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From Jan 01, 1999 To Aug 19, 2022
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 Mar 15, 2004; 06:34PM - Venice Louisiana spring tuna and grouper fishing
 Category:  Louisiana
 Author Name:  Capt. Scott Avanzino
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: It has been a while since I had the plaesure of posting a decent set of reports..bad weather for most of the winter has kept us at the dock and slow fishing has frustrated us on the days we got out..last week put an end to both..started off the week with grouper and tuna and fishinshed strong with the same..bad news is a few snapper were hungry for live bait and we had to release 8 back to the water with limited prospects for survival....the smallest 15 pounds and the largest pushing 40 pounds...arguably the largest red snapper I have ever seen and 5 weeks too early to brag on..the fish measured 38 inches total length and was probably 10-12 inches between the eyes..he had a mouthful of jewelry..the picture doesn't do it justice..and sadly thats seems to be the only good thing about landing know the end result and it too frustrates me that we aren't allowed one incidental catch when we are targeting something else...after about 3 hours on Saturday catching 5 gag grouper from 10 - 46 pounds we headed foI the Lump..when we crossed into the bluewater..we had wished we had packed a few kayaks as the standing waves in the current topped 6 feet along the edge..made our way to the Lump with a wahoo spread with no luck..arrived 2 hours later with time to make one drift..picked up a blackfin with one minute of soak time..then two kings before the one we were looking for swirled on a hour later we had a 131# yellow in the boat..settled in for the bumpy ride in very happy that things turned out better than expected..Thursday we never made it to the tuna grounds but had plenty of fun with scamps, gag grouper and limits amberjack. Two of the scamps were over twenty pounds..Friday we had grouper and tuna all caught in the same place with the largest gag 30 pounds and the largest tuna 131# (the first of three tuna weigheing 131# to the ounce on 3 consecutive days). Capt. Sonny and Darryl went yesterday with two anglers finishing early with 3 gag grouper and two yellowfin weighing 75 and 131#...all fish have been taken using live goggle eyes which showed up strangely about a week ago..we have been catching the tuna drifting live baits or from a kite on anchor...
Back at it again tomorrow for more of the same... WEBSITE Paradise Outfitters - 985-845-8006
 Feb 4, 2004; 01:32PM - Louisiana Wahoo fishing - Venice, LA
 Category:  Louisiana
 Author Name:  Capt. Scott Avanzino
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: Been a bad weather week down here..we got out three times since our last report..wahoo was the target species with most fish being caught on rigged ballyhoo on downriggers and Braid murauders in purple and black colors run close to the boat.. I think the tally on wahoo was 15 in three trips with sizes from 35-80 pounds. This next cold snap should drive them crazy and when the seas calm down, we'll be back after them... Paradise Outfitters - Website 985-845-8006
 Jan 19, 2004; 08:42PM - Increadible winter offshore fishing in Venice Louisiana
 Category:  Louisiana
 Author Name:  Capt. Scott Avanzino - PARADISE OUTFITTERS
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: What an incredible week of fishing..we had a real good cold snap where it blew hard from the north at 20-30 knots...then the calm which lasted 6 days..we were able to get out and put a hurting on the fish too..the pictures tell the story...On Sunday I had Guy Halberg and friends and we went looking for wahoo..could only find a few blackfin picking up 6 for the effort..Capt. Sonny went long to the floaters and picked up three 60-80 pound yellowfins...Monday I had my good friends John Hunsucker, Jack Dulkaney and Clay for an overnight trip to the far east..made it to the platform and put a hurting on the bull dolphin..the same place I left them 3 weeks ago..the boys put 8 bulls from 46-20 pounds in the boat using live bait..we also picked