19 May 2005 - Huge marlin caught in Loisiana
 Category:  Louisiana
 Author Name:  Capt. Scott Avanzino
 Author E-mail:  avanzino@yahoo.ccom
Click here to enlarge Report Description: Well it has been another amazing week in Venice..we had some incredible catches this week..taan, wahoo, dolphin, amrlin, grouper, cobia, snapper and amberjack..Have to say the two blue marlin in the same daytakes the cake..especially the fact that the secod fish weighed between 800-1000 pounds easy..see the picture if you dont beleive me..total chaos Monday with the Rio Enegry boys....not one but two marlin came crashing in the spread.a big one and a little one..they hit each of the baits twice missing the hooks and making a series of short strikes..it was a hairy 2 minutes and somehow to everyone's disbelief and shock we came away empty..I have never sen such a hot fish as the bigger of the two..it almost looked like they were competing for the ballyhoo baits and how we came away with a zero was beyond me..I was honestly ready to throw Lance overboard although it was just a case of no ones fault but unluck....fortunately it would change in a hurry..took a few deep breaths, let the stars spinning aound our heads fade away while we calmly regrouped, pulled all the meat baits in and reloaded with fresh ballyhoo..made a U-turn and hoped for the best...didt take long,,about one minute into the re-run to get the small one to eat after a miss and a 20 second drop back..fish on!!Finally..after 8 jumps we got the hook-up..a slow rewind ensued and we billed and released the fish 30 minutes later after a round of pictures..quickly got back on course put out the spread and in 5 minutes we had the mama on the short rigger..one swat and miss..then the bait got loaded with grass..I remember thinking what un-luck is this....anyay Lance was on top of it and with a fast track he jumped the grass of the bait with the fish still after it..one pounce, gulp and 20 second drop back and she was on..looked like a plane crashed in the gulf and tumbled for about a 1/4 mile..this fish went ape..total ape..in 90 seconds we had lost 400 yards and I was in full reverse backing over the outrigger and center rigger lines - and didnt care if we could reel to clear fast enough..I made the decision this one was worth the price of the whole spread..meanwhile..still going full reverse and loosing fast..I could see gold about one minute later so we spun and chased in forward at 15 knots until we regained half the line..then spun back and chased full reverse, which took another 45 minutes to get to the wire..was more than shocked to see such a huge fish..I initially thought 500-600 at the strike, and in total shock to see such a monster roll over along side the boat..with bill and tail..she was longer then our 13 feet beam by 2 feet..really about as long as last years estimated grander but not as thick..estimaed the fish conservatively at 800 pounds..see for yourself in the picture below..that is the tail making the wake to the far right..easy 12 feet fork to lower jaw..but skinny..we were so excited after the release that we sat there for 30 minutes high fiving and wondering when we would wake up from the dream..I was glad no one was injured and the fish swim away healthy..though, the fish never came in contact with the boat..it had a chunk missing out of its back, that looked like a wound from a pick axe..managed one more dolphin and 2 wahoo before making 4 drifts over a hot spot and adding 4 snapper and 2 grouper to the ice on the ride home...amazing day!!! Capt. Kerry ran 5 trips for us this week landing a total of 42 yellowfin tuna and 5 bull dolphin..we also had several great trips catching wahoo, grouper red and mangrove snapper...More in store for next week..amazing summer already..Paradise Outfitters - 985-845-8006