct direction got into fish. The
correct direction appeared to be between
150 and 200 degrees, and the distance to
travel between 3 and 20 miles. That area
between shore and the 1,000 fathom line
had fish both associated and non-
associated with porpoise.

As the water warmed up so did the dorado
bite. Not really a hot bite right now,
there were boats coming in with between
one and three dorado between 15 and 25
pounds each.

Most of the inshore fishing this week
was done on the Cortez side early in the
week and a little was done close to the
beach as far up the Pacific side and Los
Arcos. At the end of the week the water
had calmed down on the Pacific side and
boats were able to venture farther
north. Inshore action consisted of
sierra, yellowtail, amberjack,
roosterfish, bonito, lady-fish and
needle-fish. There were some decent
snapper and grouper caught off the
bottom as well…George and Mary Landrum

Current Cabo Weather
 Jun 23, 2011; 08:42AM - Sporadic to steady to sporadic
 Category:  Saltwater Fly Fishing Reports
 Author Name:  Gary Graham
 Author E-mail:
Report Description: Endless Season Update June 20, 2011
REPORT #1259 'Below the Border'
Saltwater Fly-Fishing reports since 1996

From sporadic to steady back to
sporadic, a second hurricane has come
and gone and has certainly messed with
the fishing. For the moment, however, it
seems to be in the steady mode. Too bad,
there are not many folks except locals
to enjoy it.

There are still some midday easterly
winds, and an unusual current cooled sea
temps down to as low as 70 degrees from
the Light House south. However, just
five miles offshore the water warms up
to 84 degrees.

Most of the billfishing has been striped
marlin with a few sails and even fewer
blues released.

Last week's grande tuna action was
basically driven down by boat traffic
and now it is back to playing football
with the small-grade tuna, the most
common, down below Las Frailes. There is
an occasional 100-plus caught but they
mostly fall in the 'more lucky than
good' category.

Most of the dorado are caught while
trolling for marlin and while there are
some quality bulls they are few and far

Inshore the cooler water messed up the
fishing but seems to be warming back up.
Small roosters and jacks are the norm
from both boat and shore. Also there
were some nice-sized pompano landed in
front of a couple of the hotels. If you
aren't fond of crowds…come on down.

Current East Cape Weather
Magdalena Bay, Baja Mexico

Firecracker yellowtail mixed with sierra
and bonito at the Entrada. Farther
offshore, nearly twenty miles west, the
shark buoys are beginning to show some
promise with a some small dorado
gathering beneath a few them

Current Magdalena Bay Weather
Zihuatanejo, Mainland Mexico
The 85 degree water is still just a mile
off the beach. The sailfish average per
boat is only about one fish a day, but
this is mostly because the boats are all
chasing yellowfin tuna. The 20 to 40
pound tuna are being taken from four
miles to 20 miles off the beach. This is
happening all up and down the coast,
including 40 miles south at Puerto
Vicente Guerrero.

There are also a lot of large hard-
fighting skipjack tuna, called oceanicos
in Spanish. The few boats which are
traveling a bit farther out, fishing the
20 to 30 mile areas, are also getting
several 30 to 45 pound dorado.

And, the inshore action is still blazing
hot for the roosterfish. Sitting at your
desk, in your wildest day dreams, can
you imagine seven roosters a day with
fish averaging 30 pounds? That is what
our averages are right now. It all
depends on the stamina of the client. If
they can pull on more fish, they will
get at least 10, but most clients pull
the plug after five or six. The fish are
there, we just need the people to catch
‘em, and then release them again.
Ed Kunze

Current Zihuatanejo Weather

Cabo San Lucas
Windy and cooler most days with
whitecaps several days. Water temps as
cold as the upper 60's close to Cabo and
up to 81 degrees at the Cabrillo Sea

Marlin catches were surprisingly quite
good this week even with a full moon and
a drop in water temperature. After some
heat last week, it’s like the season
slipped backwards and those on the
Pacific side are again sleeping under
quilts. There were a few more anglers in
town this week and catches were good to
fair for marlin and a few sailfish.

Yellowfin tuna in the 15 to 35 pound
class and dorado -- very seldom more
than a single fish -- continued to be
sporadic with about as many good days as
slow. A few wahoo were also caught
throughout the fleet.

