11 Mar 2005 - March wahoo, tuna and grouper
 Category:  Louisiana
 Author Name:  Capt. Scott Avanzino
 Author E-mail:  avanzino@yahoo.com
Click here to enlarge Report Description: Got out Monday and Wednesday this week and the weather and fishing conditions were much better than expected...water temp was 75 degrees and cobalt blue on the Lump Monday and even after a hard north wind all Tuesday, it remained 71 and blue green by Wednesday..the fish were hungry too..both days..Monday we had tuna in the slick and two on the line for the first drift..its been a while since I had to walk a big tuna around the anchor line, and it was a problem I welcomed..I finally figured out how to catch fish on the Lump..Let Capt. Sonny go hog wild in the cockpit doing everything while I go up on the fordeck and get a suntan..anyway, by 11am we had 2 nice yellows and 6 blacks..I had been wanting to drag for wahoo since arrival and by 11:30 after losing a nice wahoo boatside on chum and mono leader, I was able to make the sale..unfortunately, it failed to work despite all the goodies in the trick bag and after several strikeless laps we decided to call it early; and with the impending rain and weather it was the right call....Wednesday promised 1-3 ft seas and overcast..they were 50% right although it was pefect glass by afternoon..fishing was a litlle tougher..had action right away, but not for long, as not 1 but 2 boats motored right across the strike zone and the bite stopped completely even bonita scattered..current was running 2.5 knots and all the hits came 50-80 yards behind the boat..we had 4 blacks and 1 yellow in 30 minutes and then nothing for 2 hours, not even a bonita..decided we would try our luck at dragging since we rifled through the chum trying to get in the groove again..put out the usual spread of meat on the downrigger and hard plastic on top..and it didnt take long before we had a 60 pound wahoo flopping on the deck...after a quick pic out went the spread again..and another wahoo found itself at the end of the downrigger rod..it made for quite a shock to see a wahoo get airborne after taking the bait which was somewhere about 40-50 feet down..gives you insight as to how hard these guys hit the bait from underneath..would hate to be a small fish with a soft belly..anyway, we went 3 for 3 on wahoo before heading home..Looks like we will get a much needed break to wind down..prior to this week we had an unbelievable grouper catch over last weekend..all three of outr boats brought in great catches of all species..scamps, gags, yellowedges and warsaws..After mid weeks lack of tuna and abundance of sharks and kings bypassing the Lump was the right call..I had Mark Lurie, Sonny with Barrett Ceiutat and Lance had a father son crew with Steve and Boyd Esala all three boats did very well with grouper and Lance had a monster 94.9 pound wahoo on top of Jacks and 5 grouper, we had numbers with 18 yellowedge groupers but Sonny's crew had a 90 pound warsaw a limit fo jacks and 5 scamps...One of the yellowedges went 35 pounds 14.5 ounces missing the state record top spot by 2 ounces.spent the weekdays chasing bull reds and small bottom fish waiting for the weather to pass with the boys from NJ..We are gearing up for a long range trip later this month..it ought to be a hoot.. Check us out online or call us at 985-845-8006 to book any one of our four 30-35 ft boats.. www.paradise-outfitters.com