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From Jan 01, 1999 To Nov 30, 2020
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 Apr 12, 2011; 05:41PM - East Cape Flying High
 Category:  Saltwater Fly Fishing Reports
 Author Name:  Gary Graham
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: Endless Season Update APRIL 11, 2011
REPORT #1252 'Below the Border'
Saltwater Fly-Fishing reports since 1996
East Cape
Pudge Kleinkauf owner of Women's
Flyfishing® returned to Buena Vista
Beach Resort for the fifteenth
consecutive year. The group including
first timers and seasoned veterans were
greeted by signature East Cape warm
springtime weather. To everyone's
delight the fly fishing yielded a nice
variety including, bonito, skipjack,
sierra, jack cravelle roosterfish and
cabrilla. According to guides Jeff De
Brown and Lance Peterson the skipjack
were thick and it wasn't unusual for all
the ladies on the boats to be hooked up
at the same time.

Hotel Rancho Buena Vista that closed
suddenly several months ago reopened
their bar this week. Tony Marron, a 36-
year-employee of the Ranch and his son,
Tomas greeted the crowd of locals that
eagerly returned to the watering hole
that has been a favorite dating back to
the Ray Cannon era.

Offshore action took a back seat for
most visitors this week. Most were
content to bask in the warm sun and
catch whatever wanted to bit close to
shore including jacks, small roosters,
skipjack and sierra.
Up to the north outside of Pescadero as
well as south in front of La Ribera
there were some deepwater (150 to 250
feet) yellows to be had with some
weighing in at forty pounds.

The few hotel boats that ventured
further offshore were rewarded with
multiple striped marlin, a few dorado
and some early season wahoo including
one sixty pound toad. Also intriguing
were the swordfish spotted by several
offshore boats. However excitement soon
turned to frustration as the clearly
visible two finners ignored the baits
presented to them. A couple did bite but
either spit the hook or broke off before
the battle barely had begun.

Current East Cape Weather

Magdalena Bay, Baja Mexico

With the exception of a few courageous
pangueros willing to brave the elements
there few going offshore now. There are
the usual rumors of yellowtail at the
Entrada as well as outside the rocks
below the lighthouse at Lazaro.

The Esteros provided good catches of
corvina according to Captain Roddy
Garcia up above Lopez Mateos. He added
that there were also a few grouper and
pargo found in some of the deeper
channels near the old Gypsum pier.

Current Magdalena Bay Weather
Zihuatanejo, Mainland Mexico
The warmer 82ş water is definitely
moving back in earlier than expected,
and the good fishing we usually get in
May and June should soon follow.

Currently the clean water is just 4
miles off the beach with the boats
averaging a sailfish or striped marlin a
day each. However, the inshore action is
still holding strong, with the
roosterfish making an early appearance.
Normally we start targeting roosters
from about mid-May, but Adolfo, on the
panga Dos Hermanos, went south to the
antennas and releasing 5 from 35 to 45
pounds for his French clients. The fish
were taken on slow trolled live bait and
surface poppers.

Cheva, on the Dos Hermanos II fished
inshore with Troy Sturm of Minnesota for
one day. Troy and his wife caught about
20 fish, including lots of sierras, a
few chulas, and a couple of other
species…Ed Kunze

Current Zihuatanejo Weather

Cabo San Lucas
Striped marlin did finally show up, but
they are a long way offshore and they
still are not very hungry. The question
we have is how long they are going to
stay in the area, and will they get
hungry? A trip of 30+ miles has been
needed to get to them, and that is a
trip out to the Cabrillo Seamount area,
making for a choppy ride home afterward,
but boats that have been doing the trip
have been seeing between 12 and 20 fish
per trip and getting 5-6 bites,
averaging 3 releases per trip.

There were scattered yellowfin tuna
found, but still nothing in any size or
numbers. It is quite possible that they
are out there on the Pacific side but
the water has been rough and few boats
have been willing to go out there and
get beat up on slim chance of finding
fish. The area of the Gorda Banks has
been producing an occasional Yellowfin
Tuna, but better luck has been had for
large Bonita, some of them going 12

Inshore conditions really changed where
most of the Pangas went. On the Pacific
side you could hug the beach and get as
far north as Punta San Cristobal for
some sierra and a decent yellowtail
bite. There were also a few snapper to
be found in the rocks between there and
the arch, but the swells kept many boats
from getting close enough to fish for
them. You had to be a hardy, determined
soul to fish the Pacific side! On the
Cortez side there were fish as well, but
there seemed to be a few less sierra.
Most of the boats were working hard to
get a few fish and sardina were
definitely the key to success…George and
Mary Landrum

Current Cabo Weather
 Mar 21, 2011; 06:54PM - Skipjack charge beach
 Category:  Saltwater Fly Fishing Reports
 Author Name:  Gary Graham
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: Endless Season Update March 20, 2011
REPORT #1249 'Below the Border'
Saltwater Fly-Fishing reports since 1996
East Cape
Lance Peterson found some black skipjack
along the beaches within casting range
of his flyrod allowing him to catch a
few. He even sent photos to prove it!

A recent report that the gillnetters are
back and raping the East Cape beaches
again with their deadly net fences.
Along with a promise of photos to follow
is disappointing. No promises, but if
you see them in your front yard send
your photos. (Be sure to make sure any
numbers on the panga are visible)

Several of the hotels are reporting that
the striped marlin are moving up from
the south, while anglers are spotting
lots of tailers from Las Arenas south,
but so far, these stripers have been
picky biters.

Yellowtail from 20 to 50 pounds remain
the most consistent bite, from in front
of the hotels south to Las Arenas in
around 200 feet of water. Averaging
two or three per boat per day, with
some boats taking as many as ten, better
than half the fish are taken on jigged
iron, the rest on big live sardina.
The larger variety of dorado, to 40
pounds, are being found in warmer water,
ten to twenty miles outside, due east.
Unusually warm water around 78 degrees
is holding some nice fish.

Inshore has been producing big pompano
to ten pounds and good sized pargo have
been taking live sardina at Punta Arena.
The roosterfish are around in good
numbers and already being seen feeding
on the schools of sardina.

Current East Cape Weather

Magdalena Bay, Baja Mexico

As whale watching season winds down
attention returns fishing both in the
Esteros and outside the bay. Water temps
remain lower than usual. However there
are some nice sized yellows and white
seabass to be found weather permitting.
Still little to report inside the bay
with few, if any fishing recently.

