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 Dec 26, 2010; 02:48PM - Finishing Well
 Category:  Saltwater Fly Fishing Reports
 Author Name:  Gary Graham
 Author E-mail:
Report Description: Endless Season Update December 26 2010
REPORT #1238 'Below the Border'
Saltwater Fly-Fishing reports since 1996
East Cape
Are you looking for a place to step back in time...within easy driving distance from Los Cabos International Airport, yet still detached from the crowds? This four bedroom hideaway home perched high on a hill overlooking Bahia Los Frailes Bay has a panoramic view, airstrip, and beach launch.

As a capper on an unusual season, good fishing seems to be likely. Nearly perfect weather greeted the handful of boats that have been going out recently. The buoys on the drop-off outside of Punta Pescadero have been producing consistent dorado catches, mostly smaller fish with maybe one out of five being a keeper but they are providing action throughout the day.

Also a few sails and striped marlin are around…more than the number of anglers who are out looking for them.

Another crowd pleaser is the large bonito found throughout the bay. They are definitely large enough to provide a memorable tussle. Then there are the sierra that have been getting the locals up early to catch the sunup bite which is usually the best.

Current East Cape Weather

Magdalena Bay, Baja Mexico

With more whales continuing to arrive, Magdalena Bay is settling into its wintertime routine. Nice-sized white sea bass are being caught outside the Boca. Thetis is still producing yellowtail and grouper for the few boats willing to make the trip.

The esteros remain productive for the few takers interested in spending a few hours fishing there..…Bob Hoyt

Current Magdalena Bay Weather
Zihuatanejo, Mainland Mexico
The 80° blue water is just a short run of six miles out of Zihuatanejo Bay. There seems to be plenty of fish, but the full moon has made them picky and not very aggressive. Mike Bulkley of the super panga Huntress told me, “We fished every day and released five sailfish total. Lots of fish sighted from 6 to 20 miles, but they were short-striking and not coming back on the bait. Same story with the two marlin strikes we had. Four out of five sails were caught before 7:30 a.m., before the sun even hit the water.”

Cheva, on the panga Dos Hermanos II, and Adolfo on the Dos Hermanos, have been hitting the inshore hard all week with their clients from France. Cheva is fishing 16 days straight with his client, and Adolfo 25 days. These European anglers are such fanatics they got off the plane, took a taxi to the pier, jumped on the boat and went fishing; luggage and all. They checked into the hotel when they got back from fishing.

Both boats have been doing basically the same thing and concentrating on points south from Valentine to the Antennas. They are getting lots of very large jack crevalle (20 in one day for Cheva’s clients), large sierras, and black skipjack tuna. They did get a couple of roosters on a long run down to Puerto Vicente Guerrero, but not any others within a reasonable day’s charter…Ed Kunze

Current Zihuatanejo Weather

Cabo San Lucas

Striped marlin were an on-one-day, off-the-next, then on-again event this week. Just before the water turned, the bite was great with plenty of fish being seen in the Migraino on the Pacific sid;, then overnight the water turned over and became cool and green. Poof, they were gone. Two days later they were back but would not bite. Next day, gone again, but appeared five miles off the lighthouse and were biting well. Almost all the action took place on the Pacific side of the Cape.

Yellowfin tuna was a very on/off fishery this week as the schools moved constantly. One day they were four miles off the beach to the south, then next day 25 miles out and the following day over on the Pacific side just inside the San Jaime Bank. I did not hear of any large fish but there were decent fish to 35 pounds caught. If you were in them at the right time all the lines would go off and you could limit out fairly quickly. It also helped if you were one of the first boats there!

The cool water has really shut down the dorado bite even though a few fish are still being caught. They are being found in the warmer water but the number of fish is down quite a bit. The size has averaged 12 pounds with a few fish larger and smaller. The area around Punta Gorda and San Jose seems to be holding more fish than elsewhere, but the warm water to the southwest of the Cape has its share as well.

It seems as if sierra were almost the only fish to be found in numbers as the pangas concentrated on the beach areas on the Pacific side. The boats fishing the Cortez side did well on a variety of fish, from dorado to small yellowfin and little roosters as well as lady fish, needle fish and skipjack.…George and Mary Landrum

Current Cabo Weather
 Dec 15, 2010; 01:13PM - The three/four routine
 Category:  Saltwater Fly Fishing Reports
 Author Name:  Gary Graham
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: Endless Season Update December 12 2010
REPORT #1237 'Below the Border'
Saltwater Fly-Fishing reports since 1996
Caption Wire is a must for these toothy sierra
East Cape
December is when East Cape falls into the three/four routine. Some weeks its three days of north wind and four days of nice weather, other weeks the reverse. If you arrive and the kite boarders are smiling, it has probably been a four day wind week…which has been the case recently.
The good news is often the wind doesn't crank up until mid-morning and if you play the ‘early bird gets the worm’ game, chances are you’ll get the sierra along and a few small jacks and maybe an occasional small rooster. If you are lucky and hit the no-wind stretch, the inshore fishing should provide a few small dorado and tuna with a few skipjack mixed in.