Inshore there were a few roosterfish,
amberjack, skipjack and even a few stray
Current Cabo Weather
 Jun 13, 2011; 04:23PM - Tuna show East Cape boats roar
 Category:  Saltwater Fly Fishing Reports
 Author Name:  Gary Graham
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: Endless Season Update June 13, 2011
REPORT #1258 'Below the Border'
Saltwater Fly-Fishing reports since 1996

Ocho-Ocho for the uninitiated is East
Cape's version of Jurassic Park where
behemoth tuna lurk. Less than an hour
and a half from shore, this area
produces some huge tuna that tantalize
anglers from around the world. The
visuals are worth the ride...compact-
car-sized tuna flying through the air in
pursuit of fleeing flying fish is pretty
exciting stuff!

One hundred, two hundred and some even
claim three-hundred-plus pound tuna are
lost in those fleeting moments when
these huge fish appear. White water and
black smoke ensues as yachts and pangas
jockey for position.

As quickly as they appear they are gone,
leaving a few boats and anglers pinned
in one spot with rods bent double and
clickers clacking as the huge tuna sound
toward the 1,000' depths surrounding the

Epoch battles ensue; wimps wimp out but
the strong survive. It's all about the
right time, right place' and that time
is now!

Meanwhile the billfish continue to
arrive with stripers dominating along
with a blue or two and a handful of
sailfish attracted by the warming water.
Dorado, although not a bonanza, seem
larger than usual for this time of year.

Inshore action includes a few wahoo and
amberjack plus a few football-sized tuna
mixed with large skipjack.

Along the beach the roosters, though
small, are plentiful attracted by the
abundance of bait along the shore with
an occasional bubba-class rooster for
the patient along with some jacks.

Current East Cape Weather
Magdalena Bay, Baja Mexico

With less wind boat found grouper and
yellowtail on the Thetis bank. Inside
the bay the water temperature had begun
to climb and the fishing is improving …
Bob Hoyt

Current Magdalena Bay Weather
Zihuatanejo, Mainland Mexico
All up and down the coast, with the blue
water just off the beach, the average
surface temperature is over 86 degrees.
The offshore fishing action is remaining
steady, with a one or two sailfish per
day average per boat, and an occasional
strike from dorado, striped marlin and
blue marlin.

Cali, on the cruiser Had Enuff ,
released one blue marlin and a sailfish
on each of two days of fishing. The
blues weighed about 225 pounds.

The incredible inshore action is still
holding up for roosterfish and large
jack crevalle. We are still getting a
couple of days of high surf a week which
prevents us from getting at the jacks
and roosters along the beach on those
days, but by moving about a half mile
offshore, there is lots of light line or
fly rod action on the small to mid-sized
dorado, black skipjacks, sierras, and
green jacks.

Keith Paul from Minnesota, a veteran of
many an offshore trip with Luis on the
panga Gringo Loco was down here again
last week. Luis is no longer with us, so
from a little prodding by me, he tried
the inshore fishery for his first time.

He had an excellent day with Adolfo on
the panga Dos Hermanos. Casting surface
poppers or tossing a live goggle-eye if
the fish missed the popper, in about
four hours he released five nice
roosters and a large jack crevalle
before telling Adolfo to head the boat
back to port. Six fish in four hours is
almost non-stop fishing and will wipe
anybody out. Ed Kunze

Current Zihuatanejo Weather

Cabo San Lucas
The striped marlin are moving closer to
the tip. When the move began, they
weren't eating. Now they are on-the-
chew between the 1150 and the 95. The
boats having the best success are
pulling (10 to 12 inch) lures at the
right speed (8.5 knots). The color did
not seem to matter, it was size and
speed that got them going. Few fish
were hooked on live bait. Good catches
at the end of the week were four or five
releases per boat, but the average was
just two. There have also been more
reports of blue marlin recently.
Yellowfin tuna are mostly found with
porpoise. Well, not entirely; there are
still a few unassociated fish out there,
but not the numbers that were being
seen. Hopefully the fish will move our
way soon! Two purse-seiners were
reported moving north on the Pacific
side recently indicating the possibility
of fish up to the north.
The warmer the water the better the
dorado fishing gets! Almost every trip
is producing a few with the larger ones
offshore with fish to 40 pounds have
been biting lures meant for striped
marlin. There have been plenty of
smaller fish close to the beach. Finding
Frigate birds working has been the key
to finding the school fish as they could
be seen swooping down on the flying fish
being chased.

