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Fishing Accessories  |  Rod Belts Harnesses
Rod Knobie
Fishing rod knobie no belt or harness required
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Price: $19.99

The rod knobie with its small 3 inch diameter makes it easy to transport and can be kept in jacket or pants pocket when not in use. Can be changed from rod to rod in seconds and makes it quite comfortable to fight a larger fish with no straps or clip on gadgets. Fishing rod not included. Knobie is a rubber cap designed to fit over the butt of your rod. Manufactured from a special open cell sponge rubber that is firm yet flexible to provide cushioning for the Angler. This material is resistant to grease, solvents and mostly saltwater. I have been long range fishing for many years and lately there seems to be a trend to forgo the rod belt. Towels, rubber pads, and even clothing with built in pads are being used to ease the pinching and bruising on the groin and stomach area.

Jun 12, 2008RogerThis is the better than any rod belt out there, great for Yellowtail and Albies
Sep 05, 2007Mark GTruly easy on the budget and stomach area. Great concept works like a dream for tuna for me.

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