31 May 2015 - GORDO BANKS PANGAS San Jose del Cabo May 31, 2015
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San Jose del Cabo
May 31, 2015

Light crowds of tourists now, as school semesterís soon finish, we will see
greater numbers of vacationers arrive. At this time the seasonís first
tropical storm has developed off of the coast of mainland Mexico, named
Andres, this system is forecast to follow a more westerly path, keeping it
well away from any impact with land. As Andres brewed some 500 miles to the
south, the weather became more tropical, feeling like summer, warm and
humid. We do expect to see higher ocean swells develop over the weekend.
Water temperature temperatures have ranged from 72 degrees on the further
Pacific banks, up to the 78/79 degrees in the vicinity of the Outer Gordo

There were variable gusty winds out of the north and switching from the
south, on and off throughout the week, this made for unpredictable
conditions offshore. Most consistent action found was for striped marlin,
this action centered straight offshore from San Jose del Cabo, with more
billfish being found from 10 to 15 miles from shore, though some stripers
were encountered much closer in. Many charters were accounting for multiple
billfish days, two, three or more marlin, striking on lures, as well as
taking dropped back baits. Large number of sharks were encountered on these
same grounds, to the point of being a nuisance, quite hefty, brown variety,
strong fighters, taking up a lot of anglerís time.

Action for other species was limited, though some charters were able to
land two or three wahoo while trolling lures, mainly Rapalas, off of the
Red Hill area, some strikes were taken on rigged baits as well, most of
these were smaller sized Ďhoo, up to 25 pounds. Dorado were few and far
between, though on occasion a boat would come in with two or three fish,
most of these under fifteen pounds.

Only a handful of yellowfin tuna were reported, a few larger tuna were
hooked into on the Gordo Banks, fish were strong enough to break leaders,
over one hundred pounds, these hook ups were lost for various reasons, so
the tuna are in the area and with warmer tropical conditions forming,
anything could happen on any given day.

With limited numbers of charters and breezy conditions, there was not much
bottom action reported, even when weather cooperated there were just not
many structure species accounted for, strong current was a contributing

Close to shore anglers found action for roosterfish and jack crevalle,
though this action was hit or miss, we have not seen many mullet moving
into to local waters yet, this migration of baitfish is what normally
brings in the big run of larger sized roosterfish. This is the time of year
when we can see dogtooth snapper close to shore, we have not seen these
powerful snapper yet, typically found near the rocky reefs.

Still no sign of a resource for sardinas, with higher surf conditions on
the way, most likely the bait situation will remain the same, with
caballito, moonfish and ballyhoo being offered inside the marina at launch

The combined panga fleets launching out of La Playita, Puerto Los Cabos
Marina sent out approximately 52 charters for the week, with anglers
reporting a fish count of: 38 striped marlin, 26 dorado, 6 yellowfin tuna,
24 wahoo, 4 amberjack, 3 pargo colorado, 18 huachinango,13 cabrilla, 12
yellow snapper, 10 jack crevalle, 18 roosterfish and 10 bonito.

Good fishing, Eric

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