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From Jan 01, 1999 To Aug 19, 2022
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 Oct 31, 2005; 03:08PM - Still gettin' it in Lousiiana
 Category:  Louisiana
 Author Name:  Capt. Scott Avanzino
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: Sorry bandwidth has been scarce since Hurricaine Katrina wrecked the best summer fishing we have had in years..also re-arranged alot of other things too..I have been making my reports on my home website since we returned to fishing out of Cocodrie sinde Sept 10th -'..dialup takes too long to load pictures so I have posted them all in my fishing reports section on our website..I havent been to Venice since the storm and since we got everything out I have no reason to go back..everyone says it would choke me up anyway so I will saty away for the next few weeks..last thing I said as we loaded up the last boat was 'put everything on the back deck because the dock might not be here when we return..' Unfortunately I was right..The folks at Venice Marina have begun to clear the marina of sunken vessels and debris and they will be working toward setting up a temporary offcie when the power returns in a few weeks.. I am told they expect to have ice, bait and fuel by the end of Decemeber and plan to have a functional marina for the chartboats so that we can get back to earning a decent living..We were every lucky and prepared well and others did not..3 days before impact we moved the boats to Madisonville 5 hours boat ride north and didnt even have so much as a ripped curtain..the Cabo and Albemalre have been tied up ever since but I moved the 36 ft Twin Vee catamaran to Cocodire 2 weeks after the strom where we have fished for tuna and bottom fish with much success since....Unfortunately due to a mix up Thursday's trip is the last run of the season for red snapper and grouper as they close tonight at midnight..made the run to the happy hunting grounds and put a working on the bottom tally was 4 scamps, 3 aj's and 24 full grown red snapper..3 largest fish were 22 pounds and none under 8 lone lady angler Rosalyn Stone bagged a 29 pound scamp for big fish honors, while Will Drost, Camp Matens, Joey Stone and Tom Harmon, Sr. each had a snapper over 20 pounds and plenty others nearly breaking the twenty mark..limit came without much effort between 4 stops..ride home was interesting and we almost made it before 4:30 but hit one bad bump that slowed us down until after still amazes me how it cant be blowing at the dock but is howling offshore..Still the last 4 trips have yeilded limits of huge snapper and scattered grouper..nice ones below..We will be moving back east to Venice in December where we have a flating base of operation set up to house and feed our guests through March. It is the Southern Way whcih sleeps 12 guests and 4 crew - it usually runs island wade fishing trips to the Chandeluer chain out of Mississippi but we will use it since there are no facilities in Venice..we will be packaging, all inclusive tuna and wahoo trips out of Venice Marina with all meals and one night's stay for 340-365$ per person. We will be able to accomodate 12 guests per night on the Southern Way and have our 3 fishing boats in operation that will accomodate up to 18 people per day in up to 3 groups of 6..We may also run duck hunts for those that want make a hunt the night before or morning after..You can see the boat at our website in the NEW VENICE BASE fishing report..Paradise Outfitters 504-451-7579
 Aug 22, 2005; 11:20AM - Cabo Bite Report
 Category:  Louisiana
 Author Name:  George Landrum
 Author E-mail:
Report Description: Capt. George Landrum

Fly Hooker Sportfishing


WEATHER: Itís cooking down here this past week, and it looks like it will continue this coming week as well. Our day time highs have been right at 100 degrees with a heat index of 110. At the end of the week there was little wind to cool things off so it was particularly warm. Our night time lows have been in the high 70ís with a little bit of breeze, but not enough for me to sleep with the window and patio door open, we have been using the air conditioner! We did have a couple of partly cloudy days in the middle of the week and a little spit of rain Wednesday night, just enough to dot the car windows.

WATER: That temperature break that ran north-south just to the west of the 95 spot was still there at the end of the week and the warm side was 86 degrees and the cool side was 84 degrees. Up in the Sea of Cortez we saw temperatures in the 88-89 degree range, with the warmest spot being right on top of the Gorda Bank. On the Pacific the water was cooler with temperatures ranging from 78 to 84 degrees. Close to home right off the Cabo Falso area there was water at 84 degrees and there was a spot of warm water just to the west of the San Jaime and to the north of the Golden Gate banks. The winds varied their direction this week and at the end of the week there was little chop anywhere as the winds became very light.

BAIT: There was Caballito available from the local bait boats at the normal $2 per bait and there were small Mackerel as well at the same price.