Current Magdalena Bay Weather
Zihuatanejo, Mainland Mexico
The blue water is still way out beyond
the 50 mile mark, but at least clean
water has moved into about the 18 mile
areas. Offshore fishing still remains
slow, and will probably stay this way
for a few more weeks. The boats are
averaging less than a sailfish or
striped marlin a day each.
Mike Bulkley, with Captain Francisco of
the super panga Huntress, had this to
say when they fished on Tuesday: We ran
one trip offshore and managed to get 4
Dorado under a floating weed pile. No
other strikes. We came back inshore and
caught Bonita about a mile off the
beach. The blue water is about 18-20
miles out and not really blue, more
clean than green. Saw one sail free
jumping on the 12 mile line in green
water. The next day Francisco went back
to the same spot at 22 miles and a 240º
heading and released 3 sailfish.
Again, about the only high note has been
the inshore action. It has been
excellent for sierras, jack crevalle,
and even quite a few pompano…Ed Kunze

Current Zihuatanejo Weather

Cabo San Lucas

The only area with any consistent marlin
action was outside the 1150 to the
Seamount and along the 1,000 fathom
curve, where most boats found a few
fish. The best catch reported was four
releases for five baited fish. A few
boats were able to find a marlin closer
inshore just off the beach on the Cortez
side. There hasn't been much bait
around except for squid offshore, which
may be what caused the slow fishing.

Some porpoise pods were found traveling
with small yellowfin tuna… the best
concentration just to the south of the
San Jaime and 30 miles to the south of
the Cape. The first boats on the scene
did well and limits were possible in the
right school. Even boats not lucky
enough to be the first one there were
still able to scratch out enough fish to
keep the anglers happy.

There were a few dorado caught by boats
headed offshore for striped marlin in
the warmer water, a couple weighed at
least 30 pounds, but most were in the
15-pound class.

Inshore is producing the best catches.
Sierra from four to seven pounds is
biting well with sardina being the key
to good results. Most of the action is
occurring on the Cortez side of the Cape
up around the Cabo Real beach. On the
Pacific side past the lighthouse there's
been some nice yellowtail to 35 pounds,
but you have to work to find the fish as
they were following the small bait balls
in 150 to 200 feet of water. A good
trip results in five or so of these
tough fighters. There were also snapper
and grouper to liven things up…George
and Mary Landrum

Current Cabo Weather
 Mar 9, 2011; 08:44AM - Grins to Grimaces
 Category:  Saltwater Fly Fishing Reports
 Author Name:  Gary Graham
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: Endless Season Update March 7, 2011
REPORT #1248 'Below the Border'
Saltwater Fly-Fishing reports since 1996

East Cape
Spring is emerging slowly as air
temperatures creep up and windy days are
equal in number. Mark Rayor, Vista Sea
Sport reports, 'on a good note I had to
kick the covers off last night and open
the door because the weather has become
noticeably warmer.'

There has been a decent up and down show
of quality yellowtail for the few boats
heading out. The even fewer boats
fishing farther offshore are seeing a
remarkable number of striped marlin. The
bad news is they don't seem to be very
hungry yet.

Farther up north on the non-windy days
there is a serious pargo and yellowtail
bite. The trick is to keep them out of
the rocks or grins turn to grimaces

On the beach front there have been some
large fish boiling on the sardina
schools in front of the hotels, luring a
few guests away from the bar long enough
to fling flies or small spoons at the
boils. So far the effort has yielded a
lower bar bill along with a few sierra
and even fewer yellowtail.

Current East Cape Weather

Magdalena Bay, Baja Mexico

Little to report again this week as
locals continue to focus on their
current cash cow 'whale watching'.
Which I suppose is a good thing since
when that ends. Attention will return to
fishing commercially for anything that

Meanwhile reading between the lines of
the sketchy reports consisting of a few
terse sentences. Issued by local
operators seem to be little more than a
rehash of yesterdays news or fantasies
of tomorrows.

Which is understandable since most are
back in the U. S. because of a lack of

There is little to report as winter
continues its grip of Magdalena Bay.

Current Magdalena Bay Weather
Zihuatanejo, Mainland Mexico
With the blue water out past the 50 mile
mark, offshore fishing is tough at best.
We are catching about an equal amount of
striped marlin and sailfish, but we are
only averaging about 1 fish per boat per
day, with a few boats getting nada. The
yellowfin tuna are here, but out in the
blue water, as well as the majority of
the game fish.

About the only bright spot is the
abundance of jack crevalle, black
skipjack tuna, and sierras inshore. A
lot of the captains are talking about
huge jacks averaging 20 to 25 pounds
near the White Rocks. On light gear or a
fly rod, that is a guaranteed 45 minute
fight. Most of the fish are being taken
on a slow trolled live bait or Rapala.

Adolfo, on the panga Dos Hermanos told
me the jacks are all up and down the
coast, and his clients, throwing a
surface popper are getting 20 to 30 fish
a day.. Ed Kunze

Current Zihuatanejo Weather

Cabo San Lucas

Fishing was decent for striped marlin,
but it dropped as the fish moved farther
offshore following that 72 degree water.
Some fish were found at a distance of 35
miles to the east; a lucky boat might
have had two hook-ups out of four or
five fish seen, most boats were happy to
have seen a couple of marlin to throw
bait to. A couple of marlin were caught
on the Pacific side. A swordfish in the
range of 300-400 pounds was caught not
far out from the lighthouse…a very nice,
rare fish for our area.

Yellowfin tuna were found in the Gorda
Banks, Inman Banks, Punta Gorda area…
still small fish at 10 to 20 pounds but
there were several fish to 50 pounds
caught. Kite fishing worked on the
larger fish and a few boats also caught
some of the nice ones using down-riggers
with large sardina. Surface drifting
fly-lined sardina was the best method
for catching football-sized fish.
Farther offshore there were scattered
school, but you had to be the first or
second boat, either that or stay until
everyone else had given up! With the
water moving the fish, schools were
found scattered along the temperature
break at the 1,000 fathom line on both
sides of the Cape, outside the 1150 and
south of the San Jaime.

Few flags were flying for smaller fish
caught by boats fishing right along the
beach for sierra.

