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5 pc set 8 segment glide baits

5 pc set 8 segment glide baits
5 pack of 8 segmented glide baits life like swimming action with built in rattle 3D eyes Great color

PRICE: $24.95

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As of 2020, there were 34,000 known fish species around world. That’s more than the number of species in all other vertebrates: birds, reptiles, mammals, and amphibians combined.
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5 pc 1 1/2 inch crankbait assortment w/box (B)

5 pc 1 1/2 inch crankbait assortment w/box (B)
5 pcs 1 5/8 inch 4 grams crankbait assortment w/box

PRICE: $9.99

2 inch 1/8 ounce crankbait med diver

2 inch 1/8 ounce crankbait med diver
Trolled or cast to your favorite target species these little guys work. 2 inch 1/8 oz crankbaits

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Soft Frog Baits

Soft Frog Baits
Soft Frog bait 2.5 inches 5/8 ounce with double hook rigged.

PRICE: $3.99

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 Apr 11, 2005; 02:16AM - big bear lake FISH REPORT April 10, 2005
 Category:  California Southern
 Author Name:  ALAN SHARP


Apparently, Mother Nature does not want to let go of winter yet. Any semblance of spring weather has been just a tease as snow and strong cold winds came back to Big Bear Valley this past week. Again the weather forecast for the coming week looks good, but they have been wrong before. Lets hope for the best!

The anglers that have braved the cold have been rewarded with limits of holdovers up to three pounds. Trollers’ using leadcore have been fishing deep at 3 to 5 colors with Needlefish, Rapalas, and Dick Nite Spoons. Drift fishing from a boat using a slip bobber and night crawlers or dough baits work well too. The most productive areas are Trout Alley between Metcalf Bay and Boulder Bay, and between Big Bear Marina and the Solar Observatory.

Bait fishing from shore using night crawlers, Nitro or Powerbait on a sliding egg sinker rig off the bottom will get the job done. Try the North Shore near the Dam east to North Shore Landing and around Windy Point.

If the weather forecast is correct, these Rainbows will just go off this coming week.

Tight Lines and Good Fishing!

Big Bear Lake Events 2005

Jim Hall Memorial May Trout Classic-- May 14 and 15 2005 info 909-866-6260

Carp Round-up—June 4, 2005 info 909-866-5796

Troutfest—October 8 and 9 2005 info 909-866-5796

 Sep 12, 2004; 06:06PM - BIG BEAR MARINA FISH REPORT September 12, 2004
 Category:  California Southern
 Author Name:  Alan

Water temperatures and oxygen levels continued to improve this past week and with less boat pressure after the holiday the rainbow trout are coming on strong. Numerous limits of pan sized trout are coming in with occasional two to three pounders mixed in. Water temperatures at the dam dropped one degree on the surface and bottom with oxygen levels good down to 27 feet. Papoose Bay and the west ramp saw temperatures at the surface drop two degrees with oxygen levels the same as the dam. All the fish are concentrated in the west end from Boulder Bay to the dam. The end of Santa Ana winds and the return of westerly winds should keep the trout on the bite.

Shore anglers presenting nightcrawlers and Eagle Claw Nitro suspended with a slip bobber are getting in on the action. This same method is serving the drift anglers from boats well too. Trollers using leadcore line at two to three colors are getting the same results. Needlefish, CD Rapalas, and just about any type of spinner or spoon will get the job done.

Tight Lines and Good Fishing!

 Dec 21, 2002; 09:55PM - Trout are biting at Irvine Lake California
 Category:  California Southern
 Author Name:  just me
Trout are biting at Irvine Lake California

The trout are biting at Lake Irvine in California again. I fished with Louis Aguilar from around 9 am to closing on the lake which is about 4 pm. We managed to get our limit trolling Yo zuri Slavko Bugs and yo zuri emperor minnows along with Louis favorite lure the cd 5 in rainbow trout pattern. I managed 5 trout on the slavko bugs and 1 on the emperor minnow also in rainbow trout pattern. I learned that we should have been throwing some spoons that day as the fish were biting them anywhere we had gotten bit that day. Oh well we did fine and I recommend the lake to anyone who just likes to get out and wet a line. Fishing is great and after speaking with someone at a local tackle shop I learned that the fish are biting on roostertails if thrown once bitten on the troll. Good luck if you get out.....Steve

 Jul 28, 2002; 09:12PM - Giant Squid off Southern California Coast
 Category:  California Southern
 Author Name:  just me

The giant squid have been biting for more than a week now and I have just now gotten out to fish them this year. We left Newport Dunes ( probably the worst launch ramp anywhere in California that is maintained daily)
Off we went to the mouth of the harbor about a 40 minute ride from the dunes and once there saw a small floating city of lights about 5 miles out.
Once there dropped in the Brinkmann Underwater fishing light and instant bendo with the luminous squid jigs. After about 15 of the giants and a bunch of water to the face and chest my buddy decided he had had enough. I am hearing now they have dried up off Newport a bit but are thick at the mouth of Dana Point Harbor.
Good luck if you get out tight lines always.......Steve