The roosterfish have moved a tad farther
out in 80 to 100 feet of water. Slow
trolling live mullet was the key to
getting bit on a regular basis, and for
those with plenty of sardina, tossing
out a live one after chumming around the
rocks in the shallows, worked on the
smaller fish. There were amberjack and
some snapper before the swells picked
up, as well as some grouper found by the
fishermen working the bottom or around
the rocks…George and Mary Landrum

Current Cabo Weather
 May 30, 2011; 12:36PM - Full Throttle
 Category:  Saltwater Fly Fishing Reports
 Author Name:  Gary Graham
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: Endless Season Update May 30, 2011
REPORT #1257 'Below the Border'
Saltwater Fly-Fishing reports since 1996

Memorial day and the week preceding it
delivered the kind of fishing that
locals have been hoping for since April
Fool's day. The conditions right now are
a fisherman's dream. It is also a
skipper's dream. And the fly fishing is
excellent as well.

Chris 'Smokedoggydogg' Moyers of Reel
Scoop wrote, 'This week was all about
quality over quantity amigos!' Mark
Rayor, Jen Wren Sportfishing, 'The Sea
of Cortez has just erupted and anglers
are finding they have their hands full.'
John Ireland, Rancho Leonero Hotel,
'These are the kind of weekly reports I
enjoy writing!' and Jeff De Brown, Reel
Baja, 'It’s On!!'

So what's up? Offshore: Yellowfin tuna…
big and plenty. Dorado and sargasso
seaweed are the winning recipe for the
best dorado bite of the year, or maybe
the past three. All the billfish seen
this last month have finally decided to

Inshore: Roosterfish, jacks, pompano,
ladyfish and sierra have been on the

The past few days no matter where you
wanted to fish, whether it be the beach,
inshore or offshore, your odds of
catching fish has been remarkably good.

Current East Cape Weather
Magdalena Bay, Baja Mexico

Large swells kept the surfers happy but
prevented many fishermen from going
outside. Inside the Esteros was the
standard fare of grouper, mangrove
snapper with a few corvina and pompano
biting on the surface…Bob Hoyt

Current Magdalena Bay Weather
Zihuatanejo, Mainland Mexico
The water is a lot warmer this year than
in the past. We are having 82 degree
surface temperatures inshore and 86
degrees offshore. This is great for the
rooster action, but May has
traditionally been our best month for
big tuna and blue marlin. They prefer 78
to 80 degree water. However, since
sailfish like the warm water, it may be
a tradeoff.

The rooster and jack crevalle action is
still holding up well. Joe Pombrio of
Seattle fly fished a day with Cheva and
me on the panga Dos Hermanos. We had bad
luck from the beginning. Going north, up
to the Saladita and Ranch areas, the
surf was so high we watched the long
boarders get some great rides on the
12'+ waves. It was really unsafe a
couple of times for us, and we couldn’t
get in close to the beach to where the
roosters were.

As the swells died down we worked our
way back to Buena Vista with high hopes
for this excellent rooster spot. We were
no more than getting set up when a pod
of false killer whales came up the
coastline on the backside of the waves.
They were there for the roosters and
jacks too, but they don’t release their

Joe fished two more days, one with Cheva
and one with Adolfo. He ended up hooking
one rooster and breaking it off, but
getting lots of nice jack crevalle..…Ed

Current Zihuatanejo Weather

Cabo San Lucas
Although the striped marlin dominated
the billfish scene, there were just
enough smaller blue marlin in the 200 to
250 pound range and an occasional
swordfish found finning on the surface,
to bait. Generally, only one solid
hookup but it was worth casting a bait

Most of the action was on and around the
1150 or the San Jose Canyon. A little
farther up in the Sea of Cortez in the
area off of Punta Gordo where the water
temperature had climbed a degree or so,
a few sailfish were also caught. In the
'careful what you wish for department'
there have been a few nice-sized
yellowfin tuna up to 60 pounds under the
black porpoise, with a few larger fish
as well, almost all biting on lures
pulled for marlin.

Closer to shore along the Cortez
shoreline, football-sized yellowfin
action has been consistent about two to
five miles from the beach, mostly blind
strikes, but when found the schools
remain around the boat as long as the
chummed sardina holds out.

Dorado action also has been on the
Cortez side of the Cape in the warmer
water. Areas close to the beach produced
smaller fish to 12 pounds while the
larger fish to 30 pounds have been found
farther offshore. Not to say you can't
get nice ones inshore; there have been
some decent catches made by the boats
fishing with sardina for tuna.