Current East Cape Weather

Magdalena Bay, Baja Mexico

Flat calm weather on the outside allowed a few boats to reach the Thetis bank resulting in good catches of grouper and yellowtail. Also reported football sized YFT's as well as a few marlin leaping about. Sounds like a end of the season report not a 'its about to happen one'.

Also received a report from Dennis Braid returning from Hurricane bank, upper zone and inner banks. Good fishing for tuna and wahoo for his 'Monster Fish' show nothing approaching the Mike Livingston catch weighed in earlier in the month. Apparently the entire ridge has rolled over and is cold and off-color (green) and in some places as cool as 54°

Esteros continue cough up some grouper and corvina but the wily snook seemed to have taken a powder.

Already beginning to see a few whales in the neighborhood.…Bob Hoyt

Current Magdalena Bay Weather
Zihuatanejo, Mainland Mexico
The 80° deep blue water has moved to about 15 miles off the beach, but the action has been very good, with most fish being taken in the clean water between the 14 and 18 mile marks.

Early in the week Gord Roberts fished with Noe Martinez on the panga Porpy for two days. Gord has been coming here for several years and always fishes with Noe, who is one of the less known captains here, but right up among the best. On the first day they fished about 8 miles in front of the White Rocks and got 4 sailfish. The second day they went north up near Troncones fishing the inshore. They got numerous small sierras, green jacks, a couple of jack crevalle, and a nice red snapper. Most of the fish were taken on a Rapala trolled on a diving plane. On the way back to port, they got two nice dorado.

Chuck Stratton of Las Vegas and fishing partner Scott Wargo of Dallas fished two days with Cheva on the panga Dos Hermanos II. Chuck described it as “We had a great time with Cheva! Caught 5 sailfish and 2 dorado in 2 days! One sail approached 120lbs...largest sailfish I have ever caught!”…Ed Kunze

Current Zihuatanejo Weather

Cabo San Lucas

Striped marlin are being seen but catching them is the tough part. A very lucky boat may get one or two releases, but that is a matter of being in the right place at the right time. Of course this means spending a lot of unproductive, boring time focusing in one area, an area where you know there are fish, and hoping that they suddenly go ‘on the feed’ for a few minutes, or where you travel constantly hoping to come across a new batch of fish that are hungry.

Yellowfin tuna averaging 15 pounds continue to be the best bet as schools of football and a bit larger fish up to 35 pounds move in and out of the area…sometimes as close as four miles out and sometimes as far as 25 miles out. Consistent action is one thing, but consistent location is another. These fish have been moving, and moving quickly so the area that produced in the morning may not be in the same area in the afternoon. This has made for some frustrating days, but when you do get into the fish, it has been great. Along with the football-sized a few have been as large as 100 pounds.

Dorado remain scarce with only a few boats coming in flying multiple flags, and those have been for fish that have averaged 12 pounds. A few larger fish have been found in the offshore waters, but the majority have been found close to the beach and they have been the smaller fish.

Among ten boats fishing a small local tournament for tuna and wahoo, only one small fish of 12 pounds was brought to the scale. Several days before a 80-pounder was reported and the day of the tournament one boat lost seven fish in a row because the leader was bitten through. This shows me there are still fish out there, but tackle rigging is the key to success on these fish.

Sierra have taken over the show for the inshore fishing, but some yellowtail are beginning to show up as well. While not large, the sierra have been there in numbers and it was not a problem for most boats to limit out on them quickly. Yellowtail were a bit larger, but still on the small side at an average of six to eight pounds. A few amberjack along with good catches of bonito and skipjack rounded up the inshore action.…George and Mary Landrum

Current Cabo Weather
 Nov 30, 2010; 08:06AM - Low 60's Signal Winter's Arrival
 Category:  Saltwater Fly Fishing Reports
 Author Name:  Gary Graham
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: Endless Season Update November 28, 2010
REPORT #1235 'Below the Border'
Saltwater Fly-Fishing reports since 1996
Caption Dennis caught his 'career-best' Baja halibut throwing artificials along the shore.
East Cape
More winter and fewer guests was the story this week as the north winds hampered fishing on several different days. However, on the non-windy days, the billfish action produced consistent striper and sailfish catches for the few who were interested in going out.

Inshore has been a mixture of good days and bad, depending on the wind. On the good days there are roosters, jacks…and a sure sign of winter, the toothy sierra working the schools of sardina along the beach.

Current East Cape Weather

Magdalena Bay, Baja Mexico

Cold water continues to plague the offshore fishing with about the only bright light being the limits of dorado hiding in a few warm pockets of water scattered around.

While hopes have been high in the esteros that there would be a repeat of last year's snook snap, it has not materialized so far. There's been plenty of variety with an occasional quality-sized snook or corvina showing up often enough to keep it interesting.