BILLFISH: If you were in the right spot this week there were billfish to be caught, but it was a mater of the right place at the right time. Tide change was very important this week and my personal results show that. I fished on Friday and Saturday. Friday was a big fish hunt with high tide at 9:12 am. 10 miles outside the Westin Hotel where there was a temperature break we hooked a small Blue Marlin at 9:10, released the fish after 15 minutes, had one line back in the water when it was nailed by a Striped Marlin, had the lines back in the water after 15 minutes with one still to be put in position when we got nailed again and released another fish after 15 minutes. Three marlin within an hour after tide change and I worked the same small area for another three hours with only one half hearted strike. On Saturday the clients wanted quantity so I went to the Golden Gate Banks looking for Tuna and Dorado. Within one hour of the tide change at 10:09 we had released three Striped Marlin and had two other strikes, and possible could have caught more abut the clients wanted meat so we proceeded away from the Marlin. One boat ended up releasing 7 Striped Marlin from the same spot. Another friend caught a 600 pound Black Marlin, hooking the fish an hour after the tide change. As you can see, the fish were concentrated, but the spots were scattered around.

YELLOWFIN TUNA: I didnít hear of any large fish this week, and the nice fish that were up around the Golden Gate bank last week seemed to have moved on. There were still fish with the porpoise, but they were smaller than footballs, I called them nerf-balls, fish that were perfect Marlin bait size at 4-5 pounds. Other than that I heard of nothing in our area this week.

DORADO: No change here with most of the Dorado being found on the Pacific side. Floating debris would hold an occasional nice fish to 60 pounds but most of the fish found were in the 8-15 pound class with the smaller fish more prevalent. Bright colored lures run from the outriggers worked the best for the school fish while live bait dropped around debris accounted for some of the nice big boys.

WAHOO: There were a few fish in the 30-45 pound class reported from around the banks on the Pacific side, but no concentrations of them.

INSHORE: Inshore action was slow with just a few bottom fish and a few Roosterfish being found on the Pacific side. Most of the Pangas have been working from the 50 fathom line to five miles out looking for Tuna, Dorado and Marlin.

NOTES: Marlin were the high note for the week for about half the boats. I found it amazing that we were still having the kind of Striped Marlin action that we had considering the time of year, normally we might fish for three days before getting a strike from a Blue Marlin. This weeks report was written to the music of Four Play on their self titled 1991 Warner Bros release. Great Music! Until next week, tight lines!
 Jul 26, 2005; 10:44AM - Red Hot Marliln Fishing
 Category:  Louisiana
 Author Name:  Damon McKnight
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: This past week and weekend has certainly had a lot of ups and downs and a lot of head scratching going on. On Friday I took out Bobby Bolton and family. The weather conditions were close to perfect and it couldn't have been any calmer in the Gulf. We caught our bait very easily and went off to our spot. First line out resulted in a 70lb. Yellowfin Tuna, Next Two lines out, double on Bull Dolphin, then the man showed up. About a 350-400lb. Blue Marlin rolled on our bait and missed. I fed the line back and he came back and got it. This time he was on. I knew what it was because I saw him eat, but he didn't jump for almost the entire fight until the last 20 minutes. Billfish are always an awesome fight and can put it to you when they want to. On Saturday we took out G. Mathen. Everything started out right, great weather, plenty of bait, but we couldn't get anything going. We had 100lbers. jumping around the boat and some smaller ones jumping most of the day, but they weren't eating. We did not get a strike all day, unless you count cudas. It was definitely one of those frustrating summer time tuna days for us. Yesterday we took out Tim and Sherry Alexander. We got an early start and took off to the hot spot. First line out, billfish on, then billfish off. He came back again and just plucked the bait off. Gone for good that time. We managed two get two more tuna strikes and we were done. We didn't get any more bites after that. Like I said, the fishing has been up and down. One day good, the next day slow. The fish are moving around a lot. You just have to move with them. We still have some open days in August and September is still wide open. Be looking for plenty of cobia to start showing up and all of the usual.