Things were good with plenty of sierra
and good numbers of yellowtail showing
up in the fish boxes. Then, it started
to shut down. Recently, we had clients
who were lucky to come back with trigger
fish and a few sierra. It may be that
the change in water temperature, while
not large, was too abrupt and they moved
overnight. Whatever, the inshore bite
really dropped off. There were a few
roosterfish still biting, a few of them
were nice fish to 25 pounds, but most
were in the 10 to 12-pound class, and
there were bonito as well. Many of the
pangas ran all the way to San Jose for
the yellowfin action, but it was a long
run up and back for a few fish.
Hopefully the water will settle down and
the bite will come back on!

There are still plenty of whales to be
seen, but not for long so if you want to
smell one up close and personal, get out
there now!…George and Mary Landrum

Current Cabo Weather
 Mar 2, 2011; 07:37AM - What is 'weather sucks' in Spanish?
 Category:  Saltwater Fly Fishing Reports
 Author Name:  Gary Graham
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: Endless Season Update March 1, 2011
REPORT #1247 'Below the Border'
Saltwater Fly-Fishing reports since 1996

East Cape
I can't believe how grumpy everyone gets
when the weather drops below 60 degrees.
How many ways can a person say suck?
Seems to be a contest these days.

The few reports I did get after the
disgusted weather comments indicated
that yellowtail did bite and while
marlin moved in, they offered more
refusals than a midnight '10' at a Cabo
bar! A spicy rumor was a few tuna were
caught up at the north end of Cerralvo,
but you know it’s a stretch when I have
to go that far to find something to
write about.

Weather has me a little grumpy as well.
Snow closed the grapevine as we were
headed home from the Fly Fishing Show in
Pleasanton, and Yvonne and I, along with
Suerte and Maggie, ended up in a Motel 6
in Bakersfield. I think there may be a
song title in there somewhere, though
none of us were singing one that night.

Current East Cape Weather

Magdalena Bay, Baja Mexico

The best reports are coming from the
fish camp guys out on Magdalena island.
Lots of yellowtail to twenty pounds (may
be slightly less than that), grouper to
fifty and even a few white seabass below
the lighthouse.

Whales should begin to thin out soon and
maybe we will begin to receive more
informative reports.

Current Magdalena Bay Weather
Zihuatanejo, Mainland Mexico
While on the municipal pier this
morning, talking to the captains for
more information for this report, I
spent some time with Santiago, the owner
of the super panga Gitana, and his
client Len Grupp of Minnesota. Their
experiences reflected the overall
scenario for the fishing this last
couple of weeks. They had been getting
one or two sailfish and maybe a striped
marlin a day. Most boats are averaging
about one billfish a day, with the
striped marlin being caught about
equally with the sailfish.

What really got my attention though, Len
is staying out at Barra Potosi and was
telling me of the huge numbers of
sardines in the surf there. This is an
annual thing, and when the sardines come
in like that, the jack crevalle follow.
And the jacks are big enough that the
Mexican hand line fishermen are having a
tough time carrying their four or five
fish back home.

The reason I was really interested in
the Barra is because this is an
excellent way to spend a day, and one of
the few areas on this coast where the
surf is not too high for a spin or fly
rod fisherman for shore fishing. You can
kick back under the palapa of one of the
restaurants there, have a cold one, a
few traditional Mexican appetizers, and
wait for the jacks to breeze in again.
When the jacks start crashing the bait,
you go out and catch a couple of the
hard fighting fish, and then back to the
cold one. Any fly in a three or four
inch sardine pattern will work, and the
spin fishermen are having better luck
with shiny one to two-ounce spoons and
Mega Bait jigs of the same length as the

Otherwise, Santiago told me he made a
long run down south to La Barrita and
only got a few jacks and a couple of
small roosters. Other inshore fishermen
are picking up a lot of very nice sized

With the cold current pushing down from
the north, the clean water is about six
miles off the beach, but the good blue
water is way out at the 50-mile mark.
Some of the boats are getting into the
10 to 15 pound yellowfin tuna between 16
and 20 miles on a 240º heading, but
Ruben Lara found the bigger tuna on the
same heading, at 54 miles, and has been
hitting them every day. Ruben used to be
the captain of the Vamonos III and is
now a commercial fisherman. After a long
hard day, he has been getting back to
port averaging about 700 pounds of 40 to
80 pound tuna a day. Not bad for a
single guy hand lining on an open panga.
He told me there are schools out there
with some really big tuna. But, he would
rather catch 15 tuna at 40 pounds in the
same time it would take him to get one
200 pound tuna to the boat.

For an idea how a few of the other
captains are doing for a single day of
offshore fishing: Mecate, on the cruiser
Agua Azul, got two sails and one nice
dorado. Martin, on the Gaviota, got
three sailfish, and Cheva, on the panga
Dos Hermanos II, got three striped
marlin and one sailfish.

Leonardo, on the panga Fish On, fishing
with Don Granges of Texas, had a large
black marlin on for a while before it
got off. Twenty minutes later they
hooked a huge bull dorado over five feet
long and approaching 60 pounds. It
stuck. It will be dinner for several
nights to come. Ed Kunze

Current Zihuatanejo Weather

Cabo San Lucas

The 1150 was the place to be for striped
marlin this week as a concentration was
found in the area. Boats were able to
throw bait on six to eight fish per trip
and some of them were hungry. A good day
was two releases but most boats were
able to get at least one if they stayed
and worked the area. The bite was
associated with the tide as most of the
action was occurring in the afternoon
along with the high tide. The bite was
later every day. There were also fish
found in the Vinorama area past Punta
Gorda and around the Gorda Banks.

Right place at the right time was once
again the word of the week for
yellowfin. Fish were found outside the
1,000 fathom line to the southeast and
east as well as on the Gorda Banks and
the Inman Banks. Those outside were
associated with porpoise and if you
found the right school, and were one of
the first three or so boats there, you
had no problem getting limits of five
fish per person. If you were one of the
late boats you scratched a bit, but were
still able to get fish in the box. Most
of these fish were in the 10 to 18 pound
class. Closer to home at the Gorda
Banks, sardina were the key to getting
bit. Using a kite and flying a sardine
at least 75 yards away from the boat
resulted in quite a few fish to 70

There were a few dorado caught this week
and I saw one boat that was flying two
flags, but for the most part these were
small fish found close to shore by boats
fishing for sierra. There was one nice
fish I saw that might have pushed 50
pounds, and it was caught in the warm
water on top of the Gorda Banks.