I filmed a 'Monster Fish' segment with Dennis Braid of Braid Products recently. He caught his 'career-best' Baja halibut throwing artificials along the shore. It was an interesting trip, and as usual with Dennis, it was a lot of fun. I'll let you know when it will air…Gary Graham

Current Magdalena Bay Weather
Zihuatanejo, Mainland Mexico
By Tuesday of this week, the 80° blue water had moved back in close to the beach with it now being only a short run of about six miles. And the game fish are responding. Francisco, on the super panga Huntress, with his client from France, was making long runs of 25 miles or more early in the week and was able to follow the blue water back to the coast, making no more than 15 mile runs in the last couple of days. He is averaging a hooked striped marlin and four sailfish a day. All fish have been released.
Adolfo, on the panga Dos Hermanos, is also averaging four to five sailfish a day, with Cheva, on the panga Dos Hermanos II, getting three to four sailfish a day, but also had a hooked blue marlin on three consecutive days. Fighting a big blue marlin really cuts into the amount of trolling time to find more sailfish. Adolfo and Cheva’s fish were found between the 6.5 and 15 mile marks.

With Adolfo’s son as my deck hand, Argentine fly fishing client Enrique Amatore and I went down to Puerto Vicente Guerrero for two days of fly fishing. We fished an area new to me, and a long ways south of the Port. But, the boat ride was worth it.
The new spot, about 3/4 of a mile off the beach, has a couple of sea mounts coming to within 25 and 50 feet from the surface. It was incredible. I have never seen bait fish dimpling the surface here on this coast like I saw on our 1st day down there. Huge schools of green jacks, sierras, and pompano were busting bait everywhere. The jack crevalle were averaging 10 to 20 pounds and schools would cruise in and out. Huge roosters, to an estimated 50 pounds, were mixed with the jacks.

With Adolfo Jr. casting the hook-less popper, we brought about 20 jacks to the boat and 8 roosters. Plus, because we were dead in the water the whole time on a sea of glass, the dorado would come over to investigate. We had several legitimate shots at dorado.

Unfortunately, when we went back the next day, the current changed and brought in dirty water. There was no bait, no nothing. We couldn't buy a fish. But, you can bet I will be going back.…Ed Kunze

Current Zihuatanejo Weather

Cabo San Lucas
The 80 degree water we have had this week has still provided a few blue and black marlin in the 250-pound range to give anglers a fight, but I did not hear of any that were larger. These fish were caught on the Cortez side around the 1150 and on the outer Gordo Banks. There have been plenty of striped marlin around, but they have not been in the mood to bite. Most of the fish have been on the Pacific side, within five miles of the beach.

Yellowfin tuna are on again, off again, close to shore, and then 30 miles out. There's no way to predict where you would find the tuna this week with the exception of the Inman and Gordo Banks, and even there, they were iffy.

Once again we did not see any large numbers of dorado with a couple of exceptions. A few boats did come in flying multiple flags and after asking the crew what they had done, I found that two of the boats had found a large piece of wood and had a great time loading up with limits of fish that averaged 15 pounds. These were the exceptions though, as most of the boats felt lucky to get one or two fish during a full day trip.

As a result of being on the back side of the moon, the wahoo bite we had been experiencing dropped off quite a bit. There were still fish out there, but not in the numbers we had been seeing for the past two weeks.

Small roosterfish, and occasional yellowtail, some decent sierra and an occasional amberjack rounded up the normal inshore catch this week. A few pangas got into some grouper and snapper, and a few focused on the dorado, but the mainstay was small roosters and sierra. Both sides of the Cape produced, but the sierra were more concentrated on the Pacific side…George and Mary Landrum

Current Cabo Weather
 Nov 23, 2010; 09:13AM - Warm water stalls Winter's arrival
 Category:  Saltwater Fly Fishing Reports
 Author Name:  Gary Graham
 Author E-mail:
Report Description: Endless Season Update November 23, 2010
REPORT #1234 "Below the Border" Saltwater Fly-Fishing reports since 1996

Current weather reports point to some wind in the next few days; however, excellent weather continued this week providing good fishing both offshore for billfish, striped marlin and sailfish, that seem to be enticed to remain in the area enjoying the warmer sea temps. Anglers targeting the billfish continue to enjoy multiple shots almost every day.

Tuna action is less reliable with most of the fish being found with porpoise schools but they are definitely not as aggressive as a few weeks ago.

Inshore action includes smaller dorado, large wahoo usually in the early morning. Fishing along the shore, both by boat and by walking the beaches, is producing sierra, roosterfish, pargo and pompano.

Current East Cape Weather

Magdalena Bay, Baja Mexico

Earlier in the week, the sea temps cooled off slowing all of the offshore action dramatically. Farther down near Tosca and out toward the pinnacles seemed to produce the best billfish action for the yachts fishing the area.

Inshore the esteros action produced multi-specie days consistently, with some quality-sized corvina, as well as a few better quality snook weighing in the 10 to 20 pound class with more lost than landed. .…Bob Hoyt

Current Magdalena Bay Weather

Zihuatanejo, Mainland Mexico

Early in the week the 80° blue water moved in to within about 8 miles of the beach, with most fish being taken between the 10 and 12 mile areas. It has moved out a bit again, to about 15 miles, but the fishing is still holding well for dorado, sailfish, blue marlin and striped marlin.