Capt. Damon McKnight/Super Strike Charters/1 800 318 1720

 Jul 20, 2005; 10:53PM - Insnae yellowfin tuna bite
 Category:  Louisiana
 Author Name:  Capt. Scott Avanzino
 Author E-mail:
Report Description: The bite for us has been insane the last 4 days..the average take on tuna for our last 4 days triips has been 10 fish at 40-80 pounds with a 120 pound and 179 pound fish also landed..and this is for day trips!!..goes to prove those that blame a full moon for slack fishing are making excuses..we also live baited a 250 pound blue marlin on Monday that spit the entire bait after a brief run.. we were ready for him after we saw him crashing chicken dolphin nearby//the hook point buried itself in the back of the dolphin so when we came tight on him after a 30 second drop the hook never set..made up for a day of dissapointment by landing a 179.05 pound yellowfin..yesterday's bite was wide open..I am still riding the high of what I was part of today, still in disbelief and from all the cokes I drank today and way too wound up to sleep even at 400am..I finally took my first ride on the twin vee cat under less than ideal conditions and I am a believer now..blew away my wildest expectations....It is true what they say about how this boat..correction, how this floating tank handles the sea..I will never look at waves in the marina again as a indication that the day is unfishable..If the rest of you dont beleive me, charter this thing and see for yourself..rough or calm there will be no dissapointment with the ride alothough there is no cure for the spray except to hide or dress I like the slow and steady and dry boats..

Whether you choose to believe the rest, that is for you to decide but bear in mind John took 200 megs of digital pics today for his Septemeber article on the sublject in the Louisiana Sportsman Magazine; further - there are now 18 ultrasonic tags in eighteen 30 to 80 pound Gulf yellowfin tuna ..On to the fishing for those not yet cryng BS..with a hurricaine in the Gulf, myself, Sonny, Casey Forchag, special guest photographer and master netter John McQueen and a rep from MMS/USGS went out in search of yellowfin tuna to hook, fight, net and tag..covered 148 miles today mostly in a 5-8 ft headsea, consiting of a slow long period roll with a 3-4 ft chop on top..I stood flat footed holding on to the t-top leg awaiting the pounding that never came..rougher than yesterday but not by a whole lot..never blew over 20 today but darn close at times..and no rain bands either..arrived offshore about 9:30am and put out the baits..nothing but rainbow runners for the first hours and a few snip offs before we located the hot spot..then for the next 6 hours we went to work on the the end of the day we had released 26 yellowfin tuna (sixteen from 30-80 pounds - 3 untagged due to them being gut hooked, five 20 pounders too small for the study and 5 juveniles) we also caught 4 bull dolphin.. a man has to eat..Took a little bit of time to get used to the netting of unruly tuna boatside in sloppy seas and with a 3 ft net instead of a gaff..Failed to net the first tagger fish as we had never tried before but after we got to working together we were unstoppable..I think 3 hours went by where no one said a word..just did thier job of driving or hooking or coaching or fighting or netting, and implanting tags ..I drove most of the day and then bullied my way to the rod when Sonny or Casey hooked a tagger/dragger was awesome being such a selfish bastard.. it's only fair since I never get to fish I always have to drive them then ofcourse periodically fix and maintain them....

Unreal bite too..seems like all the deepwater rigs are hot right now..for us at Location 2 it was doubles and doubles and doubles and a few singles..made for some difficulty in handling doubles but we from a dead boat was a concern but that cat just layed and very stable all day..I know nothing fell of the console all day.

