26 Apr 2006 - Snapper opener and more
 Category:  Louisiana
 Author Name:  Capt. Scott Avanzino
 Author E-mail:  avanzino@yahoo.com
Click here to enlarge Report Description: Sorry for lacking in the reports department..here is a lumped together report for the last few days.. I will try and post individual reports with pics in a few days on my homesite...Man what can I say..between the yard and fishing there hasnt been any time to make any reports,,by the way, it feels fantastic to be out of the shipyard..at this point I would rather break rocks in jail than turn any more wrenchs or squeeze tubes of 5200..

We made the escape in time for the red snapper season opener Friday the 21st, but just in time..with that behind us, it has been nothing but great weather and fishing all week aside from the band of wet and wind that passed through Friday night; but during the day its been dead calm..made the ride down to Venice Thursday from Seabrook..Capt. Sonny had a trip on the Twin vee that day and while bending flyrods with small tuna and bonita for Terry Thrash et al, a monster 192# yellowfin showed up in the slick..it was agreed to bait him on commie tackle and 2 1/2 hours later the group had him boated..that was the only trip we had scheduled last week that made it out..

The snapper opener was great and everything we expected..wide open bites for both Sonny, Lance and I on day one; Lance ran a trip out of Fourchon where he will likely stay for the next few months..he wants to chase tuna in Green Canyon this year..any way he has been filling my overnight box on day trips with wahoo, snapper, amberjacks, grouper and cobia..he has outfished us too..Sonny and I made 2 stops Friday finding easy limits on big and small fish Sonny had the Line Avenue Pharmacy gang and I had the Lvcoste bachelor party..Plenty boats out there trying too..Sonny had a mixed size limit with one red snapper over 30 pounds and I had a string of 10-20 pounders..he also had a warsaw and 4 gags using dead pogeys and I was using live and dead pogeys getting only one grouper..odd thing was no jacks at all on live baits for either of us..hard to find them on the east side I guess..intersting story for those that like to mooch off shrimpers..I passed 200 feet astern of a trawler picking up his nets about 2 miles out of Baptist Collete..he had his trawl nets up by the time I got to him but I got hung up in a 300 ft length of poly rope he had snagged during his drag..took about 1 minute to get him to stop dragging us astern and 20 minutes to get it all cut out..needless to say it was a freak occurence that could have proven disasterous..Lance had a limit of snapper and jacks along with 4 wahoo a warsaw and 1 cobia and it would only get better for him each successive day..

At the Saturday morning dock conference we figured it would be mobbed bottom fishing but I was going anyway..I didnt see but one other boat all day..Both Leon and Sonny took off for blue water in search of wahoo..Snapper bite was pretty steady for the Arkansa boys but we decided to leave two limits open for bigger fish..it would prove tricky to find them so we ended up amberjack and grouper fishing finding a 43 20 and 15 pound gag and a limit of jacks along with a few scamps..we made a stop on the ride home and hit paydirt on the big snappers getting our last 8 fish in 3 drifts..Sonny found 8 wahoo on the troll, Leon had 4 wahoo and a dolphin before heading in early to get his limit of jacks and snapper..There was a nice rip south of the river..Lance absolutely murdered them to the west..his take Saturday was 12 wahoo, 6 jacks 5 cobia 3 gags, a 70 pound warsaw, and 10 snapper..this ought to make a fine picture! Both Sonny and Lance wacked the snappers and groupers today and Sonny also had 3 wahoo..Lance was bragging about having big fish today ..cant wait to see the pics myself..we have run 3 bluewater trip in a row..its been a wahoo slaughter as well..I had 6 Monday before going bottom foshing and picking up red snapper limit, a cbia, jack and a grouper for my 2 man crew and Sonny and Leon whammed then again yesterday in a head to head competition..The field was the ripline and it was the battle of the wahoo baits today; after the final bell rang; Leon and Scott out did Capt Sonny and Britton.. J hooks were the difference..Sonny now believes that treble hooks baits are junk and it was a tough lesson one to two fish and that is it for those things and you are lucky if they stay hooked up...Poor Sonny lost all 4 of his Braid murauders this morning in the first 30 minutes of his trip when other fish hit the swivels..About a month ago I had given him a 5 gallon bucket full of brand new diving baits still in the box (wont say which brands) these were given to me by Steve Hedrick after he sold his bertram.. I kept the gaffs Steve so thanks and by the way the kids have a ball catching each other in the yard with the oversized landing net you also gave me..anyway..the bite was on the line today..Leon and Scott went 10 for 13 on wahoo and Sonny 3-13 but came home with the pot winner an estimated 75 pound wahoo..Leon also won the head to head tuna competition by outfishing the same team with 2 yellowfin and 6 blackfin to Sonny's 2 blackfin..Sonny claims the day to be a huge success since he only had two anglers aboard..he did win the amberjack competition in part because he was uncontested..funny thing happened to Leon the other day..he was travelling home from Venice on HWY 23 when somewhere between the marina and the checkpoint the drag lever on one of his trolling rods got disengaged allowing 600 yards of line to run off his trolling rod..an odd look from the attending officer tipped him off and he quickly pulled over and reeled the line back in before hooking any passing cars..we cancelled tomorrow's trip due to the thunderstorms and wind but plan to be back on Thursday and Friday before the next front..still have alot of days to fill in the coming weeks..we also look for our second marlin soon..some have been sighted already..outriggers are going back on the boats tomorrow....PICTURED ARE THE RESPECTIVE CATCHES AND HAPPY CUSTOMERS..
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