Cheva, on the panga Dos Hermanos, is finally back at the helm. He was off for almost two months due to a ruptured Achilles tendon operation. As that is how the injury happened, it sure looks like his days of playing soccer are over. He got a couple of striped marlin for his clients, several dorado, sailfish, and lost two large blue marlin this week.

Early in the week, Mecate on the cruiser Aqua Azul, lost two huge blues, with one estimated at over 450 pounds. He did release a couple of sails and got a nice dorado yesterday (Thursday) for his client Mike Garrett of Malvern, Arkansas.

Mike Bulkley emailed me this report for Francisco on the super panga Huntress:
Sunday-two sails released
Monday-two marlin, two sails, four dorado Ken Hill from Utah
Tuesday- one sail and one dorado
Wednesday- one sail
Thursday- two Sails

Inshore action is still doing well for jack crevalle, sierras and dorado only a half a mile off the beach. .…Ed Kunze

Current Zihuatanejo Weather

Cabo San Lucas

The largest marlin I heard of this week was a black that was caught around the 1150 area and weighed in over 500 pounds. There were a few other blacks and blues caught, but I did not hear of any more large ones, mostly small fish in the 200 to 250-pound class. The good news was the numbers of striped marlin that were found on the Pacific side of the Cape.

Most of them were found just on the edge of that warm water band I mentioned earlier, about two miles or so from shore. The lack of mackerel for bait has hindered the anglers abilities to hook up, but even so, a good day has meant releasing two to four fish, and a great day has been up to six striped marlin releases.

The bite on yellowfin tuna has been an on/off event this past week. One day they are in one area, the next day the same area is as dead as can be. Pods of dolphin holding tuna have been found everywhere this week, and the most consistent area has been a slice of water from directly south of us to just to the south of the San Jaime Banks. This area also encompasses a strong temperature break/current line that keeps moving around.

There have been some nice fish taken from these schools, up to 150 pounds, but most of them have been in the 20-pound class. There are still fish being found in the San Jose area as well, and boats working the humps there have been doing well using sardina as chum and live bait.
Dorado numbers continue to be low and the fish small, with an average size of only 10 pounds. There have been decent concentrations of them on the Cortez side of the Cape close to the beach, and Gray rock up to Palmilla has been providing action on these smaller fish. Some boats have been coming in with limits of these, with an occasional fish to 20 pounds. On the Pacific side the fish have been a bit larger on average, but there have been fewer of them.

For a lot of the fishermen this week, wahoo have been the highlight of the trip. If they managed to get out early they had a really good chance to get one of these speedsters.

There have been more wahoo caught in the past two weeks than I have seen in years, and the fish are decent size. We had one client that went out in the morning and was back at 10:30 a.m. with one 50 pound and one 25 pound wahoo as well as a dorado. Some boats have been getting three or four fish a day, but almost all the action has been early morning.

Most of the action has taken place along the coast in the Sea of Cortez.
Inshore fishing has been a repeat of the past month's action as once again small roosterfish (with an occasional 35 pounder), ladyfish, decent sized sierra, small yellowfin, bonito, skipjack, occasional snapper and grouper along with a patchwork of dorado and striped marlin made up most of the inshore catch. Most of the effort took place on the Pacific side of the Cape and for sheer numbers, sierra dominated the inshore action. George and Mary Landrum

Current Cabo Weather
 Oct 4, 2010; 08:44AM - Magdalena Bay Wahoo Wake Up
 Category:  Saltwater Fly Fishing Reports
 Author Name:  Gary Graham
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: Endless Season Update October 03, 2010
REPORT #1232 'Below the Border'
Saltwater Fly-Fishing reports since 1996
East Cape
There was a little stutter in the action
and then after a tropical storm breezed
over the top of East Cape. Then as
October arrive the fishing roared right
back to life. Football sized tuna to
eighty pounders with some much larger
being lost after long tedious battles
that were won by the fish.

Meanwhile the nice sized dorado good
sized up to twenty.
Inside of ten mile the sailfish and
stripers were biting and there were
enough blue surprise bites make it tough
to decide which tackle to use.

Inshore action remained good for a
variety of species including roosters,
small jacks, lady fish and pompano
though there were more school sized fish
and less Bubba class.

There were a few larger fish seen from
the beach but they were tough to get to.

Current East Cape Weather

Magdalena Bay, Baja Mexico

Greg Gordon, Baltazar Sequires and
Gerardo Ferrand sent this report The
best fishing trip of our lives. I have
lived full time in Loreto and spend a
lot of time fishing here and have always
done very good.....But nothing like
this!! 2 days catch includes: 12 - Wahoo
- 50 to 86 LBS, 14 - Dorado - 15 to 40
LBS, 25 - Yellowfin Tuna - 15 to 35 LBS,
9 - Yellowtail - 20 to 35 LBS and 3 -
Whale Shark Rides at break time! Your
experienced crew, accommodations and
service is unmatched anywhere in Baja!
Thanks again and we will see you soon!
Greg Gordon....…Bob Hoyt

Just like that the wahoo kick off the
season on the Thetis and those in the
know are there in a heartbeat. Lance
Peterson raced up from East Cape and
filled the cooler in one day ith 6 nice
sized wahoo. I swung by the following
day and he passed off a fillet.