This project is a year in the making and will be quite a newsworthy deal when it is completed over the next 2 years..our role is to assist the USGS through the MMS to tag for a study centering on the behavior of school yellowfin tuna (40-80 pound class) around the deepwater rigs..MMS want to know how long they hang-around a particular site, if they move from rig to rig..if they are the same fish that head to the secret winter spot come February..the tags last a year and cost 1000$ a peice, so they are surgically implanted and sutured into the belly meat so that they dont slip out..if you clean a yellowfin with a 1' scar on its belly, please look for the resembles a black lipstick case with a number etched on one end..please notify me if you recover one and tell me where you caught the fish, pretty sure there will be a reward for them..the fish range from 30-80 pounds and 60-115 cm in took a year to get this project going and phase one is now a success..will keep you posted on what happens next..good news for bluewater anglers not wanting to run more than 25 has moved way in from the last few days..and the coming weather break looks to last through Sunday..Paradise Outfitters..985-845-8006
 Jul 11, 2005; 12:55PM - Hurricaine Dennis report
 Category:  Louisiana
 Author Name:  Capt. Scott Avanzino
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: The fishing before the strom was on fire and we expect more of the same afterward..really no damage in Venice following Dennis just a few raindrops and 25mph winds, I spent the night down in Venice Saturday night and when Dennis was even Latitude with us I decided to head home..we never even lost power, although it got pretty windy Saturday night..the boats banging against the pilings kept me awake most of the was increadible before the blow, and no storm to date has ever messed up the tuna fishing..I suspect the water will be all messed up due to the north it affect the trolling for marlin and dolphin in the short term is anyones guess..where there is bait there is poredators...Prior to Dennis, the overnght tuna trips were yeilding double digit catches and we even had some monsters hit the ice..largest tuna the last two weeks were 130 pounds and 145 pounds..mostly school fish of 40-80 pounds but we have been averaging 12 fish per night..a few marln still being seen and 7 year old son got a turn on one on June 20th..the dolphin bite is also still steady...our trolling trips have been averaging 4 bulls and one wahoo..I had a fly fishing group out Thurdsday night before Dennis and they went 4 for 12 on yellowfins..4 were landed according to the rules with 12 and 14 wt rods..the largest were 60 pounds, 57 pounds and 40 and 25 pounds..any yellowfin on fly tackle is an accomplishment..They also released 75 blackfin..The 36 ft Twin Vee catamaran made its first charter last Friday and Capt. Sonny put the boys on 9 yellowfin from 40-70 pounds..hopefully the start of something increadibe and many more successful trips to follow!..what a boat..plenty room and fast and stable in all sea conditions..Last year following Ivan the bottom fishing was on fire for sow red snapper..since this strom took the same track, we'll be looking for sows this week..cant wait to see how it turns out..PARADISE OUTFITTERS - 985-845-8006
 Jun 29, 2005; 08:01AM - Summertime fishing heating up
 Category:  Louisiana
 Author Name:  Damon McKnight
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: This past week was up and down as far as the fishing goes. We mostly rig fished and had good results until Sunday. Sunday was very tough unless you like catching bull reds(which are hard to explain why you have to throw them back in federal waters), jack crevalle, and sharks. Plenty of snapper and grouper, a few cobia are showing up but not a whole lot. Yesterday we bluewater fished. The seas were flat calm and we were trying to make an early day of it. We were the first ones out to the tuna hole and managed to get one blackfin, two skipjack tuna, and 2 bull dolphin before calling it a day. The yellow fin tuna fishing has been tough the past few days but the backside of a full moon has been proving itself lately of not producing much of a tuna bite. Although I am not much of a follower of the moon because it is to inconsistent, lately the backside has been. But, the night tuna fishing has been very good. Most of the boats fishing at night have been producing fish. The rip lines are starting to form nicely again and it should be on the next couple of weeks. Today it looks like the weather has taken over offshore so I am glad to have a day off. Back at it tomorrow.

When your ready to fish offshore let us know.

Capt. Damon McKnight/Super Strike/800 318 1720
 Jun 19, 2005; 10:00AM - Triple Digit Summer Time Tuna
 Category:  Louisiana
 Author Name:  Damon McKnight
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: The fishing offshore has been very good this past week. With Friday being the best. The grasslines have been scattered so we haven't caught many dolphin since last Wed. But overall the tuna fishing has made up for it. Yesterday we had Ken Boudreaux and friends from Baton Rouge. When I woke up yesterday morning and checked the radar I figured we might be in for somewhat of a rainy day but the forecast was still calling for 1-2's. The ride out was good and our first stop produced a double hook-up on yellowfin tuna. Both about 60lbs. One was tagged so the angler should be calling it in. If I hear back from him I will post where he was tagged. A double hook up within 15 seconds then turned into a dead zone. Headed further out and immediately once we got to our spot we had another double hook-up. But, it only produced 1 140lb. yellowfin tuna. This brute ate both baits with a hook in it so, he never stood a chance. This is the best way to get a big fish like this in quick. I have seen it happen before and the anglers look like they are in a ballet. One pulls up and the other goes down to take in line in complete synchronization. From the side it looks like they are doing a dance step. I made them stand together and get in rythm, and sure enough they smoked him. But he was green at the gaff which made for a little excitement. But the fish bat took care of that. That was it for the day, the weather turned windy and cloudy, we headed back to north and fished a few more spots and called it a day before the next squall came through. Looks like the weather may turn rough this Mon. or Tues. all depending on the low moving into the Gulf. We do have Wed. and Thurs. of this week open if anyone wants it.

