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10 pc Casting Spoon inline spinner set

10 pc Casting Spoon inline spinner set
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 Sep 13, 2004; 01:59PM - Wide open yellowfin bite off venice, Louisiana
 Category:  Louisiana
 Author Name:  Capt. Scott Avanzino
Wide open yellowfin bite off venice, Louisiana

Pretty increadible tuna bite the end of last week..had the Broussards and Cloptons from Lake Charles area Friday..the bite was fast and furious in the 3 hours we fished with the final tally at 11 yellowfin..only kept 4 big ones and 4 schoolies releasing 3 of the fish boatside by cutting the leader..we even had 4 fish on at one time which we turned successfully with some fancy 2 and 3 stepping..obviously this bunch has been to the weekend fais do do at Harris' Restuarant..stopped off at one rig to catch one small keeper grouper before arriving safely home at 2pm..I can't recall ever seeing so much bait in green water this fall..herring, hardtails, pogies and juvenile bonita..seems like the bite will last as long as the bait hangs around or gets consumed...In other news..Willie 'one jump' Miller took the Cabo to Florida this week along with pal Richard Creed and dad, Mike Miller..they went 2 for 5 on blue marlin and kept 3 tuna in the 2 days they fished..Willie said the blue water was in between the beer can and the ram, although it will likely be blue, white and bloody at Port Eads by week's end.....Paradise Outfitters - 985-845-8006

 Sep 7, 2004; 10:47AM - Week yields Tuna and grouper in Venice Louisiana
 Category:  Louisiana
 Author Name:  Capt. Scott Avanzino
Week yields Tuna and grouper in Venice Louisiana

Capt. Sonny and Darryl had a great week while I took some time off..Darryl had 6 yellowfin on a recent overnighter..Sonny had a white marlin, 2 bull dolphin, 2 wahoo and several yellowfin and blackfin tuna this week, including 6 yellows and 10 blacks the night before we left..For my my first day back was another come from behind last minute victory in the 4th certainly helps captain and crew avert near disaster trip!!..Just got back to do an overnight trip with 5 days of rest under my was I ready to go..from the reports I had been reading and hearing about through the coconut telegraph I was excited and to the dock Monday morning to be held off by thunderstoms for 90 minutes, no big deal..Willie had the Cabo ready and waiting, and there were at least 2 marlin and 8 tuna a few dolphin and a few amberjacks waiting for us..made bait very easily, thanks to capt harvey's scouting report - greenies and coin sized blue runners and speedos aplenty..60 perfect baits..headed SW looking for the billfish bite in the Canyon..nothing doing..but at least it was flat calm and cool..made passes at Medusa, Mars, Usra and even by a 20 ft long tree!! Not one strike, not one fish seen..very little bait..water made a slow transition from blue green to blue 3 miles past Medusa and there was a remnant of a SW/NE running grass line and slick..pulled on it most of the afternoon..nothing for our effort and anticipation! Well at least there would be plenty of tuna waitng for us at Sonny's tuna hole..darkness came and nothing seen but a rather comfortable looking pile of flying fish and squid under the flare..not one tuna spotted at Mars or Ursa..managed to catch two 20 pound yellowfin on glow jigs down deep, along with a few blackfin for bait..anyway, around 11pm we decided to run back to Medusa where we had seen plenty of medium sized tuna while pulling the big baits..I was very frustrated and bitter at this point and even made a comment to Willie that at least I should be happy that the weather was perfect (calm and cool with a bright harvest moon) and the boat was running great..shortly thereafter the seas and winds picked up and we found ourselves in a very choppy 3-4ft headsea..about 3 miles from Medusa the spreader lights took a stutter step, went dim and bright and then faded into darkness..this signifying that something was amiss with the big deal I have plenty of experience with a 5kw Westerbeke having taken mine apart on many a dark and steamy night at sea and at the dock, sometimes minutes before a trip...went to raise the deck hatch..nothing but a strange big deal..just add ATF and we should be in business..nearly got sprayed by the ram as the seal burst with he first inch of altitude..given the conditions I made the sarcastic outburst..'great..who needs lights and AC to catch fish anyway'.. ...made it to medusa, salt glazed and confused, finding it difficult to confirm the presence of tuna amid the whitecaps or even more befuddled to re-rig for different methods in total wasn't looking good..made the decision to climb between the engines for a little recon, generators are always mounted in the most accesable places in mid sized boats..anyway, it was proabaly a clogged fuel filter or block in the fuel line..determined that the run solinoid was creating problems which with one tap of a hammer put her in perfect sync..this after the entire fuel line was purged in the 10 minutes before that did that feel wonderful..on my back, rocking in 3 ft seas, laying down in a bath of Bilge Monster excrement (warm deisel/saltwater and oil mop residue and broken cable ties) least the small victory was therapuetic..but the return of lights didn't make it any easier to catch tuna..didn't even get one strike, chum, live bait, jigs, poppers rubber flying fish - to which the reamining faithful on deck called flying squirrels..after conceeding the obvious defeat, we made the decision to head north to try some bottom fishing; wasn't in the plan but thankfully I had grabbed 5 rods just in case before leaving the shed..problem was we only grabbed a single pack of 16 oz weights before we left the dock so we could catch 1-2 amberjack as planned.. ...if we had been on the albemarle it wouldn't have been so much a grave I have a reserve of 6 of everything that would rival most tackle wholesalers stock..anyway we were locked and loaded for big game but short on bottom fishing tackle..plenty of rods, but just about enough material to make 6 bottom rigs with 2 weights in reserve..stop number 1 was a total bust aside from one 20 pound gag and a 15 pound red snapper on 10 drifts..I had talked the place up too much and it yielded about a dozen undersized red snapper and plenty of little fish taps..a first! About halfway through this little adventure I noticed that the seal below the tuna door was leaking..a quick inspection of the deck fish box proved that all theice had melted and our measly catch of 5 fish was in jeopardy of spoiling.. About daylight the sqaulls pounded us and we made our way to a famous AJ hole more for protection from electric shock than anything else..those that braved the heavy fresh water rinse were rewarded with all the sharks and barracudas they could stand..1 each..not looking good at all..I looked at Brett Graham for the last time, and not this time not to curse or to apologize..but to rally the team for the game winning drive..with a near full livewell I think I surprised them by punching through the weather and heading back to the south..we were going to put at least one AJ inthe boat or die trying..her's whhat we had to work with..5 functional poles with 100 pound power pro, 4 heavy weights and 4 bottom rigs left and 2o baits..first drop yeilded the first of many jacks followed by 4 more grouper (the largest a 64 pound warsaw) and 6 snapper to 18 pounds..headed in with our heads up..what a turn aroud..I was even surprised but acted like it was all part of the master plan..we even had to use our drink box and ice from the bait coiller to ice the new additions to the fish box. and to think I had contemplated walking away from it all the night before..Never!!!and now I can afford that new camera and digital video recorder instead of having to refund the fare..look out Kevin Ford and John Jackson! Should be the last time I have to wait for pictures of it all..we even caught anoter huge warsaw grouper yesterday Paradise Outfitters ..985-845-8006

