5 Jan 2006 - 28 wahoo and 10 tuna in 3 days
 Category:  Louisiana
 Author Name:  Capt. Scott Avanzino
 Author E-mail:  avanzino@yahoo.com
Click here to enlarge Report Description: Been lacking on my report duties..I spent the early part of the week after Christmas in the shipyard and later my reward in Atlanta to watch LSU Tigers roll the Miami Hurricaines in the Peach Bowl....Darryl and Leon ran 3 trips during the weekdays before New Year's..They managed to boat at least one wahoo 40 pounds a limit of amberjack each day and blackfin tuna and yellowfin tuna of various sizes and quantities..I finally have the Albemalre and Twin vee out of the yard..AMEN!! We will be running out of Pirates Cove Marina in Grand Isle for the next 3 weeks; long enough for Venice Marina to be functional again..After nearly two weeks in the yard and a brief vacation I was super anxious to get back to fishing..all the posetive reports had me foaming, especially wahoo in slicks at the Lump over the weekend..so when the weather was marginal for Monday we went anyway....real pretty blue water but no bait and no fish at WD 143..on to the Lump and a comfortable speed for a change..we were the only boat..WOW!..Made a few laps fishing over each angle of the lump and across the drop offs..not one bite..so on the the anchor..which wasnt too bad since winds laid for an hour or two to about 15 knots SW from 20 knots South..took about 45 minutes for the first bonita to show up ad then blackfin aplenty..then sharks aplenty but no yellowfin..never saw one..kept 6 blackfin and released the rest along with all the sharks..put out a spread agian and resumed trolling..hit 143, 122 and 133 and headed in..not one wahoo seen or missed..Tuesday Jan 3rd was a new day..left the dock with tuna on our minds and ended up with wahoo... alot of wahoo..they were coming in so fast we actually lost count..thought we had 10 but it was actually 14..we did release one small one and allowed two others to shake off boatside..after a little while out goes the anchor, chum and hooks at the Lump..nothing but bonita and sharks..with current running opposite the what little wind there was we broke loose and made two drifts..still no blackfin or yellowfin seen..so we bailed after an hour to go looking for grouper..hit all the same rigs as before finding sharks thick at 143, and few bites elsewhere..managed one scamp for all the work and misses..headed in a few hours early..On Jan 4th..we had hoped for things to repeat themselves and it was even better..weather was gorgeous and the fish were hungry, stupid and plentiful..we put 7 wahoo in the boat in one hour..not much happening on the chum at the Lump..a fish here and a fish there, but nothing fantastic..after beacoup sharks and 4 blackfin we picked up and put out the trolling spread..managed one lone wahoo before running off to other areas..managed to nail 6 more wahoo the last one coming off the bomb as we were picking the bait up out of the water..- 40 pound wahoo went airborne at the transom snatching the bait and making an impressive run..gaffed the fish 10 minutes later after great chase and fight ..didnt have any space in the cooler so we left early..the best wahoo of the day was pushing 80 pounds!..more fun coming this weekend after the front winds chill out and lay..bring on more wahoo, high pressure and mild indian summer 28 wahoo and 10 tuna in three days..Paradise Outfitters is OPEN FOR BUSINESS!!! 1-888-FISH-W-US (888-347-4987)