One fish I saw myself went 90 pounds;
sure would have liked to have had a
chunk of that meat! Once again caught in
the warm water at the Gorda Banks, there
were reports of some boats getting as
many as four wahoo in a trip this week.
But you had to be early for the numbers,
getting there before the rest of the
boats. Fish were also found around Punta
Gorda and the Inman Banks.

Sierra were once again for pangas
fishing out of Cabo, while the boats out
of San Jose were doing better on the
football yellowfin. Sierra are schooling
fish so if you started out with nice
size fish you stuck with the school. If
all you were getting were peanuts, you
moved and looked for the larger ones. It
was not a problem for most of the boats
to get as many sierra as they wanted.
But getting the larger fish took some
work. There were also roosterfish to 15
pounds as well as some decent snapper to
25 pounds. Sardina were the key to the
larger sierra and using the large ones
as well as caballito made for good
catches. The smaller sierra were no
problem to catch on swimming plugs and
hootchies…George and Mary Landrum

Current Cabo Weather
 Feb 17, 2011; 08:05AM - Baja Hot Shot
 Category:  Saltwater Fly Fishing Reports
 Author Name:  Gary Graham
 Author E-mail:
Report Description: Endless Season Update February 13, 2011
REPORT #1245 'Below the Border'
Saltwater Fly-Fishing reports since 1996


If you are in the neighborhood drop by
and see me. I will be conducting a Baja
seminar at the Fly Fishing Show in
Pasadena on February 19th @ 4:00 pm and
20th @10:30 am.

Dennis Braid's Monsterfish Show
featuring Magdalena Snook will air on
the Outdoor Channel Friday night,
February 19th @ 7:30 pm, Saturday
February 20th @ 9:30 am and Sunday
February 21st @7:00 am.
East Cape
After enduring what many locals claimed
was the coldest winter week they had
ever experienced there was an abrupt
change. . .really more like a hot shot
as daytime temperatures soared back up
to the mid-eighties.

Is the sudden change signs of an early
spring? Everyone I spoke with expressed
optimism. Maybe with the change the
sierra, yellowtail and maybe a bonito or
even a dorado will shed their winter
doldrums and begin to bite…

Any way you cut it, lots of eager locals
are shedding their winter coats, suiting
up in shorts and actually considering
getting back out on the water…stay

Current East Cape Weather

Magdalena Bay, Baja Mexico

According to Lance Peterson, the corvina
action was as good as it gets in the
esteros, in spite of the really cold
(60°) water in the bay. Lance and his
friend Brad Ellis had hoped for the
snook show similar to last February.
However the cool water temps seemed to
send the snook packing seeking warmer

It didn't seem to hamper the whale
watching. Locals are reporting there are
considerably more of the giants and
their offspring cavorting in the bay in
front of both Puerto San Carlos and
Lopez Mateos.

Current Magdalena Bay Weather
Zihuatanejo, Mainland Mexico
The Terrafin satellite photos show
exactly why the fishing has been on the
slow side for sailfish and dorado.
Cooler water is pushing down from the
north, and the fish have gone south.
Several conventional gear fishermen are
still scratching out a fish or two per
day per boat, but a few boats are also
getting blanked. The dorado are also
scarce, with most of the dorado coming
from 30 miles or more out. A few blue
marlin are being caught, as well as a
couple of striped marlin.
Blue water fly fishing with Drew Chicone
of Florida, we spent a couple of tough
days on the water with Leonardo on the
Fish On and Cheva on the Dos Hermanos
II. We did get strikes, but the fish
were not aggressive and would not tease
to the boat.
We also saw at least a thousand porpoise
pushing up bait, and thousands of birds.
So the bait is here…just very inactive
sailfish. We even saw a blue marlin
surfing the swells. All that was
sticking up was the top ½ of her tail,
but it was over three feet tall. That is
a huge marlin. I estimated it to be
about 700 to 800 pounds.
Early in the week Mike Bulkley and
Francisco took clients out after tuna on
the super panga Huntress, and did well.
When traveling long distances, the
security of the twin 80hp motors on a
larger super panga certainly makes it
nice. This is what Mike emailed me:
'Went last Sunday and found the
yellowfin tuna at 55 miles. Caught 28
school tuna and broke off two large
ones. Didn't get back until 8:30 pm.'
Plus, Adolfo on the panga Dos Hermanos,
looking for some blue water action for
his clients a couple of days ago, found
the yellowfin at 15 miles off the beach
down in the Papanoa region. Adolpho also
told me he is doing well on a few small
roosters, lots of jack crevalle and
sierras inshore. Keep in mind, Adolfo is
fishing every day of the week and is
always scouting for new locations, so he
will do well for a few days, and then
not so well. Most normal panga charters
do not range far and wide like he does,
so their production is fairly limited.
.....Ed Kunze

Current Zihuatanejo Weather

Cabo San Lucas

This past week showed that we can be a
little optimistic about upcoming weeks.
While still not wide open by any means,
there are more and more marlin showing
up every day. Many more are being seen
that are being hooked up, and most boats
are getting a shot at a few every day.
That is a big change from what we were
seeing just a few weeks ago! If we ever
get schools of mackerel to show up we
should see a very significant increase
in the number of striped marlin
associated with them. As it is now,
approximately 30 percent of the boats
are getting hooked up, and about half of
them are getting the fish to the boat.
Well, the water calmed down, but unlike
my prediction last report the fishing
for yellowfin did not improve, or at
least hasn't improved yet. There are
still scattered schools of fish to be
found along the temperature break
running below the San Jaime and west of
the San Jaime and the Golden Gate Banks,
and some of them are decent fish, up to
80 pounds this week. Unfortunately they
are really a hit or miss proposition as
they will be in one spot one day and
gone again the next. While there have
been fish to 80 pounds, most of them
have been footballs in the 10 to 12
pound range. A good catch this week
would have been 6 to 8 fish with a few
boats , mainly the first ones on the
school, getting limits of five per
Just coming up on the full moon and
guess what? Yep, we had a client on
Friday land a 70-pound wahoo while
fishing for marlin!

