1 Mar 2007 - Venice, LA winter wahoo tuna and swordfish
 Category:  Louisiana
 Author Name:  Capt Scott Avanzino
 Author E-mail:  avanzino@yahoo.com
Click here to enlarge Report Description: Cant remember the last post I made but it hasnt been because we havent been fishing in between the weather breaks..winter pattern is still full over in south Louisinaa and the fishing has been exciting..Got off the phone with Scott Leger today he had a 184# yellowfin and 4 other smaller yellowfins, 6 blacks and a wahoo..Capt. Bill had about the same yesterday less the big fish and good wahoo catch the day before that..I took the last two days off still recovering form an overnight trip that yielded two swordfish at 100 and 60 pounds each..got a late start after cleaning up from Monday's charter in time to make 4 drifts with dead market squid under a half moon..first fish came while retrieving the lines after drift 1 hit the last line out so it made for an easy pickup and go..when it figuredit was hooked it made a heck of a run..ran for a solid 10 minutes well into the backing before we fianlly gave chase at 4 knots..came to the boat 45 minutes later; dead and stiff as a board, as it was snagged in the anal fin and hauled in the reverse gear therby suffocating it..we'll take it..It was Capt. Scott Leger's first as an angler and he was just a little pumped..Next drift we set our shallow line at 75 ft and it was the first to run off with 45 minutes soak time..this fish went deep and jumped right next to the boat going ape all down the side and around the bow twice with Capt Hunter on the rod and doing a great job to keeping the line off the rubrail....it too was snagged and dead brown on arrival..30 minutes later we stuck a gaff into it..when we hauled it aboard we noticed it had been hacked by another sword..it actually had two fresh hack marks one deep to the bone and the other surface flesh wound..made 2 more drifts in the same area with one short strike and a slashed bait but no run..We had been logging steady blackfin action in the last week..personally I havent seen a yellowfin in 3 trips but everyone else has been catching at least one..also non-existent for me have been the wahoo and not for lack of effort..we had logged more hours trolling that slopping chunks but from reports and conversations it think that stat is going to change when we get back to work in a few days..I have a few pics to post but for many of the days I had been running solo with no time for pictures..enjoy the pics of the first timers..Paradise Outfitters - 985-845-8006