 Jul 28, 2002; 09:07PM - Big Bear Lake Trout fishing
 Category:  California Southern
 Author Name:  just me

We wanted to do some testing on some of my new Yozuri lures the emperor minnows and the TJ spoons so off to Big Bear for the three of us.
We had intended to get out the day we arrived but unfortunately things did not work out that way for us. We got to the lake around 5 pm Thursday July 18th 2002. We decided to fish the north side of the lake towards the dam from shore once we got there as we were new to this lake and uncertain of where the fish were hold up at this lake. The entire shoreline of the lake is overgrown with weeds out about 50 feet from shore and tangles were expected with each cast of the tj spoons. Unfortunately I grew tired of this quickly and decided to watch my buddies fish instead.
Nothing that afternoon for us at all except for the delight of sighting a beaver on shore just before sunset. I have never seen a beaver in the wild before and was certainly shocked to see one at Big Bear Lake in California!
Next morning off we went to the lake to launch the inflatable and 3 horse power motor. We trolled to the eastern end of the lake first and then up we went towards the dam. I caught the first trout with the emperor minnow in Rainbow trout pattern. Next I snagged about a 10 lb carp another first for me fishing Big Bear Lake. On west we went but no more fish for me my buddy had the hot stick that day with the same lure as I had but magic line or something as he caught 3 rainbows to about 2 1/2 lbs while me and Parker just watched.
I liked fishing Big Bear and will not doubt return to the lake again once the water level returns to a more normal level. Many of the lakefront homes had plenty of real estate between the home and the water. Many of the docks have been extended to reach the homes they are attached to.
Good luck if you go try to do a little better homework on where they are biting than we did sudden fishing trips are fun but usually less productive than one which has been planned.........Tight lines

 Jul 28, 2002; 08:55PM - Catalina Island White Seabass Biting
 Category:  California Southern
 Author Name:  me

July 14th 2002. I got a call from a buddy that the white seabass were biting at Catalina on the back side east end. We debated going and decided to go on Sunday afternoon to see if we could make bait that night and get back to the fishing grounds early. As we went up west along the backside we decided to drop on the spot and fish it with iron. White colored iron has always worked best for me in the past and one of my favorites is the Tady #9 in white. I now have found another favorite the Yo-zuri Blanka in assorted weights from 40-150 grams a luminous deep water jig from Japan. I have tried to fish it with the treble hook but I like to bait my lures and in doing so on a treble hook you violate the IGFA rules and regulations and any fish caught with a baited treble hook is disqualified from any world records. I tried a new single hook of mine called a Maruto on the Blanka and found out a little time spent sharpening the hook would have paid off big time the next day. Nothing that night so we went off to get the bait and dropped over the little 12 volt Brinkman Starfire II underwater light. Drifting the light on the bait grounds near the comercial light boats paid off but only about 1 1/2 scoops total for us. Next morning at grey light we watched the Amigo out of Newport Landing start catching fish. After about a dozen we decided to move a bit closer to them. Instant bites after our move for Bill but for me strike after strike with none sticking attributing this to the dull hook of mine. Then after he had 2 on the boat I caught my first. We ended up with a full limit 6 seabass 2 legal halibut and one yellowtail. Biggest fish was 30 plus pound seabass. A good day of fishing for sure but I will sharpen all my hooks prior to departure as I definately had more bites with less sticking on my jig than Bill. Bill is a professional white seabass fisherman and I am convinced I will outfish him once I have the right hook for the lure.....Tight lines if you get out...Steve

 Jun 9, 2002; 09:28PM - White seabass off Marina del Rey
 Category:  California Southern
 Author Name:  me

I was called Thursday night at 10pm and told the white seabass were chewing big time off of Redondo Beach. After our arrival there we found the boats stacked up off Topanga Canyon in about 70 ft of water. Drifted fishing 1/4 ounce egg sinkers and our SSW octopus style hooks 5/0 with a single live squid. After fishing about 4 hours and no white seabass only sand bass to about 7 lbs and tom cod on the bottom jig I put down (yozuri blanka 150 gram pink back) we decided to move out to deeper water. After the first move I went to 110 ft to start the drift metering some bait beneath us. My buddy got the first fish a 20 lb seabass and released it to wait for the bigger fish. I decided to check my bait on the Yo-zuri blanka and found out the bait was just fine so I dropped it again. I was bit on the way down hard and fought the fish for about 10 minutes a nice fish 47 lbs to be exact after weighing it in at the fuel dock in Huntington Harbor. We then fished for about 2 more hours releasing 4 more seabass. As I was reeling in one of my rods to leave after just gaffing our second fish a 30 pound class fish my last rod got bit hard. I set the fish up in the rod holder and passed my other rod to my buddy to finish reeling in. This fish took off like a bat out of somewhere else! I was using a new reel I picked up a shimano speedmaster Japanese model with a line counter on it. This fish took out over 150 yards of line. Spent about 15 minutes on this fish with 40 lb test. Right as it was just about in to release it the fish spit the jig but let me look at his size. This would have been the biggest fish I had ever caught as I am sure it would have gone over 50 lbs.