Inshore the swells settled down and the
pangas were once again able to get up
the Pacific coast. The cool water made
the inshore fishing better for both
Sierra and Yellowtail. We had anglers
and friends who did well fly fishing for
sierra using sardina as chum, limiting
out on fish averaging 4 pounds. Others
did well in the slightly deeper water
yo-yo'ing for yellowtail that averaged
14 pounds with a few fish going as large
as 30 pounds. Of course it was a matter
of the right place at the right time as
they could move as far as ½ mile up or
down the coast overnight. You had to
work for them! There were also a few
roosterfish to be found (surprisingly as
they normally do not like water this
cold). They were not extremely
aggressive but we did have one angler
who was bit three times on the fly, but
they were short strikes and he could not
get a solid hook-up. Other fish that
were caught were some grouper in smaller
sizes and a few very nice pargo to 25
pounds.…George and Mary Landrum

Current Cabo Weather
 Feb 9, 2011; 02:10PM - Whale Invasion
 Category:  Saltwater Fly Fishing Reports
 Author Name:  Gary Graham
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: Endless Season Update February 06, 2011
REPORT #1244 'Below the Border'
Saltwater Fly-Fishing reports since 1996
East Cape
The predominate north winds normally
associated with Sea of Cortez this time
of year continued to blow. Resulting in
cooler water temperatures as well as
jacket-inducing temps below 50 degrees
several mornings.

Few anglers even ventured out of the few
hotels that remained open. Kite boarders
dominated the inshore water along the
beach as the wind came whistling down
the gulf.
Buenavista Beach and Resort Hotel
reported more Yoga students than
anglers. Seems as though Michelle
Anderson, Victoria B.C., took advantage
of the slow winter season to offer Yoga
Instructor Classes. However there were a
few anglers who ventured out and cashed
in on the short-lived pargo and
yellowtail snap that took place on a few
of the reefs close to shore.

Even the locals who usually fish
regardless of the wind were sitting on
the beach cursing the relentless wind,
and discussing among themselves when
they might get back on the water.

Current East Cape Weather

Magdalena Bay, Baja Mexico

The whales being seen off the Southern
California Coast recently have now begun
to arrive in mass. Appears that all
that was needed was the XVIII
International Festival of the Gray Whale
held in Puerto Adolfo Lopez Mateos held
last weekend it the town.

Good thing too, Very few fishermen
visited during January and with the
current cooler weather it may be awhile
before the trickle of fishing activity
becomes a torrent.

Lance Peterson and his buddy Brad are
planning a trip this upcoming week to
sample the fishing both inside in the
Esteros and offshore. I am sure Lance is
hoping for a repeat of last year when he
managed to add a grouper record to his
growing list of records.

Current Magdalena Bay Weather
Zihuatanejo, Mainland Mexico
The blue water current, for the
predominately 80º water, is shifting so
rapidly it is incredible. Yesterday
(Wed.), fly fishing with John and Mary
Hechk of Bozeman, Montana down at Puerto
Vicente Guerrero, we found the clean
water at 7.5 miles and exactly where the
Terrafin Satellite photos said it would
be. We got 4 strikes on sailfish between
the 8.5 and 12.5 miles marks, and hooked
two sailfish on the fly.
Today I went back with Gary Meger of
Toronto, Canada and we went directly to
the same areas as the previous day. The
water was a warm 80º, but a dingy brown.
It was not until the 20 mile mark we
found the clean water. We only raised 2
sailfish all day, and nothing else. One
followed the teaser to the boat, but had
no interest in Gary’s fly. Heading back
to port, and in a matter of just a few
hours, we had clean water almost to the
Unfortunately, coming back a bit, and at
the 15 mile mark, we came across a long
line run out of a panga. The panga was
from Zihuatanejo, with no name, but had
a large dorado chasing bait painted on
each side of the bow. I always use Jose
Pino when fishing out of Puerto Vicente
Guerrero, and when he saw the simbra
(long line) and the panga, he was livid.
We sat there for about 5 minutes talking
to the illegal fishermen; and it wasn’t
for just pleasantries. Jose told them he
has clients with him and can’t do
anything right now, but if they come
back into his territory, he will have
“other” people with him and will not be
This is what needs to be done in Mexico!
Jose was not limited as the Zihuatanejo
captains are; where the illegal
fishermen are a cousin or a brother-in-
law. He did not know them, but knew they
were illegally killing sailfish, and his
future. They got the message.
An interesting note is when we were only
about ½ a mile off the point, we spotted
two humpback whales. We shut the engine
down and got the cameras ready. Just as
the cameras were coming out of the bags,
one of them went completely air-born
about 150 feet away from the panga. It
was truly awesome. While waiting for
another, the second one breached further
away and where we weren’t looking. I got
off a snap shot…but it is blurred.....Ed

Current Zihuatanejo Weather

Cabo San Lucas

We still have whales out there folks, as
I stood on the first tee at Cabo Real
yesterday I saw one just off the beach
in full breach mode, she must have
jumped and cleared the water at least 5
times, really awesome to watch.
Fishing is improving, however not up to
the normal numbers we had become used
too. A few boats have been getting bit
by striped marlin this week, and some of
them were able to release two a day, but
most had a hard time finding any marlin
at all, and if they did something would
go wrong…a reel would freeze up, a line
would break or the hook would get
thrown. The best action was on live
bait and the best area was the warm
spots off of the lighthouse and on the
1150. Some fish were being seen
elsewhere, but not in any numbers; the
listed places supplied the best chance
of getting hooked up.
Yellowfin tuna action continues to be a
long run for most boats to get to the
fish, with the best chances 30 miles or
more to the southwest. Most of the fish
there were in the 15 to 25 pound class
but a few were over 100 pounds. The
problem has been the water conditions.
Getting that far out wasn't a problem,
but coming home was a really rough ride,
and the water conditions made it tough
to find the porpoise that the tuna were
associated with. There were small
scattered schools elsewhere, mostly
football sized fish, but still nothing
consistent. As the water calms down,
the fishing for yellowfin should
I would pretty much give up on dorado
for the next few months. If any are
caught they will be stray fish, the
water is just too darn cold to hold
Inshore the large swells made for
uncomfortable inshore fishing, but at
least there was some action taking
place. While not there in great
numbers, it was not uncommon for a boat
to get a dozen or more sierra ranging
from three to six pounds. Toss in an
occasional yellowtail, a few bonito and
once in a while an amberjack and the
action was steady. The best action
seemed to be on live sardina, and if you
did not have any, the action became
spotty. The large swells kept most of
the boats from going any farther up the
Pacific coast...…George and Mary Landrum

Current Cabo Weather
 Feb 2, 2011; 05:29PM - Way Cool
 Category:  Saltwater Fly Fishing Reports
 Author Name:  Gary Graham
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Click here to enlarge Report Description: Endless Season Update January 30, 2011
REPORT #1243 'Below the Border'
Saltwater Fly-Fishing reports since 1996
East Cape
2011 Winter week 4; Wind remains the
theme again this week that coupled with
very few visitors wanting to fish. There
were a few boats out on Sunday so we
delayed the report until after they
returned. Their outriggers were bare
when they returned. Also heard from a
couple of locals that in desperation had
run all the way to Bahia de Sueño
(Muertos) for zip…zilch…nada.