He also added that he was bit within a
minute of dropping the Marauder in the
wake. Later that night I delivered it to
Jill and Jonathan at their terrific
Tailhunter restaurant in La Paz. In no
time it was back at my table prepared
two different ways. According to the few
boats fishing the bank there were
stripeys in zone as well.

Inshore? I forgot to ask

Current Magdalena Bay Weather
Zihuatanejo, Mainland Mexico
There is not much to say about this week
for the fishing. The 83° blue water is
still out at the 1,000 fathom curve (30
miles), but there is clean water within
6 miles of the beach.

There are very few people fishing and
tourism is slow. Most of the captains
are taking this time for the opportunity
for their annual maintenance of the
boats. They are pulling them out of the
water for new paint, bottom paint,
repairing last year’s dings in the fiber
glass, etc.

The one bright note is the heavy rains
we experienced this year have let up and
the rain season is just about over. This
will bring the blue water back close to
the beach, and most of all, clear up the
inshore waters for our anticipated
excellent action for roosters.... …Ed

Current Zihuatanejo Weather

Cabo San Lucas
The water warmed right back up and with
it came the big marlin. Last Sunday a
blue marlin was weighed in at #780, and
just yesterday (Saturday) there was a
reported #1,200 brought in, also a blue
marlin. That last fish has not been
confirmed by me as I just heard about it
yesterday in the evening. There have
been plenty of nice fish in the 200-300
pound class caught as well, and there
have been striped marlin found on the
Pacific side in the slightly cooler

There has been little change in the
yellowfin tuna action. The fish have
been found in all the usual places, the
Outer Gordo Bank, the Inman Bank, the
1,000 fathom line on the Cortez side, 40
miles to the south, south of the San
Jaime Bank, and just the other day we
had a brief showing of decent fish just
five miles off of the lighthouse on the
Pacific side. Most of the fish had been
football-sized, but those off of the
lighthouse had fish to 120 pounds, and
those off of the banks have been
producing occasional fish that were that
size and even larger. Almost all of the
larger fish on the banks have been
caught on live bait, while around half
the fish found offshore in the porpoise
have been lure-caught fish.

Good sized dorado remained decent with
an average weight of around 18 pounds
with lots of fish in the 30 to 35 pound
class. We had one angler land a bull
dorado that weighed over 50 pounds,
possibly as large as 60 pounds, along
with several others in the 30 pound
class, and they released plenty more.
Most boats were able to get limits of
these fish without trying hard.

A few wahoo were caught, but the bite
has remained sporadic. They were caught
either on the high spots or found
offshore while looking for tuna.

The pangas were fishing near-shore from
100 feet deep to around five miles from
the beach due to flat water conditions
and the numbers of dorado to be found so
most of the inshore action consisted of
dorado, roosterfish and jack crevalle,
with an occasional snapper or grouper.
Almost every boat there was able to
limit out if they wanted. George and
Mary Landrum

Current Cabo Weather
 Sep 22, 2010; 06:43PM - No Limit to Limits
 Category:  Saltwater Fly Fishing Reports
 Author Name:  Gary Graham
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: No Limit to Limits
Endless Season Update September 19, 2010
REPORT #1231 'Below the Border'
Saltwater Fly-Fishing reports since 1996
East Cape
Late summer yellowfin tuna meet their match with Cassandra one of RBV's tenacious lady anglers.

September continues to promise limits for many anglers looking for a late summer yellowfin tuna fix. Often the first tuna will be a short distance from your hotel. Admittedly they are small but a good warm up for the bruisers lurking under the porpoise schools farther offshore. Hook the right…wrong one??? And you will find yourself laying in a Jacuzzi nursing a margarita with barely enough energy left to lick the salt off the glass.

You might find the plentiful dorado more to your liking as they put on a show leaping about.

Once you have limited out there is always the billfish option which currently offers , stripers, sailfish or an occasional blue or black.

Inshore the roosterfish action remains some of the best recorded in years and the pompano or pargo are waiting to rock your world.

Current East Cape Weather

Magdalena Bay, Baja Mexico

Like most of Baja Sur there are very few anglers in the house. Offshore a steady parade of boats fleeing the slow California season are traveling down the coast. Local info about the many marlin and tuna twenty or so miles above San Lazaro have Captains working out their timing so they can arrive in the area at gray light.

Meanwhile, closer to shore, small yellowfin tuna and firecracker yellowtail are thick ten miles outside the Boca.

Esteros are expected to improve over the next few weeks as shrimp season goes into full swing. With few anglers it's hard to gauge how good the fishing is right now. There are reports of decent sized groupers, pargo and even a few snook.
..…Bob Hoyt

Current Magdalena Bay Weather
Zihuatanejo, Mainland Mexico
Due to the heavy rainfall we normally experience in September, the 82° to 84° blue water has been pushed out past the 1,000 fathom line and at about the 32 mile mark.

