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From Jan 01, 1999 To Mar 28, 2023
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 Feb 18, 2021; 11:27PM - GORDO BANKS PANGAS San Jose del Cabo
 Category:  Mexico Cabo San Lucas
 Author Name:  Eric
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November 29, 2020

Moderate crowds of tourists visited this Thanksgiving week, enjoying the
fall conditions and multitude of outdoor activities. We felt persistent
north winds through the week, finally tapering off some over the weekend.
These conditions made for rougher seas, especially on the grounds to the
north of Punta Gorda. Scattered morning cloud cover, giving way to plenty
of warm sunshine, as daytime highs were in the low to mid 80s and ocean
temperature was also averaging about 80 degrees. Still good amounts of
sardinas found schooling around marina jetty, also caballito, ballyhoo and
slabs of squid being offered.

Overall the fishing action was tougher this week, a lot of this due to the
winds beating the northern grounds. On Monday there were two impressive cow
sized yellowfin tuna brought in, one of 200 b., found outside of San Luis
Bank during normal mid-day hours, the other tuna, which was hooked into on
the Gordo Banks later in the afternoon and fought for 3 ½ hours before
finally being boated, brought back in the dark after 8 p.m., this cow was
estimated at well over 300 lb. It hit on a trolled skipjack for a team of
local La Playita anglers, headed by legend Eduardo Aripez.

The rest of the week the tuna action was scarce, there were a couple of
days when fleets found some smaller sized yellowfin associated with moving
porpoise and a handful of tuna in the 40 to 70 lb. class were hooked into
while soaking baits on the grounds from Iman to San Luis, but again most of
the entire week these areas were very choppy due to the winds.

Dorado were scattered, some days we saw more than others, though again most
of these dorado were under ten pounds. Wahoo action was encountered on the
grounds north of Punta Gorda, to Vinorama, but action was spotty, mix sizes
of fish were taken, from sierra sized 4 lb. fish, up to trophy sized
tournament contending wahoo of 60 lb. These fish hit on Rapalas, sardinas,
yo-yo and more anglers are now starting to try their luck at obtaining
chihuil and using them for trap hooked trolling baits.

Not a whole lot of bottom action being done, winds did not make this an
easy option, highlight were a handful of amberjack and dogtooth snapper,
but more triggerfish, bonito or small pargo/snapper, compared to anything
else. Closer to shore and mainly towards Cabo San Lucas we were seeing some
sierra, most of these taken on sardinas, hoochies or small rapalas, sizes
up to five pounds.

We have heard of wide open action for striped marlin being found on the
Pacific banks, though off of San Jose del Cabo we saw more sailfish, a pair
of black marlin, one blue marlin and also a few striped marlin were brought
in from pangas, no big numbers like on the Pacific.

Good fishing, Eric

Eric Brictson / Operator
619 488-1859
Los Cabos (624) 142-1147

 Feb 18, 2021; 11:25PM - GORDO BANKS PANGAS San Jose del Cabo
 Category:  Mexico Cabo San Lucas
 Author Name:  Eric
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November 22, 2020

Weather has been great, warmer than usual fall conditions continue. There
has been some persistent wind out of the north, but close to shore anglers
were able to find fish in more protected areas. Water temperature now in
the 79 to 81 degree range, slightly warmer than we would expect during this
time frame. As the busy fall season now winds down, we are dealing with the
second wave of Covid pandemic worries, though locally we have not seen a
surge in cases and safety protocols have been strict, people are living in
fear as to what is going to happen in the coming months.

Schools of sardinas remain healthy near the marina jetties, also some
caballito being found. Other bait options included ballyhoo and slabs of
squid. The majority of charters are now heading towards the north, from the
Gordo Banks, Iman, San Luis and to Vinorama, while a few boats are working
areas from San Jose del Cabo, south towards Cabo San Lucas. Action has been
somewhat spread out, no particular hot spot. Most popular grounds this week
were Iman and San Luis, this is where the better chances at hooking into
the yellowfin tuna was.

The tuna proved increasingly finicky this past week, most days the
yellowfin were seen in good numbers coming out of the water, putting on a
show boiling on the chummed sardinas, but were extremely line shy. It did
not make sense to use leader lighter than 40 lb., because chances of
landing these fish on too light of line was minimal, the average fish that
were being landed were in the 50 to 75 lb. class, some larger and a few in
the 20 to 30 lb. range as well. Overall anglers were doing very well if
they landed one or two of these tuna, though there are definitely lots of
these fish in the area and on any given day could become more cooperative.

Through the first half of the week there was very good action for wahoo
found near Vinorama, these fish were coming up on the chummed sardinas and
hitting the small baits on straight mono, not the normal way we usually
fish these toothy gamefish, skippers were using small long shanked hooks to
help from getting cut off, the wahoo did not like the wire leaders. Many of
the wahoo were hooked up on cast yo-yo type jigs, at least as many hook ups
were lost as were brought to gaff. Of course the word on this good action
traveled fast, scores of spear fishermen also headed to this inshore spot
and the bite slowed way down just as fast as it had developed.

Dorado were scarcer this past week on the grounds off of San Jose del Cabo,
most of the fish we did see were very small, though we did hear of better
numbers towards the Pacific.

On the Gordo Banks there have been anglers targeting cow sized yellowfin, a
couple of big fish were lost after extended battles, we did not hear of any
other monster yellowfin being landed. There were at least a couple of black
marlin that were brought in, these fish were in the 300 to 600 lb. range.
We do believe that more big tuna are still on these grounds and certainly
another will be hauled in before long.

Not much being found off the bottom besides triggerfish, bonito and mostly
smaller sized snapper. Along the shoreline there have been sierra, but not
consistent from day to day, still early in the season for these cooler
water species.