up an 80 pound yellowfin..then they let me break out my 10 wt fly rod where I was able to boat 2 small yellowfins and a 20 pound bull dolphin..when night fell we were out of live bait dso we jigged up a couple dozen blackfin and chummed..we ended up finishing our 3 man limit by adding another 8 yellowfins from 20-50 pounds before heading home early..Wednesday I had the Baker family and John, Kevin, Quenton for a wahoo and amberjack trip..managed 3-8 wahoo all over 50 pounds and a few jacks..we lost one fish as yours truley forgot to remove the hook protectors from a brand new baot..wonder how many fishes lives have been saved by the a-hole that invented those things. Thursday I had Camp and Barbara Mateuns in for a trip I donated to the CCA..Camp and Barbara liked the idea of wahoo fishing and in 2 hours we had all we needed on 6 strikes..kept 4 large wahoo over 50 pounds before going to look for jacks..couldn't find a one...Thank God because the grouper found another couple hours were were one fish shy of a boat limit..Friday and Saturday the weather came back to get us..we struggled and went 0-1 on wahoo Friday with Clarence Howell and Phil and Mike from St Louis..Saturday we fished in a gale at the rocks with Chuck Hendrin and family..managed to release about 20 bull reds before it got too nasty..Plenty of great days ahead! We have some great pictures posted in our website photo gallery TO SEE CLICK HERE! Paradise Outfitters - 985-845-8006
 Jan 5, 2004; 04:25PM - Winter Louisiana Lump Tuna Report
 Category:  Louisiana
 Author Name:  Capt. Scott Avanzino
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: Have to say it was an exciting weekend from 2 different vantage points and venues...high tailed it from Venice in time to make it to the game..didn't have time to post then so I do it now...too excited not to talk football; Got to experience it from the 10 yd line on the Tiger side near the endzone with all the action..what a finish! Congrats to the Tigers team, staff and fans on thier historical season..hope Joseph Addai is OK..we'll need him to convert all the crucial third downs next season..

Now on to the second equally exciting vantage the cockpit watching 150-200 pound yellowfins slow roll on chum behind the boat...

Made a trip on Friday with a crew of salmon fishermen from Wisconsin; had the bigguns in the chum early..hooked two 150's only to pull the hooks on the first runs..we were using 6/0 amd 7/0 live bait hooks to start..made the adjustment to 9/0's and got 175# class fish on solid only to break him off when he changed directions..the trade off for fishing with no leader..went through a 7 blackfins and amberjacks in the next 3 hours..even released a dandy of a red snapper...then with the third quarter ending we got another big boy on..decided to drop the hook and make out way through the traffic jam of anchor lines..had everyone go through the order over the next hour on another him to within 10 feet of the surface a half dozen times before the rod snapped in half...managed to get the rod upside down and handline the fish to the leader which parted before we could get a good was now 2:50 in the afternoon and with all dejected, the prospect of quitting never entered anyone's back on the hook and immediately picked up a fish about 140# which, the smallest of the 5 big ones we had shots on, came to the gaff in under 10 minutes...Thank you God for answering our prayers on 4th and goal from the 50 in the 4th quarter!

Sonny had Max and Rich from San Diego out for the day on a borrowed boat..they were to fish Saturday and Sunday, but the longterm weather forecast scared them to Friday/Saturday..they went to Medusa and live baited three 80 pound yellowfins before coming to the Lump and picking up a few blackfins late in the day...On Saturday, Rich and Max joined Dr. Cliff and Ed 'light-tackle' Dorsey on another attempt at big fish..spent the night before preparing for the 150# or better fish - we weren't about to let then catch us with our drawers down two days in a row!..spooled up with new line where needed, and left the 50/80# rods behind in favor of the 80-130# stand-up rods, also brought bags and bags of hooks...