 Aug 27, 2004; 01:31PM - more marlin, tuna, wahoo and dolphin in Venice!
 Category:  Louisiana
 Author Name:  Capt. Scott Avanzino
more marlin, tuna, wahoo and dolphin in Venice!

Just got off the phone with Capt. Sonny who fished on the Albemarle today with Willie 'one jump' Miller. Old one jump was on his game today and they were able to T/R a white marlin on a rip 20 miles out..turned out the marlin was never actually hooked but tangled in the leader..whatever it takes..shows you why you miss a few of them..anyway after a short fight the fish was photographed and tagged and sent packing..the bite was hot on ballyhoo for the fish that actually found the hooks today..with 1 yellowfin, 2 blackfin, 2 bull dolphin and a wahoo making thier way into the box..they will be out again tomorrow..Darryl and Chris went further on the Finatic with Shane and Buddy. They were gone long the last few days picking up 2 blue marlin and 17 yellowfin..they even bagged a 35# wahoo while high speed trolling at 17 knots on the way out...sadly one of the blues expired and they had to handline it weighed 418 pounds 18 hours AD..if there is a bright side; it is that the reel was spooled with 100 pound line and it was the smaller of the two they caught..they also had two run-offs swordfishing by MC 486 last night but pulled hooks on the telling what it was on the other end but the strikes were very close together and the leader was chaffed well past the hook..they were using live bridled hardtails one above the themo at 175' and one below at 250'..we had marked the break at 200 ft the last few tries..should have more to report tomorrow..Paradise Outfitters - 985-845-8006 Check out additional pictures and info ONLINE!