On top of that there was cloud cover
plus cooler sea temps seemed to be
exclamation point on the idea of fishing
an hour or two from the beach and
spending the rest of the morning
catching up on chores.

Current East Cape Weather

Magdalena Bay, Baja Mexico

Yellowtail continue to be there for the
taking if anyone cared. Whales, whales
and more whales that seems to be what is
getting the most attention. So far it
hasn't sounded like a banner year.
Judging from the So. Cal reports of a
good number being spotted heading south
whale watching season should begin to
spike soon.

Current Magdalena Bay Weather
Zihuatanejo, Mainland Mexico
The 80º water is getting kind of
confusing as to where to find the fish.
If you find the concentrations, you do
excellent. If you don’t find the fish in
the pockets of clean water, you get
skunked. The Terrafin Satellite
chlorophyll charts make this very clear.
The chart shows clean water at the 100
fathom line and about 6 miles out. This
holds true to the south, with clean
water going for miles. But, straight out
in front of Ixtapa, the water turns off
colored again at about 16 miles. Plus, a
large area of green water seems to be
pushing down from the north.
And all this holds up with what we are
experiencing this week. Adolfo, on the
panga Dos Hermanos, found a
concentration of sailfish releasing 6
one day, and then going back and
releasing another 6 for his clients.
But, Martin, on the Gaviota, released 6
one day, went back two days later and
got Zip. It just seems to be feast or
Santiago on the super panga Gitana made
a long run for tuna. He found them too;
but at 59 miles and darn close to where
the ocean drops off the earth. They got
a dozen yellowfin tuna between 20 and 40
pounds. He told me this morning at the
pier they actually ended up at 72 miles
when they were done.
But, again, going back to the Terrafin
Photo, the 60 mile mark is just at the
back edge of the off colored water. The
tuna were in the clean water.
There were not many reports on the
inshore this week, but Adolfo did tell
me he was going north today because
there were a lot of sierras up there,
small to medium sized jack crevalle (4-
10 pounds) and a few small roosters (6-
12 pounds). These all translate to a
lot of fun with light tackle or a fly
rod....Ed Kunze

Current Zihuatanejo Weather

Cabo San Lucas

Striped marlin season, which we have
been hoping would improve, is beginning
to look like a bust. Normally by this
time of year the bait has reached at
least the Finger Banks, a good 50 miles
to the north, and we would be seeing
action on the Golden Gate Bank, but so
far there has been nothing there. It
looks as if the past four years were an
anomaly and are not going to repeat
soon. Instead of almost being able to
guarantee a fish during a trip, the
hook-up ratio has begun to be around
10%. There was a report of a local
fleet boat hooking up to a small Blue
Marlin this week, and also reports of
several Swordfish being caught.

Long runs for a small chance at medium
sized yellowfin were reported by
captains that tried for them this week.
A few of the private boats reported runs
as far as 70+ miles out. Going that far
out occasionally resulted in fish to 50
pounds, but it was not a sure thing, and
that sure is a long way to go on a
guess, or a wing and a prayer as it may
be. There were scattered pods of
Dolphin found between 5 and 18 miles out
on both the southern and southwestern
directions, but not all of them held
fish, and sometimes when they did the
fish just would not bite.

Dorado continue to be scarce with
cooling water. There are still a few
being caught, not no numbers of them. A
great catch this past week would have
been two fish, most boats were lucky if
they got one. Most of the ones that were
found were found either very close to
the beach on the Cortez side or 30+
miles to the south.

For some reason even the inshore bite
was off this week, and boats that had
been doing well on the “go-to” Sierra
were having a difficult time getting
more than a dozen fish in the boat. The
key to getting even that many was
reported to be live sardina. A few of
the Pangas tried way up the beach on the
Pacific side and reported the algae
bloom had brushed the shore line 20+
miles in that direction as well. For
the boats staying closer to home, an
occasional yellowtail, and lots of small
bonito provided the bulk of the action,
roosterfish were noticeably absent close
to home, but there were reports of a few
decent sized fish showing up in the surf
around Palmilla Point..…George and Mary
Current Cabo Weather
 Jan 24, 2011; 09:43AM - Winter Species Dominate
 Category:  Saltwater Fly Fishing Reports
 Author Name:  Gary Graham
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Click here to enlarge Report Description: Endless Season Update January 23, 2011
REPORT #1242 'Below the Border'
Saltwater Fly-Fishing reports since 1996
East Cape
There were mostly windy days at East
Cape with a few less windy day
interspersed in between. The inshore
winter mainstay, the sierra action, has
even slowed way down as the water
temperatures continue to fall. There was
a good pargo snap in front of Rancho
Leonero for a day or two and then it

There have been some sketchy reports of
a few dorado outside of Punta Pescadero.
Beyond that there is not much to talk
about offshore mainly because there are
few visiting fishermen interested in
taking a boat ride offshore.

You know its winter when the most
successful event held inshore is
something called Lord of the Wind. I
don't think that you will find many
anglers who are inclined to put their
fishing rods away and take up kite

However, when the wind ceases the
fishing will come back to the forefront
until the next blow…it goes with the
territory at East Cape this time of

Current East Cape Weather

Magdalena Bay, Baja Mexico

Continuing with the winter theme again
this week. Yellowtail action is off the
charts at all the local banks and the
Entrada. With the local pangueros
focusing primarily on whale watching
there is not much information about
current fishing conditions indside the

A group locals from East Cape including
Mark and Jennifer Rayor found cool but
nice weather on their annual break at
Cancun down at the southern end of the

According to Mark the area is growing
quickly. He also reported the last few
miles a road into the fish camp situated
bay side was in poor shape with lots of
soft sand.
Fishing was good for the usual list of
bay bass, grouper and even some small
flat rascals (halibut) for the grill.