Guess we were too prepared, as we never even saw a big fish in the slick all day nor did we hook one on the drift...on some drifts we had so much line out that the hooks came back with beeliners and jacks..and we tried every possible bait and presentation to get a was very frustrating to watch every other boat around us doing the shuffle around the bow of the boat or fighting fish off the anchor...just wasn't meant to be for us that day..think I jinxed us when I asked the crew early on if we were going to release all balckfin to save room for yellowfins...won't make that mistake next time...Good thing Ed put the hurt on the blackfin on his 20 pound casting outfit..he and Cliff picked up 10 of the 12 blackfin on surface poppers to make for the only consistent excitement..BUT late iin the fourth quarter Cliff hooked and boated our only yellowfin of the day, making quick work of an 80 pound fish to save face...I think the coolest looking fish of the day was a marble grouper we caught..will post the pictures of the trip when I get them from Rich and Max..the weather will likely keep us out and pictures of fish will proably be welcomed over talk of football by mid week

Now for the shameless sales pitch..we have plenty of good days to fill still in January and February and have quite a few singles and groups of 2 looking to join up with others to make a party..Thats how Ed, Cliff, Max and Rich got to experience half the excitement of this weekend! Any singles out there be sure and email us..we'll find a day for you...check us out on the WEB!

Paradise Outfitters - 985-845-8006
 Dec 29, 2003; 02:10AM - Last week of 2003 report
 Category:  Louisiana
 Author Name:  Capt. Scott Avanzino
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: Lump and offshore report for the week before and after Christmas Sonny and Darryl fished the Lump on December 27th..they picked up 3 blackfin tuna and a 5 man limit of amberjack and a few surprise fish, like african pompano..they did see two larger yellowfin in the slick so it ought to be soon! Last week I headed offshore for a day off from the usual grind with Darryl, Sonny and Terry Dyer on Terry's brand new go fast boat..had plans to sleep until 7am and head offshore for a couple hours of fun..they for tuna; and me, for anything that would take a fly. Got to a pipelaying vessel about 40 miles to the east and put out some live a dolphin double right off the bat...Sonny and D went to work while I got out the fly rod and waited for a straggler...Terry meanwhile went to work with the iron, picking up several skipjack tuna while they fought their fish to the gaff...after the dust settles I convinced them to pull hold off on the live bait and make a dead drift, thereby allowing me a decent casting opportunity given the wind and such, it made for difficult casting into the brisk southeast wind...after the second downcurrent drift I hooked up on what I expect was a skipjack tuna, which I fought for 10 minutes before pulling the hook. Lost the fish while were wre idling away from the buffer zone...No worries thing were just getting cranked up..On the third drift we started chumming with the skipjacks and were able to pull the dolphin to within casting takers for me until the very end when I got ahold of a nice cow which put on a great show down the side of the pipelay vessel. After a 20 minute fight we got her to the gaff..she weighed 19.0 pounds on the STAR scale...after I got my fish my trip was made and we put out two more live baits and set out away from the ship...once we cornered the east side of the ship we hooked a double on tuna..Sonny and Darryl had to get untangled twice but we managed to get both fish in the boat with our broken albacore gaff...both weighed about 60 pounds...While we were setting out two more livies a school of 10-40 pound dolphin came into the chum and I broke out the split bamboo again and in came the live baits..managed to release 2 more smaller dolphin about ten pounds each while trying to get a fly to the bigger fish..while I was fighting fish number three, Darryl managed a nice bull of 29.15 pounds on a stand-up rod using a tuna slab..right at the boat..MY FISH!!!..We later joked about it with Darryl winning the argument by telling me that is what I deserved for bringing a knife to a gunfight..didn't matter at the time because the fish were boiling twenty feet behind the boat...there were two large bulls at least forty among the school of was exciting for me to cast at twenty feet having to pull the fly away from smaller fish...but here's where the perfect conditions go from spectacular to grave..with two hours of fishing time in before noon, Capt. Terry, who had been chunking his iron into the chum, hooked a barracuda..while trying to release it, he got two deep lacerations across his ring and pinky finger; both to the bone and severing tendons...I am still trying to cast when I realize why Darryl said we had to head in...packed up quickly and wrapped Terry in a clean towel...