 Aug 25, 2004; 12:33PM - late August fishing out of Venice Louisiana
 Category:  Louisiana
 Author Name:  Capt. Scott Avanzino
late August fishing out of Venice Louisiana

Man its officially a blurr for me..been gone 8 straight days and some nights on the water..did not miss the computer which along with the digital camera are broken anyway ..maybe the cell phone will croak too....on to the fishing..the blue marlin bite was wide open early last week as expected with the influx of fresh blue water and bait..I said to the guys that I was expecting good things out of the trip but never expected so much action in 12 hours..had 6 billfish bites last Tuesday and tagged 2 blues one of which came off a double on each rigger bait..even released a 200 pound Mako shark which hit a marlin bait off the transom..had him on the leader twice but couldn't get the flyer throught the leather before he cut through the mono..not sure where we would have put him anyway..the rest of the time was pretty much business as usual..long runs, floaters, live bait and chum..all in all 32 yellowfin tuna, 1 rainbow runner and 5 bull dolphin made it to the cleaning table between Darryl, Chris and myself..could barely stand yesterday or remember all the names except for yesterday's group with Albert Holeman, who is one of those guys who has to catch a Marlin..tried taking the day off but Albert got wind of the wide open bite on bills last week and drove all the way down from Tuscaloosa to cash it would be the beautiful rip that he and I had heard of was reduced to scattered grass in bluewater 35 miles offshore..set a 7 line spread in open water with only a barracuda to show by noon..about that time Albert retired to the AC for a nap..not 2 minutes later the right rigger exploded with what looked to be a small blue or large white.. Darryl did the best he could to clear lines and keep the fish on while Albert made his way into the chair..missing all the acrobatics in the 45 seconds it took for him to respond to the excitement..settled in for a short fight on heavy tackle just as we got control of the fish it came up greyhounding straight toward the boat (with no sight of the leader in tow) on fish off..finished the day with our limit of jacks on the way time..Darryl is out today and Sonny the next few days..I am catching up on sleep and bills..posted a few pictures from customer cameras that were waiting in my inbox..Paradise Outfitters..985-845-8006 or check us out ONLINE!

 Aug 9, 2004; 08:09PM - Summer fishing in Venice Louisiana
 Category:  Louisiana
 Author Name:  Capt. Scott Avanzino
Summer fishing in Venice Louisiana

Had another bang up trip to the deep blue aboard the 93'Finatic this weekend. Roger Swims and the rest of Atlanta's captain's of industry came down to try thier luck amid a questionable forecast. Left Cypress Cove on Thursday afternoon arriving too late to make bait, but it didn't matter..we caught 8 yellowfin on glow braid slammer jigs and blackfin chunks the first evening amid a surprising 2-3 ft sea. At daybreak the boys picked up 6 more schoolsized yellowfin on poppers releasing 5 of them. Darkness gave way to light around 5:45am and out went the 8 line trolling spread..first strike came around 9am yielding a 110 pound yellowfin..then the front hit with 20 knot winds which soon delivered 6-8 ft seas..spent the remainder of the day bouncing between platforms with only one other 100 pound tuna to show by 4pm..As the bodies began to disapear below, we explained to the last few hold-outs, that the action could pick up in one second, one minute, one hour or not at it turned out it would only take ten minutes to restore the excitement to the usual fever pitch..the next hour yielded 4 bull dolphin another 80 pound yellowfin and one white marlin T/ dark everyman on board was again pacing the cockpit deck awaiting his turn..Not exactly sure what happened after fresh grilled tuna dinner because I went to bed but I know 5 more yellowfin went into the box with the rest released..the pilot wasn't sure if he could get the King ir 200 off the ground if anymore fish were brought to the dock so we headed in tally was 17 yellowfin from 50-110 pounds, 4 bull dolphin - 20-30 pounds and a 60 pound white marlin...have two more trips scheduled for next week to complete this year's season...the 32 Albemarle and 35 Cabo have been fishing mixed trips between the tuna and bottom fishing..not limits of either but quality fish..the tuna have been running 60-120 pounds and the snapper and grouper between 15-20 pounds..hope to have the website photo's to reflect the last few weeks..Paradise Outfitters - 985-845-8006

 Jul 19, 2004; 11:26PM - Venice summer offshore fishing
 Category:  Louisiana
 Author Name:  Capt. Scott Avanzino
Venice summer offshore fishing

Increadible's been 3 months since I have had the time to report! Been killing the tuna at night and the wahoo dolphin and billfish during the day...we have had everything but a spearfish this summer..attached picture is from 2 weeks ago when we T/R a 375 pound blue..we also released a grander a few trips back after a 5 hour fight..there are more pictures and detailed reports of each week's adventures on our