Other inshore action included some
yellowtail on the Pacific side that
hardly seemed worth it on most days
because of the wind. Up into the other
direction there are still a few sierra
and some smaller variety roosterfish to
catch..…George and Mary Landrum

Current Cabo Weather
 May 16, 2011; 07:40PM - East Cape late but great
 Category:  Saltwater Fly Fishing Reports
 Author Name:  Gary Graham
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: Endless Season Update May 16, 2011
REPORT #1256 'Below the Border'
Saltwater Fly-Fishing reports since 1996
'Late but great' is all that can be said
about the fishing here. There have been
a few promising days interspersed with
some that can only be defined as false
starts, but the promise of better times
coming seems to have been fulfilled.
Recently the striped marlin have been
easy to find but getting them to bite
has been another story. They finally
lit up and began to bite, and multiple
blue flags flapping from the riggers are
the norm. Even better the fish are being
found as close as three miles from the
As if that is not enough, the yellowfin
tuna seem to have arrived in numbers
throughout Palmas Bay. Some fish to 50
pounds reported traveling with the
porpoise while south at San Luis, tuna
were found feeding on the surface. An
occasional wahoo is being taken in the
same area as the tuna, plus some schools
of dorado are finally being seen with
quality fish to 30 pounds around the
shark buoys.
Inshore the action was only limited by
the amount of bait that was purchased
as the pargo, roosterfish, yellowtail,
sierra, cabrilla and large jacks were
biting anything put in front of them.

Current East Cape Weather
Magdalena Bay, Baja Mexico

Yellowtail fishing remains strong with
fish being caught at the Entrada to San
Carlos and at the point in San Lazaro.
There are a few white seabass and
grouper mixed in.

Lots of bait along the coast along with
the sierra and bonito. The bay is good
for halibut and corvina and a few
grouper. We are expecting a large swell
this week so it will be hard to get out
of the Entrada but good for surfers…Bob

Current Magdalena Bay Weather
Zihuatanejo, Mainland Mexico
We have all been waiting for the
“typical” May pattern to show up, and it
finally has. With the blue water only
four miles off the beach and the SST
surface temperatures showing 82º inshore
and 86º offshore, the fishing has been
improving. In the blue water we are
getting a few yellowfin tuna, blue
marlin, sailfish and dorado. Though not
a lot, and it still depends a bit on
luck, but they are being caught.
It is the inshore for roosterfish that
has many of us excited. The fishing has
been incredible. Last week Adolfo had a
fantastic day on roosters by catching 15
and losing several others. But, he told
me he has been out three days this week
and matched those numbers every day. He
said he is taking roosters from 35 to 70

Other captain friends on the pier have
been telling me they have not fished at
all this week. There simply just aren’t
very many people here to go after them.…
Ed Kunze

Current Zihuatanejo Weather

Cabo San Lucas
While not great, the striped marlin
fishing has been good, but as in all
fishing, being in the right place at the
right time has a lot to do with the
success rate. Using the right stuff
also helps. This week Cabo hosted the
IGFA Offshore Championship once again
and there were 59 teams from around the
world competing for four days, using 30
pound test line. There were 292
billfish caught, including two
swordfish, two blue marlin and six
sailfish. The top areas early in the
week were between the 95 spot and the
1150, and as the week wore on the fish
moved to the warm water in front of San
Jose, along the edge of the San Jose
Canyon. There were other swordfish
caught besides the two in the
tournament, and the 1150 area plus
outside the outer Gorda Banks were
holding a few.
At the end of the week there was some
action on yellowfin tuna in front of
Grey Rock, small fish averaging 8 to 10
pounds and you had to chum them up with
sardina. There were a few larger fish
in there as well, but not many.
Porpoise were found offshore outside of
the 1150 as well as Punta Gorda, and
some of them were holding tuna to 100
pounds. Hopefully this action will move
closer our way soon.
There were a few dorado caught this
week, almost all of them on the Cortez
side of the cape. Small ones were found
close to the beach, little guys of
around 8 pounds. Offshore a bit
farther, were larger fish averaging 15
Full moon is on the 17th so the wahoo
bite was slowly improving. Most of the
hook-ups were lost due to the use of
monofilament leader instead of wire, but
enough of the wahoo bit just right and a
few were landed. Once again the warmer
water in the Sea of Cortez was where
they were found.
That roosterfish bite just around the
corner in front of the Sol-mar continued
for the first two days of the week then
they went away. Those fish were small
at 5 pounds on the average but provided
lots of action when sardina was used as
bait. The sierra action has slowed down
a bit and the yellowtail seemed to
have moved north up the coast on the
Pacific side. Instead, we are getting
action from the jack crevalle, not good
eating but a heck of a fighter! As the
middle of the week approached, the
football yellowfin showed up in front of
Grey Rock and most of the Pangas were
running up the coast to Palmilla for
sardina then running back to chum and
drift live bait.…George and Mary Landrum

