15 May 2005 - Incredible Offshore Action
 Category:  Louisiana
 Author Name:  Damon Mcknight
 Author E-mail:  info@superstrikecharters.com
Click here to enlarge Report Description: Sorry for the lack of reports lately but I have been busy trying to get our new boat ready for the season.

This past Friday we took out Dana Coleman and friends. Although the weather wasn't exactly what it was supposed to be the fishing was still very good. We pulled up to our spot and right off the bat we picked up two yellowfin tuna and 1 blackfin tuna. After that it slowed down quick. We stayed around for about another hour and headed in to some closer rigs to fish for snapper and cobia. They did manage to get a few red snapper and mangrove snapper, 1 undersize cobia, and that was it for the day. The offshore fishing is really picking up since the last couple of weeks. The big yellowfin tuna are moving back in and yesterday a private boat caught a 525lb. bluefin. The Marlin and Dolphin are starting to move in on the rip lines and floaters. Around the rigs the cobia, snapper, and grouper are all over the place. It is that time of year again. You never know what your going to catch next. The weather has been nice, sunny almost every day, with a little more wind than expected, but still not bad. We have openings if anyone wants to see what real fishing is all about.

Capt. Damon Mcknight/Super Strike Charters

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