 Apr 27, 2004; 12:14PM - April offshore fishing in Venice Louisiana
 Category:  Louisiana
 Author Name:  Capt. Scott Avanzino
April offshore fishing in Venice Louisiana

Records fell in April, some state and others purely personal..after much effort we were finally able to convert a decent yellowfin tuna on fly on April 10th..the fish were boiling around the boat in groups of 5-12 at a time..first to hook up was Chip Metz and from the looks of the it 10 feet from the boat, I am guessing an 80 pound on fish off..if they survive the first run things usually look up, then you get to look forward to gaffing it if it doesn't break of pull the hook..funny thing is, Chip's fish came back for more with the fly and leader streaming from his to hook up was David Coinget who lasted a little longer than Chip before the all too familiar break off on the 1st run..Roger Del Rio was next in the rotation surviving the first run and some quick manuevering until a 45 pound yellowfin came to the gaff in 75 minutes..Gary Parish was able to pick up 2 blackfin although Mr. Big never came cruising for him today..lost the school not long after fighting Rogers fish then we went looking for a world record aj didn't take long..while the rest of the gang toyed with kings and bonita Frank Genusa got ahold of a nice jack..after a 45 minute fight the fish came to gaff at nearly 26 pounds beating Roger Del Rio's state record by 3 back on the slick and David Coignet hooked a larger fish only to loose him as he dug 280 feet into the hardbottom..the fish never even knew it was hooked until about 5 minutes into the fight after which he made his 3 minute run to freedom...lost them shortly thereafter and decided to go look for mangroves never did get the big ones chummed up as there was a supply boat at the G-spot with his engines in gear..decided to get home early to weigh the fish..and here's where God shows up again, delivering the coastal flyfisherman's heaven on Earth..4 mies from Tiger Pass we came across 2 acres of frenzied bull redfish feeding a mass of rain minnows..when I say they were thick, they were running into the boat, litterally..sounded like someone dropping 10 dozen bean bags on the deck of the boat..wait until you see the about a and yellow on green, you could have walked on them...there had to be hundreds..seen that 3 times in ten years..once off Horn Island with Tarpon mixed in and in Breton Soundafew years back...only problem is everyone had put there gear away..Roger was the only one with a fly stil on a rod and before he could make a cast a 31 pound bull grabbed the bait as it dangled off the transom..I ran to the bow with a spinning rod and slung it into the pile and immediately hooked a jack..while we fought our two respective fish while the school scattered into groups of 10-20 and we were never really able to set up again...Roger released his fish 20 minutes later..There just aren't enough hours in the day but no one was complaining...later that night Darryl and I ran the boat up to the shipyard for it's annul check-up..First trip back with the Ambling is the report in Ricky Mestayer's words...'Scott, We had two days (April 15/16, 2004) of fantastic fishing. I did not believe that we could top last year's (April 2003)experience but we did. Sorry that you had to miss this trip. Captain Sonny did an outstanding job for us. He is a great asset to your company. Yellowfin Tuna action was hot. Everybody caught a large tuna. Mine went about 45 pounds. What a fight! We also caught eight Rainbow Runners. On our way in we stopped to try for Amberjack. We all caught huge Amberjack. My wife Becky caught one that weighed 60 pounds. She's still talking about that fight. The fish almost pulled her overboard. We had great action all day. The next day we went back after those big Jacks. Caught four big Amberjacks and Kings and Baracuda and Sharks. What a smorgasboard. We had decided earlier that we wanted to go tangle with the Big Bull Reds at Southwest Pass. The Bulls were there and the action was hot. 20-30 pound Redfish on every cast. Sonny gave me a spinning rod with 12 pound test line to fight the Reds. It took me 25 minutes to bring my fish in. Everyone (Ricky and Becky Mestayer, Kelsey Varnado, Jeremy Moore, Josh Summers and Mr. Moore) had a wonderful experience. Will be back next year for our annual fishing trip with Captain Scott and Captain Sonny. Sincerely, Ricky Mestayer' Always nice to receive emails like that..Been catching a few bottom fish and wahoo this week on the few days we braved the 4-6 footers..I have yet to make a snapper trip since the opening. I have taken the last 10 days off for a variety of reasons..can't wait to get after them.. Paradise Outfitters - 985-845-8006

 Apr 24, 2004; 05:50PM - Tunas, Snapper, Wahoo, and Amberjack
 Category:  Louisiana
 Author Name:  Damon McKnight