No doubt the fishing was slow this week with few boats going out due to the lack of tourists. On a trip to the Centro Mercado today (Friday), I checked out the local catches by the commercial pangueros. There were a few yellowfin tuna, dorado, and striped marlin fillets, and not much else.

When I pulled up the Terrafin Satellite photos for the blue water (chlorophyll), it was incredible how much brown stuff was coming out of the Rio Balsas about 45 miles to the North of us, and brown water is worse than green. It is actually reaching areas we fish for sailfish and tuna from Zihuatanejo... …Ed Kunze

Current Zihuatanejo Weather

Cabo San Lucas

Most boats releasing one billfish per day, others more. Most of the fish have been Striped Marlin, but there have been a lot of small Blue Marlin caught as well, fish between 180 to 280 pounds, and a few larger fish to 500 pounds. Many of the fish have been found on the Pacific side of the Cape with the effort being most intense for the Blue Marlin between 10 miles off the lighthouse to the ridge between the San Jaime and the Golden Gate Banks. The Golden Gate and the area off of Los Arcos have been producing most of the Striped Marlin, with more seen than caught!

Tuna action continues inconsistent, one day there are plenty, the next they are gone. Of course, if you are the one in the right place at the right time it seems there is no end to them. The problem of course, is finding them in the first place. Most of the local banks produced some with an occasional toad of over 200 pounds. They have been the exception however, most of the fish found have been between football size to school fish, between 8 and 20 pounds for the most part.

There are plenty of dorado, averaging size 10 pounds with a few in the #30 class, but they are easily found. Fly rod action on these guys was great it was catch and release until your arms dropped off, and the excitement of having one of the big ones show up in the chum line made for some great action.

Wahoo went on the bite this past week. We had one group who hooked multiple fish each day three days in a row, landing at least one a day. The largest was right around 60 pounds and they lost a larger one that day as well, the others were around 35 pounds.

Inshore action roosterfish were the exotic, plus some decent snapper, lots of small skip-jack and baby yellowfin as well as loads of small dorado that supplied most of the action for the Pangas this past week. As well as the usual inshore fish, there were a few nice black marlin hooked by Pangas fishing for larger dorado, so there was always the chance of being surprised!...…George and Mary Landrum

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 Aug 30, 2010; 09:23AM - Few Anglers…More Fish
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Click here to enlarge Report Description: Endless Season Update August 29, 2010
REPORT #1229 'Below the Border'
Saltwater Fly-Fishing reports since 1996

East Cape
Caption: Humboldt squid, the nectar of the gods for tuna

As August comes to a close a storm called 'Frank' tried to rain on the parade mid-week. There were few guests to care and the locals watched the weather channel and then went fishing as usual. The month which began with the billfish pop, is finishing with the best August fishing in a while.

Because of the lack of anglers, fewer hotel boats have been going out and the light pressure seemed to make the tuna bite even better. There has even been lots of bait including sardina, mullet, caballito, and Humboldt squid.

The tuna drew the most attention, spread out in both direction from a half mile off the coast. Smaller fish were close with the bigger boys underneath the many porpoise schools found in Palmas Bay. Cut up chunks of squid was the hot ticket for chum and out-performed live bait for the larger gorilla-class tuna.

Dorado were mixed with the tuna and spread within two miles of the beach. The average fish caught was around ten pounds. There were limits for the anglers that found the schools…at least two or three per boat per day. One or two big bull in the 40-pound class are being taken daily.

The billfish, blues, stripes and sails, were there for the taking for those anglers that targeted them off the inside and outside banks where there were plenty of tailers and jumpers.
Both blue and striped marlin are biting. Anglers targeting billfish are scoring, very light pressure

While the beach was pretty thrashed by the large swell and wind, mid-week the boats fishing along the shore found the huge bubba-class roosters along with some nice sized pargo and pompano.

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Magdalena Bay, Baja Mexico

Offshore the dorado and tuna are right on the color break at 12 miles in front of Lopez Mateos outside of Boca de Soledad. Pay attention…on the run out there are a few sleepers every day and in the afternoon feeders are on the acres of bait on the surface.

There were few fishing the esteros this week but there were reports of smaller snook (under ten pounds) plus a few grouper and pargo.…Bob Hoyt

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Zihuatanejo, Mainland Mexico
The 80° blue water has moved in a bit and holding steady at around 14 miles. The fishing, even with the full moon phase is not all that bad. The boats are each averaging between one or two fish a day, with the fish being either sailfish or striped marlin. Plus, they are getting and average of one to three dorado each a day. Between the three species, it is making for a decent day on the water.

Even though Hurricane Frank transitioned from a tropical storm to hurricane status right out in front of this coast, it was nowhere near us. We didn’t even get any rain. However, we have been getting more rain in the last weeks from the thunderstorms. September is the month with the most measured rainfall of all the rainy months. As we head into September, it will take two weeks for the roosterfish action to come back around even without any more heavy rains, which is unlikely.