(you would expect a new boat to come with some kind of first aid, but I guess they reserve that for the Eddie Bauer package only)...We were able to reach a longline boat on 16 and immediately sped away to get first aid...made a makeshift splint out of a paint stirrer and bandaged up our patient...settled in for the heavy beam sea and the 2 hour run home..about ten miles from South pass we lost a lower unit....about three miles from South Pass we nearly ran out of oil..managed to scrape up enough for the ride home on one engine..made it back just before dark with Terry heading straight for the ER... Goes to show you how things can turn around on you in a moments notice, and we were caught with our drawers down...praying for Terry's speedy recovery and still trying to be thankful for such a great opportunity to have such a great day... Fished the Lump the day before with Dr. Kieth Goodfellow and friends Chuck and Bill. Water was dirty green and 61 degrees..not the best conditions but we were after sharks...funny..Darryl said before we left that we would probably only catch tuna..well he was partially right.. The current was running 2 knots from the east and the only critters we could draw in were gulls and pelicans..they managed to get most of the chum as the pogies took forever to thaw...after devising a plan to keep the from getting the chum..we finally got some bonita into the slick..that followed by blackfin..think we caught 7 twenty pound blackfin and a few beeliners and one the chum slick on drift lines...were able to send a few slabs of bonita getting each man a 100-150 pound dusky shark..ended up heading in early.. PARADISE OUTFITTERS ...985-845-8006
 Nov 25, 2003; 11:41AM - Late November fishing Venice Louisiana
 Category:  Louisiana
 Author Name:  Capt. Scott Avanzino
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: Had a great trip Friday November 21 with Terry Pickens et al...they were supposed to fish Sunday but with the approaching front and good forecast for Friday it was just too good not to go...Tough start as bait was hard to come by but it turned out it really wouldn't matter. Thanks to Capt. Al for the live pogeys which unfortunately expired before getting to the 'spot'. Managed to kill our first and only two hardtails on a pair of dolphin. The bull went about 35 and the cow about 30 pounds...Fortunately I had a few left over cockahoes from last Saturday that had been forgotten in my haste to make it back for anniversary amazes me that they survived..ended up missing 2 more dolphin - one on a hook-up and the other on the gaff. 10AM out of bait so we put out three braids and hooked up a serious fish on the pogey murauder..200 yards on the first and only run. With no real fight we started thinking record wahoo or tail wrapped tuna..turned out to be the later...had two gaffs ready when we could see both allison fins to the tail - angler Terry Pickens later admitted that he thought it was a sea turtle at first sight..turned out the fish had hog tied itself with the five foot wire leader slicing to the bone of the tail effectively pinning the snap swivel deep into a freshly cut 4' crease in the fork. The wire leader ran cleanly along the curve of the fish being held by the hooks on the bait and the swivel embedded in the fish's tail - we suspect the fish hog tied itself on the initial run and ran out of gas when it could no longer beat its came in backwards in less than 10 minutes. The bad news is when it was hauled to the deck it went ballsitic..ripping both J-hooks out of the plug after the welded rings failed on each swivel..the bait was also crushed under the weight of a thrashing tuna...made for some excitement...trolled on a grassline about 48 miles from South Pass until quiting time..notone strike. The fish weighed 149 gutted and bled-I'm guessing it would have been 165 or better had we just thrown it in the box. Glad we didn't because the meat was purple and irradescent to the bone...Saturday Novemeber 22nd left me guessing on what to do..I honestly didn't think about where and what I was going to do until Jeff Edgecombe asked me where he could send some VIP's while I was fueling up. I wasn't going to fight Saturday boat traffic at the usual spots and I wasn't going to make another trans Gulf crossing for 4 hours of fishing time...after a brief disscussion with Bob Collins and crew we decided on wahoo as plan A and AJ/Grouper as the back-up. Samer problem..once we got close toour target area the water turned solid blue..put out the spread and prepared to do our laps...after the first pass at a historically productive spot we got a knockdown on a Braid we slowed down to fight the fish we left both the ballyhoo baits out and bam..two more wahoo on -one that cleared the