Lastly Success and Vagabond, two San
Diego boats that based out of Lopez
Mateos for the past several months
headed home after a productive season.

Current Magdalena Bay Weather
Zihuatanejo, Mainland Mexico
With this full moon phase, the fishing
has kind of put on the brakes. The 80コ
clean water is still holding at about 6
miles, but the fleet is averaging only 1
to 2 sailfish a day, per boat. There are
still a few dorado out there, and a few
blue marlin are being raised.
The fish are here, but just off their
feed for the majority of the boats. A
couple of the good captains are finding
the active fish however, with Santiago
on the super panga Gitana releasing 7
for two days of fishing for his clients.
And, just a couple of days before that,
Adolfo on the panga Dos Hermanos,
released 11 in two days.
When I asked Adolfo about the inshore
action, his reply was very slow. ...Ed

Current Zihuatanejo Weather

Cabo San Lucas

Striped marlin action has still been
extremely slow. On the positive side,
there are a few fish out there, and at
least some of them are willing to bite
if you get a bait in front of them. The
fish that have been seen have been
scattered around, from the inshore water
on the Pacific side to the offshore
water on the Cortez, and everywhere
between, indicating that the bait has
been scattered as well. Normally we
find concentrations of marlin where
there is bait. No such luck on either
count for us the past couple of months
though, except for a few scattered days.
On another positive note, there was a
small blue marlin reported, one that was
estimated to be 180 pounds.
The yellowfin tuna bite has been off
again and on again, one day here, the
next day there, and occasionally
nowhere! Recently there were fish found
at approximately 15 miles to the
southwest, outside the 1,000 fathom
curve below the San Jaime Bank. Not a
lot of fish, but at least the boats that
found them early got into some decent
action. The fish have not been large,
mostly footballs, but some in the 30
pound class have been mixed in there as
With the cool water, the dorado have
packed their bags and moved south. A few
of them could not find their luggage and
got hungry, so we have been seeing a
couple of flags here and there.
Most of the wahoo got free tickets to
travel to warmer climes, getting
discounts on seats by buying in bulk.
That's my story and I am sticking to it.
Only three of these speedsters were
caught that I heard of, and all of them
were when the full moon was up. All the
other “wahoo” flags I saw were for
There have been roosterfish close to the
beach on the Pacific side past the
lighthouse early, as well as off the
beach on the north side of Chileno on
the Cortez side providing action. Also
there has been a good amberjack bite off
of almost all the points. The most
common inshore catch has been sierra,
and the bite was good on them for the
boats that targeted these fish. A
scattering of yellowtail to ten pounds
rounded up the inshore action..…George
and Mary Landrum

Current Cabo Weather
 Jan 17, 2011; 09:15AM - Wind is King
 Category:  Saltwater Fly Fishing Reports
 Author Name:  Gary Graham
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Report Description: Wind is King
Endless Season Update January 16, 2011
REPORT #1241 'Below the Border'
Saltwater Fly-Fishing reports since 1996
East Cape
Obviously the organizers of the this
week's 'Lord of the Wind' event held at
East Cape have some pretty good weather
intel. It has been basically blowing
most of the week which took care of any
fishing. However, when it ceases the
fishing will come back to the forefront
until the next blow…it goes with the
territory at East Cape this time of
year. Want to know more about the event?
Here is a link.

Current East Cape Weather

Magdalena Bay, Baja Mexico

Baja's brand of winter is currently in
full force at Magdalena Bay. Water temps
are in the mid to low sixties, so forget
about exotics unless yellowtail and
grouper qualify as exotics on your list.
Good fishing for them on most of the
banks beginning a few miles outside of
the bocas'.

Inside the corvina are the leaders of
the pack, eating practically anything
put in front of them…also grouper, pargo
and of course more than enough bay bass.

Even the whales are not arriving in the
numbers that are hoped for by the

Current Magdalena Bay Weather
Zihuatanejo, Mainland Mexico
The fishing for sailfish can only be
described as being way down when
compared to other years in the past.
This is supposed to be our best couple
of weeks of the year, but with two to
three sailfish per boat per day, the
numbers of fish just aren’t here. Is it
that the illegal long lines are finally
taking their toll in Mexico? Or, as most
captains are saying, is it due to a cold
current coming in way early this year? I
am thinking the lack of conservation is
taking its toll, with the captains
closing their eyes, crossing their
fingers, and “hoping” it's the current.
There has just been too steady of a
decline since I moved here 14 years ago,
and the captains have seen it, too.

Along the lines of conservation, I got
an interesting email from Roger Reese.
His observation on future conservation
in the U.S. does have some merit. “In
the U.S. conservation is being taken
care of by the lack of participation.
With the event of the hi-tech X-Boxes,
i-Pods , 3g, 4g, cell texting, (and the
list doesn't stop there), the next
generation has very little interest in
the outdoors or nature. Fishing and
hunting is down by 5 to 7% annually.”…
Roger Reese.

But, lack of participation also means
lack of income for fishing and hunting,
and it is always the sportsman’s dollars
that lead the way for future
While on the Municipal Pier this morning
(Thursday) at 5:30, I was talking to the
captains to get a feel for this fish
report. They were trying to “promote”
me by saying five and six sailfish a day
by, etc. But further questioning, and
also by spending the day on the water
with fly fishing client Brent Schwarz of
Lake Geneva, WI, I came to realize it is
a whole different story. More realistic
it is two sailfish a day, with most of
the fish caught two to four miles
offshore, and using conventional gear.
It is darn tough with the fly rod right

For sure a couple of boats posted fou
and five fish days this week, but
historically we should have a few boats
posting double digit days, with the rest
averaging four to five releases.