The inshore water is almost completely silted out, with poor visibility and poor fishing along the beaches up and down the coast. This is very evident by looking at the chlorophyll section of the Terrefin Satellite photos. Wherever a river or stream outlets into the ocean, a mass of green water is also being pushed out in front of them. The larger the river, the larger the green mass.
Fly fisher Steve Baldikoski from Los Angeles fished a day with Cheva and me on the panga Dos Hermanos II. We found some barely 'okay visibility' water up near Troncones and Buena Vista, but that even shut down around noon. Steve only managed to hook a 20-pound class jack crevalle, which broke the 17 pound test leader, and a couple of small black skipjack tuna. …Ed Kunze

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Cabo San Lucas

Some sailfish have been showing up as the water has gotten warmer. Most of them have been found on the Cortez side around the 95 and 1150 areas by boats working those same areas for blue marlin. There have also been quite a few striped marlin in the same areas, strange since the water is so warm there. As far as the big fish are concerned, the blacks are still out there as several in the 400-pound class have been caught this week at both the Gorda Banks and the Inman Banks, mostly by boats hoping for a large tuna. The same areas have been producing quite a few small blue marlin in the 200-pound class as well.

Yellowfin tuna remained consistent with some quality fish in over 100 pounds being found in the San Jose area between the Gorda Banks and the Inman Banks, but most of them have been smaller, ranging in size from 15 to 30 pounds. These same size fish have been found elsewhere as well, with fish showing from the south by the 1,000 fathom line to the San Jaime Banks area.

While that action has not been wide open, everyone who has gone looking for them seems to have been able to catch a few. There were some decent fish over 100 pounds found in small pods of porpoise to the southwest of the 95 spot, and there were even more fish in the 60- to 80-pound class as well, so it is looking better for the larger tuna this year.

I fished the Pacific side for dorado this week as a guest of a client and we released three under 10 pounds and kept four fish of about 12 pounds. All of these were found close to shore, within two miles of the beach.

A scattering of wahoo were reported this week and strangely enough the best area seemed to be just along the drop-off in front of Cabo San Lucas Bay and just to the north of the arch, between there and the lighthouse. The fish averaged 40 pounds and while not every boat got bit, those that put in the time had some action as a reward.

The large swells are still inshore! Roosterfish action was down once again due to the storm swells but quite a few pangas made the run to the Gorda Banks to fish for tuna or stayed out in front working the water for dorado..…George and Mary Landrum

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 Jul 19, 2010; 02:05PM - Tuna in the Anchorage
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Click here to enlarge Report Description: Endless Season Update July 17th, 2010
REPORT #1223 'Below the Border' Saltwater Fly-Fishing reports since 1996
East Cape
Caption: Could have been a contender dorado; unfortunately it was not caught in the Dorado Shootout this weekend.

As expected the cooler off-color water is receding, but this week brought another oddity. For several days there were YFT's being caught among the mooring balls of the hotels. Nothing huge but if you went out 30 to 40 miles where the porpoise play, there were some up to 75 pounds.

There were plenty of the smaller fish caught in the Dorado Shootout this weekend but getting a big one was tough .

The billfish action has remained steady but has had little pressure with most anglers choosing the other species as their preferred target.

The epoch roosterfish bite continued another week producing some 50+ pound fish almost daily. There has also been an appearance of schools of sierra , usually more of a winter event.

Lastly, the pargo bite yielded a few fish to 25 pounds.

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Magdalena Bay, Baja Mexico
Preparations for the big First Flyfishing Tournament which will be held August 13, 14, 15th are underway; as usual when there is a big event planned everyone gets tight-lipped about the fishing. .... Bob Hoyt

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Zihuatanejo, Mainland Mexico
The 80° blue water is practically on the beach. The fishing is really decent, as each boat fishing the blue water is averaging two sailfish a day, and at least 1 dorado of 20-25 pounds. However, not many boats fished this week, with only four or five boats going out a day.

We had been getting rain at night, but today and yesterday we had rain in the morning and early afternoon. However, the fishing has not been affected.

Adolfo, on the panga Dos Hermanos, fished the beach all week and did excellent on roosters. He told me the water has cleaned up after the heavy rains of a couple of weeks ago and in the last two days he released 11 roosters, with five “long releases”. He also told me there are more roosters than jack crevalle.

Cheva, on the panga Dos Hermanos II, fished for roosters today, releasing three in the rain. They could have had more, but the clients had had a good time and wanted to go back to the hotel. The last three days, Cheva had been fishing the blue water with a total of four sailfish, two striped marlin, three dorado, and a blue marlin. A great three days anywhere…Ed Kunze

Current Zihuatanejo Weather

Cabo San Lucas
The warm water has finally brought in some blue marlin. Several were released this week and a few were brought in for weighing. Most of them were in the 200-pound class, but there were a couple reported to be over 300 pounds, and one was about 500 pounds. The striped marlin bite improved as well with the fish finally starting to bite on a regular basis. There were no big numbers posted by anyone, but almost everyone was releasing one a day and having shots at a few others during their trips. A few decent sized sailfish were caught, with most of them in the 90 to 100 pound range; there were a few smaller ones around 60 pounds, still these were nice fish. A couple of blacks were reported from boats that were working near to shore for dorado.