water by 6 feet..we thought it was a sailfish at first..with some quick shuffling on the deck and some great gaff work by Darryl we were able to put all three fish in the boat. After a round of high fives at 8AM we readied for our next on..a single that pulled a good bit of line and got 2 passes same on, nice run and fish off. 6 strikes in 20 minutes, 3 fish in the cooler and 3 that won't bite for the rest of the day. Needless to say we were excited about the prospects for the area but with the exception of one blackfin th remainder of the area was dead...pulled on a nice color change to about the 24 mile rigs where it petered out...managed to pick up some AJ's on jigs before heading in early to catch the LSU game... Paradise Outfitters - 985-845-8006
 Nov 18, 2003; 09:30AM - Venice Louisiana fishing report
 Category:  Louisiana
 Author Name:  Capt. Scott Avanzino
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: Saturday Nov 15 report...Good day but a rough day early..the pain was worth all the pleasure...Had Roger Del Rio (Incorporated) today for an intended early day. We left the dock at 4:45am because I had to be back for 9 year anniversary dinner in New Orleans at 7pm and they needed to see the LSU game..Made bait fairly quickly then off to points south in search of yellowfin on fly and conventional gear...Trolled baits around until we located the fish..put out two livies and were fighting a double on yellows within five minutes...made a second drift same result..double header..4 for 4 and we hadn't been fishing 30 minutes...picked up two more singles and after batting the order we broke out the fly gear..heck we were out of live bait by 9:45 thanks to our first and last barracuda...Idled over to the bouy and set up for a beam drift but before I could start chumming with the live cockahoes, Roger tossed a white and silver streamer fly out and hooked into a wahoo...after a short fight the fish was grabbed and hoisted into the boat...(by the way he only weighed 2 pounds) - it was a cute fish...he is thinking of having him mounted...replica would be more appropriate. Regrouped and made an attempt at catching tuna by chumming with the minnows and tuna bellies but nothing was doing...worked the same area for another two hours picking up a small blackfin and missing two other larger fish before heading home early... Hoping to get some of pictures posted on our homepage ...Paradise Outfitters - 985-845-8006
 Nov 14, 2003; 09:28AM - This week's tuna bite
 Category:  Louisiana
 Author Name:  Capt. Scott Avanzino
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: Got out twice this week and maybe tomorrow. The tuna have been tricky lately. Had the Jerry and Dorris Purcell Tuesday. They had spent the week down at the campground and with a few inshore guides and left half a cooler for tuna...Daryll and I laughed as they showed us thier 48 qt chest before we left...the goal was a tuna each and maybe something to the spot and within 10 minutes of making bait we had a double - looked like we were going hoke early..the first fish came to the boat easy for Jerry , maybe 5 minutes on a 100 pound never really made much of a move..Dorris however didn't have it as easy; holding her own with the larger of the two, about 20 minute later Darryl made a good gaff shot on what appeared to be a 120-130 pound yellowfin but the gaff tore out of the fish as it was 1/2 way over the gunnel, which in turn gave way to an eventual and unintentional release..anyway all the commotion attracted a bunch of attention and a previously vacant area turned into a 5 boat sardine can..needless to say the fish never came up and we didn't wait around for them in the log jam for more than an hour...spent the rest of the day looking for one more fish...despite the best effort we could only manage hooking a decent fish on a popper only to pull the hook 10 minutes into the fight...tough day but a fun day...after all the boats left we went back to the G spot and where teased for 2 solid hours by slow rolling yellowfin in the 80-120 pound class...they actually looked like tarpon but they wanted no part of anything we could put in around and on top of one point I pitched a hardtail into 4 of them 10 feet off the bow..I watched them roll in whatever plankton they were feeding on paying no mind to the hardtail that was thrashing wildly between them..I think they might have taken a fly who knows...If I had a harpoon mounted on the bow, I could have taken 3 for sure...probably in one was the nicest sized school I have seen in a while...tell you where next month...also, they had no fear of the boat was a total tease...50 yellowfin all around and no strikes....the day before went much better..plenty of blackfin..I think we kept 12 plump blacks and bagged two 60 pound yellowfin on Braid murauders..all the fish came of artificial baits as it was too rough to live bait. Actually came in early...We'll see about tomorrow..Paradise Outfitters - 985-845-8006 -
