26 Jul 2005 - Red Hot Marliln Fishing
 Category:  Louisiana
 Author Name:  Damon McKnight
 Author E-mail:  info@superstrikecharters.com
Click here to enlarge Report Description: This past week and weekend has certainly had a lot of ups and downs and a lot of head scratching going on. On Friday I took out Bobby Bolton and family. The weather conditions were close to perfect and it couldn't have been any calmer in the Gulf. We caught our bait very easily and went off to our spot. First line out resulted in a 70lb. Yellowfin Tuna, Next Two lines out, double on Bull Dolphin, then the man showed up. About a 350-400lb. Blue Marlin rolled on our bait and missed. I fed the line back and he came back and got it. This time he was on. I knew what it was because I saw him eat, but he didn't jump for almost the entire fight until the last 20 minutes. Billfish are always an awesome fight and can put it to you when they want to. On Saturday we took out G. Mathen. Everything started out right, great weather, plenty of bait, but we couldn't get anything going. We had 100lbers. jumping around the boat and some smaller ones jumping most of the day, but they weren't eating. We did not get a strike all day, unless you count cudas. It was definitely one of those frustrating summer time tuna days for us. Yesterday we took out Tim and Sherry Alexander. We got an early start and took off to the hot spot. First line out, billfish on, then billfish off. He came back again and just plucked the bait off. Gone for good that time. We managed two get two more tuna strikes and we were done. We didn't get any more bites after that. Like I said, the fishing has been up and down. One day good, the next day slow. The fish are moving around a lot. You just have to move with them. We still have some open days in August and September is still wide open. Be looking for plenty of cobia to start showing up and all of the usual.

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