Also this morning, Adolfo and Cheva on
the Dos Hermanos boats told me they have
been fishing the inshore all week. They
both told me there are lots of sierras
and green jacks, but the jack crevalle
and roosters are scarce...Ed Kunze

Current Zihuatanejo Weather

Cabo San Lucas

Let's see, a private ten-boat tournament
for striped marlin and on the first day
only one was caught. And that one was
caught close to home. Tell's the story
of our marlin bite for the week. There
are a few being seen but not many of
them will bite. This has to be the
slowest marlin action I have seen in

There were scattered YFT's. Sometimes
we could find them out past the 1,000
fathom line to the south, other times
just four miles off of the lighthouse on
the Pacific side. The key was to be the
first boat to find the fish, then you
had a chance. If you were not the first
boat then your chances were really
lowered. None of the fish this week
were large fish, the biggest I heard of
was 35 pounds. Most of them were in the
12 to 20 pound class with an occasional
school found that averaged 20 pounds.
Many of the boats were flying tuna flags
for bonito. There were plenty of them
around due to the cooler water. Average
size for them was 4 to 5 pounds with an
occasional school of 15 to 20 pound

Once in a while a dorado in the 10 to 12
pound class was caught, but these
appeared to be stray fish, and were
found close to the beach. There were no
concentrations found this week, not even
under floating debris. Cold water
normally equals slow dorado fishing and
that is what we are seeing now.

Just like last week, as usual this time
of year, lots of wahoo flags are flying
everywhere and people are getting
excited. Then they are educated about
“Mexican Wahoo.” Lots of sierra, but
nothing really big, mostly 2 to 5 lbs.

On one day, off the next, or maybe it
was just a matter of the right place at
the right time, but the sierra bite was
either wide open or non-existent.
Personally, I think the schools were
moving around really fast and if you
could not find them in one spot, you had
to cruise the beach fast in order to
find out where they were. Once you got
into them, limits were easy to get, but
the fish were small at 2 to 5 pounds.
The yellowtail bite was fair, with fish
that are small by northern standards but
decent by ours at an average of 12
pounds. A few grouper and amberjack
rounded up the inshore catch reports
except for an abundance of bonito.…
George and Mary Landrum

Current Cabo Weather
 Jan 5, 2011; 08:12AM - Action till the end
 Category:  Saltwater Fly Fishing Reports
 Author Name:  Gary Graham
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: Endless Season Update January 2, 2011
REPORT #1239 'Below the Border'
Saltwater Fly-Fishing reports since 1996
East Cape
After a week of great weather, with
clear days and low-80's midday, the
north wind fired back up on New Year's

Pressure was light all week with just a
handful of boats getting out each day.
Those that did make it out were rewarded
with some nice-sized dorado outside of
Punta Pescadero, a few very respectable
thirty-pounders included. There are
still a few billfish but the water temps
continue to plunge.

Inshore, remarkably there are still some
leftover roosters from one of the most
productive rooster seasons ever
recorded. Slowly, however, they are
being replaced with sierra and jacks, as
well as good sized pargo and grouper.

Current East Cape Weather

Magdalena Bay, Baja Mexico

New Year's brought cooler weather and
water temps to the entire area. Partying
seemed to be more important to most with
few interested in braving the cold to go
out into the Pacific to find the white
sea bass or grouper.

Same thing inside the bay; the
transition for most locals now is to
focus on whale watching to satisfy the
impending horde of tourists seeking
their own close encounter with one...…
Bob Hoyt

Current Magdalena Bay Weather
Zihuatanejo, Mainland Mexico
The satellite photos show
the blue water moving out and away from
Zihuatanejo Bay to the north to about
the 15 mile mark. But, on a 200º to 180º
heading to the south, it is still within
six miles from the lighthouse.
And, the fishing has been excellent. We
are coming out of the full moon period,
and going into our most productive blue
water time of the year for sailfish…
Each boat is averaging about three
sailfish a day released in the blue
water. High boat in the fleet this week
was Martin on the cruiser Gaviota with
nine sailfish releases.

But, the biggest surprise is that the
roosterfish have come back. Actually, I
don’t think they came back, as our local
fish headed south for warmer water in
early November, but we are getting a
great showing of a southerly migration
from parts unknown to the north of us.

Adolfo, on the panga Dos Hermanos went
1½ hours north on Tuesday and raised 28
roosters, hooking and releasing 10. He
was using surface poppers and slow-
trolled live bait. Per Adolfo, they
varied from “fairly small to medium to
large”. Cheva, on the panga Dos Hermanos
II, worked the areas to the south to the
antennas and below, doing well on three
roosters and lots of large jack

Jose Pino, in Puerto Vicente Guerrero,
where I am going tomorrow, told me there
are lots of roosters and jacks.
Hopefully, we will get into some of the
Ed Kunze …Ed Kunze

Current Zihuatanejo Weather

Cabo San Lucas

This past week was probably the slowest
for striped marlin that I have seen in
some time. There were fish out there,
but for some reason, perhaps the cold
water, they did not want to bite. A few
boats were able to get a released fish
or two, but they were few and far
between. For the most part, seeing the
fish was the best anglers were able to
do. Most of the fish were seen in the
cold water on the Pacific side, or just
along the temperature break on the east
side of the cold water plume.

Yellowfin tuna fishing continues to be a
hit-or-miss proposition as the fish
moved a lot. The most consistent action
was close to shore between the Palmilla
resort and the Inman Bank for boats that
slow-trolled live bait or chummed with
sardina. Catching two or three fish to
35 pounds was not unheard of but most of
the fish were slightly smaller.
Offshore, finding the white-bellied
porpoise was key, as there were very few
fish found that were not associated with
them. If you were one of the first
boats to the porpoise you had a decent
chance of getting bit on fish to 70
pounds (most of them much smaller), if
the porpoise held fish, and many did
not. One of the largest groups of
porpoise we have seen in a very long
time showed up mid-week 30 miles to the
south. There were porpoise to the
horizon, and a mix of yellowfin with
them, bigger fish in one spot, smaller
fish in another.

We are almost ready to hang it up as far
as trying to target dorado this new
year. There are still fish out there as
many boats have shown this week, but
there are no consistent concentrations
to be found. A few boats came in with
great catches this week, some with four
of five fish to 30 pounds, some with
just a couple, but most of the boats did
not get any at all.

Sierra were found by pangas working the
beach on the Pacific side up around
Migraino. These fish were not large but
they were there in large numbers. Many
shore fishermen got into these fish as
well! In other areas a few amberjack as
well as a few yellowtail provided
action, and just off the beach some very
nice-sized jack crevalle (to 35 pounds)
and bonito provided excitement. .…
George and Mary Landrum

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