Even though we were seeing big tuna last week, and boats were going to the Gordo Banks to target them, boats from Cabo did not have great results. With these large fish you really needed to be on the spot at first gray light, but the boats fishing from San Jose got a few as they only had a 20 minute run instead of two hours. In our area there were plenty of fish in the 10 to 20 pound class with a few going to 30 pounds. These fish were found with the porpoise and while it did take some time to find them, once you did, at least for the first few boats, the action was good,. A good catch was eight fish with most boats catching three or four. A few never found them or had other targets in mind.

Dorado were a little larger on average as we expected to happen with the warmer water. The fish were not concentrated in one area;, they were scattered out, one or two here and there. The key for dorado was finding a frigate bird that was staying in one area and occasionally swooping down to the water. The larger fish were in the 25 to 30 pound range while the average was 15 to 20 pounds.

Inshore fishermen found red snapper averaging seven pounds as they worked the rocks on the Pacific side of the Cape. There were also quite a few nice roosterfish and larger jack crevalle found cruising just outside the breakers ..… George and Mary Landrum

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 Jul 12, 2010; 01:19PM - Green is Not Good
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Click here to enlarge Report Description: Endless Season Update July 11th, 2010
REPORT #1222 'Below the Border' Saltwater Fly-Fishing reports since 1996
East Cape
Caption: Congratulations to Lance Erik Peterson of Port Angeles, Washington, USA, for his new IGFA World Record Grouper, broomtail, Tippet M-10 kg (20 lb), 5 lb 0 oz, Puerto Lopez Mateos, Baja, 20-Feb-10

What had been rated as one of the best bites of the year was temporally stalled by a cold, green current, which along with the two Mexican super-seiners equipped with helicopters prowling the water, put the fish down. There were a few lucky boats that found bigger tuna but most had to settle for the smaller grade. Some smaller dorado were found closer to shore but there were none of the large bulls that had been seen recently.

The striped marlin, with an occasional blue and a few sailfish, continued to be the hot ticket for those who targeted them.
Inshore, the roosters, jacks and pargo didn't seem to be bothered by the unusual cooler water.

Lance Peterson reported tough fishing from the beach with overcast skies, coupled with the wind and larger swells making sight fishing difficult. When the roosters were found, they were in their spawning behavior and had little interest in what was offered.

Current East Cape Weather

Magdalena Bay, Baja Mexico
Few folks were fishing this week but the reports from the locals continue. Marlin, dorado and tuna (including a few bluefin) added to the what is being called the 'oddest season'.

In the esteros, the grouper are quality-sized and biting well.... Bob Hoyt

Current Magdalena Bay Weather
Zihuatanejo, Mainland Mexico
The 80° blue water is still just a couple of miles off the coast, and the sailfish bite is holding up. After last week’s 15 inches of rain in a 4-day period, I am really surprised the blue water wasn’t pushed out farther with the massive intrusion of fresh water from the coastal rivers and streams that are abundant on our coast.
The rain did affect the roosterfish and jack crevalle action and it will probably take another week to get back to decent fishing again. Adolfo, on the panga Dos Hermanos, told me the inshore is still too murky from the runoff and has been fishing offshore. He is releasing an average of three sailfish and getting either a shot or catching a blue marlin or striped marlin each day for his clients. Plus, due to the heavy outflow of trees, grass, etc. out of the rivers, a few dorado are showing. I heard an unconfirmed report of a 55-pound dorado being taken today (Thursday).

Neither Santiago or Adan on the Gitana pangas fished much this week, but did well fly fishing with the Steve Powers fly fishing group this last week.

Martin on his 35' cruiser had five strikes on sailfish, but managed to only catch and release two for the one day he fished.......…Ed Kunze

Current Zihuatanejo Weather

Cabo San Lucas
Although nowhere near as hot as it should be (at least not on the Pacific side), the weather has really started to heat up here in Cabo. The Sea of Cortez though, is another question; it has been in the 90’s and that is where most of the fish are being caught. It seems like the marlin bite has finally stabilized with striped marlin being the number one catch in Cabo. A a few blues are also beginning to be found.

After marlin, yellow fin tuna were the most likely catch. While a few large fish were found up in the Punta Gordo area, nearer to home, there were scattered football-sized tuna between 12 and 25 pounds.

A few small dorado were caught recently with a couple of larger fish reported as well. Most of them were in the 8 to 10 pound class with an occasional fish in the 20 to 25 pound range.

The odd wahoo were still being taken here and there up to 45 pounds.

Boats fishing inshore encountered sierra in good numbers, along with some roosterfish, jack crevalle and skipjacks.

Inshore fishing was mostly conducted on the Cortez side of the Cape due to the wind. Pangas were doing all right, but not great, on snapper and small grouper. A few nice amberjack to 60 pounds were caught. Small bonito and football yellowfin tuna were caught as well as a few striped marlin were found very close to the beach which got the panga fishermen excited. The wind and swells made the water close to the beach a bit off color.… George and Mary Landrum

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 Jul 5, 2010; 06:30PM - The Return of the Sardina!
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