 Apr 29, 2002; 02:04AM - Lake Cachuma Bass and Trout are biting!
 Category:  California Southern
 Author Name:  Steve Simmons
Lake Cachuma Bass and Trout are biting!

This weekend I took my son to Lake Cachuma with a friend to try out the new inflatable boat and motor and just to get away for the weekend. We tried some new lures out for my buddy along with a new rod I purchased from him. On our fishing trip we saw deer on the shore of the lake 5 of them to be exact. Within 10 minutes we had caught a bass and just knew the fishing was going to only get better that day and the next. We followed the instructions given us by the guys at the tackle shop down at the lakes marina by the launch ramp. We trolled the center of the lake almost all the way to the very end of the lake where we decided to troll a little closer to shore where the points of land came down to meet the lake. Here we caught 3 rainbow trout and lost several as the hooks did not stick well enough. We saw several boats on the opposite shore fishing bass but stayed clear of them to give them their own spot also. The wind had come up and we realized we had forgot to bring our jackets from the truck. It got a little cold for my son so we decided to get in early and come back the next day for the hot bite we were sure would be there. Unfortunately for us (and possibly the fish) it rained right when we got up in the morning until we left to go home. I really must say that the campground and Lake Cachuma are on the to do list again!!

 Apr 24, 2002; 10:57PM - White Seabass Biting at Catalina Island
 Category:  California Southern
 Author Name:  webmaster

I fished the white seabass last week on the backside of Catalina Island using a bottom jig from Japan called an esso killer and one from Yo-zuri called a Blanka. These are both luminous jigs but the yozuri lure is mostly white with a pink or blue top line. It was the first time I had used them and I must tell you that I out fished my buddy 2 to 1 in catch ratio and I had about 6 more bites than he did that day on the seabass grounds. I had fished the pink/white Blanka jig the night we got there without bait and I outfished his tady #9 one of my favorites also that he had baited with squid. I am very impressed with the results of these lures and will fish them again on my next trip to the island. It was my first seabass trip this season and year for that matter and the reason I farmed so many strikes was my drag was set too high for the white seabass. It seems their mouths are quite soft and not necessary to set the hook or pull quite as hard as say a tuna. Oh well once I reset the drags I did not loose any other strikes. Good luck if you get out!!

 Apr 14, 2002; 11:50PM - Irvine lake tournament
 Category:  California Southern
 Author Name:  webmaster
Irvine lake tournament

I fished with Dennis Bills on Saturday April 13th,2002 in his private boat on Irvine lake. We fished a tournament put on by Ronnie Kovac for Irvine Lake. I had a great time fishing with Dennis as he knows the lake as good as anyone I know of. We managed to catch our limit of the rainbows with none of our fish qualifying for any prizes but still a great day of fishing. I do not know a lot about putting on a contest like this but there was a lot of confusion and mix-ups during this event both at the launch ramp and at the awards ceremony.
I am not a big lake or freshwater fisherman but I did manage to get a few fish during my day with Dennis. I was using a Yo-zuri TJ Spoon in gold/pink 7 grams and casting a lot during the times the fish seemed to be biting. My total for the day was probably 3 rainbow trout 3 bass and one crappie with the Tj Spoon. After several hours of casting I thought to myself it may be better to fish with the bait like Dennis to catch up to his fish count. Dennis had chosen to fish with the bait to get the fish on the boat to make sure there was something to weigh in at the end of the days fishing. Dennis fishes the lake a lot and has Power Bait and many others in every color in the rainbow including rainbow color if I am not mistaken. We also used Crave and live worms with success also. At days end we had caught 14 Rainbow Trout 1 crappie 3 or 4 bass of sorts I am not familiar with as they have breeds of bass in there I do not recognize and bass are a release only fish there.
At days end we ended up with our limit of Trout 10 fish and the one crappie that he tells me is a very good eating fish that his neighbor likes best. All in all my day at Irvine lake was a great day of fishing and I recommend it to anyone. We also tried trolling some of my hi-end lures from Yo-zuri like the emperor minnow and others but there were so many boats and float tubers there that trolling was a difficult task and the area we had left to troll in was very limited and crowded to say the least. I did manage to win a fishing rod in the raffle drawing that they almost would not give me as to get thru the crowd was a task in itself.
Good luck if you get out there and tight lines when you go!!!!!!!!!!

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