Good fishing, Eric

Eric Brictson / Operator
619 488-1859
Los Cabos (624) 142-1147

 Nov 16, 2020; 07:21PM - GORDO BANKS PANGAS San Jose del Cabo
 Category:  Mexico Cabo San Lucas
 Author Name:  Eric
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November 15, 2020

As much of the northern territories are now feeling wintry weather conditions, here is Southern Baja this fall has been pleasantly warm, ideal
climate now, highs still reaching into the 80s and barely feeling chilly early in the morning. Wind patterns are beginning to be a bit more
unpredictable, blowing from out of the north most days, especially later in the day. Ocean water temperature is averaging around 80 degrees, on the
Pacific it has dipped to 76 degrees. Crowds of tourists are arriving, as these next couple of weeks the busy season will be wind down and we will
hope that people do decide to travel during the Christmas and New Year vacation periods.

Schools of sardinas continue to be found around the marina jetty area, also caballito, with other options being ballyhoo and slabs of squid. Some boats
are scouting out options for chihuil, should be more of that in coming weeks, as these are special candy bait for wahoo.

This last week started out with a bang, as on Monday there was a 310 lb. yellowfin brought in, taken off of the 26 ft. super panga “Regina Dos”.
This fish was hooked while trolling a live skipjack on the Outer Gordo Bank and was brought to gaff after a two hour battle on 80 lb. gear, the fight
continued though, as the skipper “Gachi” and the one angler, Mike Witoshynski from Florida were unable to haul the beast into their boat due
to particularly tough windy conditions, they did eventually hail help from a nearby yacht and then hauled it over the railing and headed to the dock
area where a crowd had gathered after hearing the news. Later in the week there was yet even a larger super cow boated, this one weighing in at a
whopping 371 lb., taken by a team of anglers aboard the locally based 35 ft. Cabo Sportfisher “Hard Efforts”, they were able to bring this beast to
gaff within one hour on 100 lb. tackle.

The majority of local charters were fishing more towards the north, on grounds from the Iman, San Luis and to Vinorama. These areas were producing
more consistent action than were the Gordo Banks, tough no super cows were taken from these grounds. The yellowfin found here were more in the 50 to
80 lb. class, still finicky though, at times showing themselves, feeding on the surface, though then vanishing just as quickly. Some days biting early
and on others later in the day. Boats were doing well to land one or two of these quality grade yellowfin, most of these striking on sardinas, leaders
of no more than 50 lb. proved more successful.

On these same grounds and a little closer to shore there were decent numbers of dorado found, though it was not easy to find many that were up
to 15 lb., the majority being under ten pounds. Wahoo action was still sporadic, we did see a handful of these highly sought after gamefish
brought in on most days, of course there were other stories of fast wahoo strikes resulting in lost chances. Most of the wahoo strikes were taken on
trolled Rapalas, though a handful were also taken on rigged baits. We look for this action to become more consistent in the next couple of weeks, as
we are now nearing the traditional peak season for these fish. Of the fish we saw, sizes ranged up to 35 lb.

Main species being found off the bottom were smaller sized pargo, red snapper, triggerfish and bonito, with an occasional leopard grouper
(cabrilla) and a few prized 40 lb. dogtooth snapper.

Along the shoreline sierra are starting to show up, these fish prefer the cooling water temperatures, feisty little fighters, averaging 2 to 6 lb.
More whales are being sighted in recent days, as the annual migration for these mammals is just now beginning.

Good fishing, Eric

Eric Brictson / Operator
619 488-1859
Los Cabos (624) 142-1147

 Nov 9, 2020; 08:40PM - GORDO BANKS PANGAS San Jose del Cabo
 Category:  Mexico Cabo San Lucas
 Author Name:  Eric
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November 8, 2020

This time frame would normally be one of the busiest periods for the Los Cabos area, though with all that has happened this year with the world wide
Covid 19 epidemic we are seeing much lighter crowds. Though this past week the area was bustling with the season’s final big tournament, the WON Tuna
Jackpot, which ended up attracting 149 teams and had accumulated total payouts of over one million dollars. Largest yellowfin tuna was 210 lb.,
local La Playita team fishing aboard the sportfisher “Burro” made the big money on the first day with their 175 lb. tuna, congratulations to them.

Weather patterns remain warmer than usual, but slowly we are feeling fall conditions settle in. Ocean water temperature now averaging about 82
degrees. The overall fishing action has not been up to normal standards now for about the past month, we do anticipate that we will have a good late
season as conditions shape up. Most common catches have been dorado, though most are under 10 pounds, hard to find any over 20 lb. Sardinas, ballyhoo
and some caballito have been main bait source, as well as some slabs of squid.

Local fleets have been finding better chances for the yellowfin tuna on the grounds from the Iman Bank to Vinorama, often seeing fish come up and then
just as quickly vanishing, finding it tough to entice any strikes. We have seen a handful of quality grade 40 to 70 lb. yellowfin accounted for, also
there have been some schools of football sized tuna showing as well, more of these found from Palmilla to Santa Maria.

Dorado were found in all directions, though more numerous on the Pacific, but again most are smaller in size, striking on lures and rigged baits,
such as ballyhoo. Wahoo were spread out as well, really no particular hot spot and hard to find one over 30 lb., as in the recent tournament there
were only three over 30 lb. weighed in.

Not much going on with billfish now, we saw more sailfish on local grounds than anything else. A mix of bottom species, with the highlight being a few
dogtooth snapper to 40 lb. Again more triggerfish than anything else.

Good fishing, Eric

Eric Brictson / Operator
619 488-1859
Los Cabos (624) 142-1147

 Nov 9, 2020; 08:37PM - GORDO BANKS PANGAS San Jose del Cabo
 Category:  Mexico Cabo San Lucas
 Author Name:  Eric