Capt. Damon McKnight/Super Strike Charters/1 800 318 1720
 Jun 17, 2005; 03:07PM - Venice Louisiana fishing is hot again
 Category:  Louisiana
 Author Name:  Capt. Scott Avanzino
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: Thought I had made an early June post but it looks like the post didnt make it up..we had 2 more days with 2 blue marlin releases then the avg swung toward the favor of the fish..we have missed 2 shots at hungry billfish and pulled hooks on 3 others..Plenty plenty dolphin and wahoo to make up for the lack of action on marlin but who is complaining..never thought we would have 4 days with 2 billfish releases this early in the season..Lately, we have been running a mix of bottomfishing, bluewater trolling and day and overnight tuna trips with great success..even made a fun trip with SW Sportsman reginal editor Pete Cooper Jr.before the Tropical Storm ruined last weekend..goal was to put Capt. Sonny on a marlin and Pete and I on a state record mahi on fly none of us got our wish that's fishing..ended up with two 70 and 60 pound wahoo for the effort.....Long week for me already and after 3 days I am placing myself on IR for the next week..ran an overnighter Monday and had great success with tuna..never really got great conditions for trolling but caught a 38 pound blackfin and a 30 pound cow dolphin dragging ballyhoo during the day..about 2 hours before sunset we put away the trolling gear and broke out the lighter live bait gear..and it was on, as fast as we could launch baits, singles and doubles til dark and then the porpouses moved in and made attemps to eat 60 pound tuna off the line..effectively put the bite to full stop..plenty flying fish about but nothing hitting them but porpouses so we came in early Tuesday morning..Wednesday I had the Geaux fish TV crew along with LA Sportsman Publisher Tony Taylor, Tyler Neely and David Montz as guest anglers..trolled skirted ballyhoo in scattered grass south of Medusa..non stop action on fish and non stop grass removal going on in the cockpit..ended the day with 2 thirty five pound wahoo and 8 legitimate bull dolphin..Sonny and Lance will be doing the boat driving this weekend while I recoup..looking forward to fishing one day in the UVI with my family this Monday..Enjoy the great weather..Other news..we just launched the 36 ft twin vee catamaran which from sea trial cruises at 33 knots and tops out at 40 knots - will have her in service the last week of June..Paradise Outfitters- 985-845-8006
 Jun 12, 2005; 08:25AM - Calm before the storm
 Category:  Louisiana
 Author Name:  Damon McKnight
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: Yesterday we had Mr. Chuck Whitfield and his son C.J. Bluewater fishing was the plan. The morning started out slick calm with a little roller and stayed that way all day which made for very easy running. Our first stop was to catch some live bait, we pulled up to the can and two big bull dolphin swam out. All it took was one cast with the gurgler and we got one on. The other one wouldn't touch the second bait we pitched to him. But he spit the hooks five minutes into the fight. After catching some live bait we headed 60 miles out to one of the floaters. 1st bait out we hooked into another bull dolphin that thru the hook on his second jump. That was two fish gone. Started to think it was going to be one of those days. Well, in the end we caught another bull dolphin and got him in the boat, Next two fish were yellowfin tuna about 65-70lbs. which we got in the boat as well. After that it went cold. We headed back north to find the rip which had been building up good in the afternoon, but when we got there it was scattered all over the place. Sometimes you can pull thru the scattered stuff and still pull out some decent fish. Yesterday it didn't happen, so we called it a day. Looks like the weather is shutting us down for a few days. Back out on the next calm day. By the way the new boat is an incredible fishing machine and very fast for a cat boat. So far the new Evinrude E Tecs are everything Bombardier said they would be.

Damon McKnight/Super Strike Charters/1 800 318 1720
 Jun 8, 2005; 08:14AM - Hot Summer Dolphin Action
 Category:  Louisiana
 Author Name:  Damon McKnight
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: Short on reports lately but definately fishing. This past Saturday we had the Lee Withers gang down for some rig fishing. We managed to pull out 20 red snappers most of them about 10lbs. with the exception of 4 or 5 around the 18lb. mark. But that was it. No other rig fish were caught. Red Snappes only. Sunday we opted to go west because of the strong southeast wind with the Howard Mabry group. They also wanted to fish the rigs but it was one of the slowest days I have seen in a while. We only caught a handful of fish in somewhat nasty conditions. Yesterday we took out Todd Oliver and crew from Jackson Miss. After some radar watching and weather figuring we left the dock hoping that the weather off of our coast yesterday morning wouldn't mess up the condition to bad. Well, right out the pass it was a steep 4ft. but nothing we couldn't handle. Once we hit blue water it laid down nicely and the rest of the day turned out to be beautiful. First stop of the day was for tuna, but none were to be had. We had the perfect live bait, which was very easy to catch, perfect water conditions, a few small ones busting around us, but we couldn't get one in the boat. Left there and headed south to find a neverending perfect rip. We trolled the rip for most of the day which resulted in 6 Dolphin. 1 big bull, a couple of near bulls, and some cows. Plenty of dolphin on the rip but most were on the smaller size. We din't really see much activity on the surface other than dolphin. Headed back out tomorrow to the rip. Looks like the weather is turning very bad this weekend, first time in a while. Will report tomorrow. Check out the pics.

Capt. Damon McKnight/Super Strike Charters/1 800 318 1720
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