 Nov 8, 2003; 11:17AM - Novemeber Blue Marlin in Louisiana
 Category:  Louisiana
 Author Name:  Capt. Scott Avanzino
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: Glad we held out for the weather today as we awoke to light fact Sonny had planned to take the Albemarle today but with the conditions and the fact he had only a one man charter and no deckswab he borrowed Kerry Milano's rice rocket and off he and Terry Dyer went...My crew wanted to play it easy..leave the dock at 9am and spend a few hours sight seeing and maybe catching a couple fish to release..they had already fished two days with Bobby and Shane and tore them up inside...anyway good day all around..Sonny and Terry boated 2 yellowfins early actually as fast as Terry could put them in the boat; one 70 pounder and one 100 pounder and the miracle blue marlin came calling..what do you expect when you leave the dock shorthanded...the fish hit a weighted line and with a 12 oz weight sliding halfway up the line it made for an interesting fight...when they went to remove the hook they couldn't find it..turned out the marlin had hog tied itself with the leader lassoed around his gill plates with the hook doubled over the line behind the dorsal fin...classic...about the time they were heading in, we were making our way to 93..trolled plugs around all 7 structres making 3 laps at each twice with not so much as a srike..goes to show you how much differnce 20 miles or 1 day makes... though yesterdays catch was far better than today's we made up for it with a few jacks and all the release reds they could stand in 1 hour at the Jetty' were coming up in pairs and we were doubled and tripled the whole time..I even got to break out my 10 wt fly was a great day to be out there today..glad we stayed...Yesterday we had a great catch early..the table slam in Novemeber..only in Venice..started the day out with a triple..about the time the 70 pound yellowfin was about to be gaffed 3 bull dolphin came out of nowhere to slam the teasers..a quick shuffle with casting rods produced 2 nice 15 pound mahi..then it was steady action..about every half hour we pick up a fish..added two more 70 pound yellowfins and a 20 pound bull dolphin and a wahoo to complete the slam...headed in early.. Heard the best fish story yet..two Grouper were talking one day...the bigger one was telling the little one..'You should have seen this one..6 feet long well over two hundred pounds and I almost pulled him out of the boat but the line broke'. Not holding out for tomorrow, just glad I'm not a low flying duck...Paradise Outfitters 985-845-8006

 Oct 29, 2003; 11:46AM - Louisiana Tuna Fishing
 Category:  Louisiana
 Author Name:   Capt. Scott Avanzino
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: Wide open tuna bite Thursday night on live flyers and Matzuo poppers..haven't been on a bite like that in years...Had a crew in from Tennesee for two days..with the weather delay on Thursday morning we decided to get a late start and spend the was that the right mid morning the Gulf was glass and it remained so for the next 24 hours.... In 2 hours we had 9 yellowfin from 60-120 pounds in the box and we were out of energy, space and excuses to stay..Had a nice meal and settled in for a little bottom fishing after a 40 mile cruise to the northeast... Hit a rig in Main Pass and tied tuna bellies we probaly went through 1 amberjack and 3 sharks for every snapper and the snappers were studs..the smallest was 13 pounds, the next 17, with 4 fish over 20 pounds and 3 others between 17-20. Have to say the sharks are a nuisance and one got it's revenge..instead of using the ' hot lead gaff', I decide I was going to have a conscience and release one the environmentally friendly the hook out with little problem and grabbed the tail to toss him out when he truned his head and took a swipe at my calf...I'll now be wearing superglue and duct tape and getting high on Augmentin for the next few days...I think I am going back to hot lead in the future... On to Saturday..beautiful 1-2 as forecasted..not even close..I think we need to adjust the forecast for 1o knots and allow for extra chop from opposing surface current...anyway..had 5 yellowfins and 7 blackfins for a mixed early moring and day effort with the crew from Jackson MS...All the fish caught on purple or black Braid murauders or naked ballyhoo. Could NOT make live bait as it was too rough to safley deploy the greenlight for flying fish let alone to make a dead drift so we made do without...had many more fish hooked and even gaffed but a heavy sea is really a burden when trying to get heads up on a large tuna..never helps getting tossed around the cockpit either..excuses, excuses..Paradise Outfitters 985-845-8006
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