Current Cabo Weather
 Apr 25, 2011; 05:46PM - Who Flipped the Switch?
 Category:  Saltwater Fly Fishing Reports
 Author Name:  Gary Graham
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: Endless Season Update APRIL 25, 2011
REPORT #1254 'Below the Border'
Saltwater Fly-Fishing reports since 1996
East Cape
Change is in the air. Daytime
temperatures are creeping over the 90
degree mark with sea temps following. So
much to talk about, so little space.
Enough swordfish to give those who care
goose bumps. San Jose local, Daniel
Fisher took his boat Fisherman out and
caught two swordfish on back-to-back
days and was back out trying to make it
a hat trick.

Felipe Valdez, Buena Vista Beach Resort
Hotel manager, could hardly contain
himself. 'Best week of 2011, so far! We
caught everything: a wahoo (63 pounds
which my dad Chuy landed), dorado (from
40 to 60 pounds) sailfish, striped
marlin, red snapper, jack crevalle,
sierra, amberjacks, and even a blue
marlin…all caught in the area this week!

Our fly fishermen with Victor Sr. on the
Victoria had ideal conditions which
allowed them to begin catching fish a
few hundred yards off our pier including
snapper, ladyfish, jack crevalle and
skip jack.

Mark Rayor on Jen Wren has been beating
the bushes between clients for his own
first swordie of the year. He reported
that the 'why the billfish won't bite'
mystery was solved; seems most caught
and released this week were plugged with
squid and weren't hungry
The inshore and beach action is shaping
up nicely according to Rancho Leonero
owner John Ireland. Big roosters in the
50-pound class are beginning to arrive,
joining the smaller schoolie-sized fish
in the 5 to 20-pound range attracted by
the large schools of sardina all along
the south beaches.
Current East Cape Weather

Magdalena Bay, Baja Mexico

Cool water and windy conditions continue
to hamper fishing conditions in the
area, which is frustrating for the
locals as the both the white sea bass
and yellowtail action has been good-to-
great on the days that the wind
subsides. While yo-yoing jigs have been
the method of choice, live mackerel have
been much more effective at both the
Entrada and a few miles off of Magdalena

Estero action is improving for the very
few anglers fishing currently. There are
halibut on most of the shallows off of
sand beaches and the perennial spotted
bay bass with a few grouper and an
occasional mangrove snapper round out
the catch list.

Current Magdalena Bay Weather
Zihuatanejo, Mainland Mexico
Hoping something would break loose, and
even delaying the report a day didn’t
help. The full moon period is just
beating us over the head, and we can’t
change Mother Nature. The 80ş water is
just six miles off the beach, with the
deep blue 84ş water at 14 miles.

About the only decent report for the
blue water this week was Adolfo on the
panga Dos Hermanos. At 16 miles, he
released two sailfish.

Cheva, on the panga Dos Hermanos II was
with combination spin/fly fishing client
Steve Turpin of Atlanta, Georgia and got
several sierras, black skipjack tuna,
but he missed a couple of roosterfish on
the fly. The smallest we estimated at 25
pounds and the largest one may have gone
50 pounds…Ed Kunze

Current Zihuatanejo Weather

Cabo San Lucas
Tracy Ehrenberg, Pisces reported striped
marlin fishing was on the rise and that
their boats are beginning to produce
single, double and triple marlin days.
Continuing that until now the slack had
been taken up with great yellow-tail
fishing. Along with good catches on
sierra close to shore, plenty of
skipjack, some pompano, triggerfish,
amberjack and green jacks.

Captain George Landrum, Fly Hooker
Charters added that there were finally a
showing of yellowfin tuna with a
smattering of fish up to forty pounds
mixed in with the football sized fish.

Farther up in the Sea of Cortez near the
Gordo Banks there were scattered schools
as well, and some of them held fish to
100 pounds. A slightly different method
was needed on the larger fish as just
trolling lures or chumming with sardina
did not work. Setting out a kite or
using a helium balloon to get the bait
well away from the boat brought some
bites from these larger fish.
After a long absence, as the warm water
moved in, a few dorado hit the docks
this past week. While not there in
great numbers as the water is still a
bit cool, there were fish caught that
weighed up to 20 pounds. Most of them
were in the 10 to 12 pound class
however, and were mixed in with both the
yellowfin and the marlin.
Current Cabo Weather
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