29 Dec 2003 - Last week of 2003 report
 Category:  Louisiana
 Author Name:  Capt. Scott Avanzino
 Author E-mail:  avanzino@yahoo.com
Click here to enlarge Report Description: Lump and offshore report for the week before and after Christmas Sonny and Darryl fished the Lump on December 27th..they picked up 3 blackfin tuna and a 5 man limit of amberjack and a few surprise fish, like african pompano..they did see two larger yellowfin in the slick so it ought to be soon! Last week I headed offshore for a day off from the usual grind with Darryl, Sonny and Terry Dyer on Terry's brand new go fast boat..had plans to sleep until 7am and head offshore for a couple hours of fun..they for tuna; and me, for anything that would take a fly. Got to a pipelaying vessel about 40 miles to the east and put out some live baits...got a dolphin double right off the bat...Sonny and D went to work while I got out the fly rod and waited for a straggler...Terry meanwhile went to work with the iron, picking up several skipjack tuna while they fought their fish to the gaff...after the dust settles I convinced them to pull hold off on the live bait and make a dead drift, thereby allowing me a decent casting opportunity given the wind and such, it made for difficult casting into the brisk southeast wind...after the second downcurrent drift I hooked up on what I expect was a skipjack tuna, which I fought for 10 minutes before pulling the hook. Lost the fish while were wre idling away from the buffer zone...No worries thing were just getting cranked up..On the third drift we started chumming with the skipjacks and were able to pull the dolphin to within casting range...no takers for me until the very end when I got ahold of a nice cow which put on a great show down the side of the pipelay vessel. After a 20 minute fight we got her to the gaff..she weighed 19.0 pounds on the STAR scale...after I got my fish my trip was made and we put out two more live baits and set out away from the ship...once we cornered the east side of the ship we hooked a double on tuna..Sonny and Darryl had to get untangled twice but we managed to get both fish in the boat with our broken albacore gaff...both weighed about 60 pounds...While we were setting out two more livies a school of 10-40 pound dolphin came into the chum and I broke out the split bamboo again and in came the live baits..managed to release 2 more smaller dolphin about ten pounds each while trying to get a fly to the bigger fish..while I was fighting fish number three, Darryl managed a nice bull of 29.15 pounds on a stand-up rod using a tuna slab..right at the boat..MY FISH!!!..We later joked about it with Darryl winning the argument by telling me that is what I deserved for bringing a knife to a gunfight..didn't matter at the time because the fish were boiling twenty feet behind the boat...there were two large bulls at least forty among the school of twenty..it was exciting for me to cast at twenty feet having to pull the fly away from smaller fish...but here's where the perfect conditions go from spectacular to grave..with two hours of fishing time in before noon, Capt. Terry, who had been chunking his iron into the chum, hooked a barracuda..while trying to release it, he got two deep lacerations across his ring and pinky finger; both to the bone and severing tendons...I am still trying to cast when I realize why Darryl said we had to head in...packed up quickly and wrapped Terry in a clean towel...(you would expect a new boat to come with some kind of first aid, but I guess they reserve that for the Eddie Bauer package only)...We were able to reach a longline boat on 16 and immediately sped away to get first aid...made a makeshift splint out of a paint stirrer and bandaged up our patient...settled in for the heavy beam sea and the 2 hour run home..about ten miles from South pass we lost a lower unit....about three miles from South Pass we nearly ran out of oil..managed to scrape up enough for the ride home on one engine..made it back just before dark with Terry heading straight for the ER... Goes to show you how things can turn around on you in a moments notice, and we were caught with our drawers down...praying for Terry's speedy recovery and still trying to be thankful for such a great opportunity to have such a great day... Fished the Lump the day before with Dr. Kieth Goodfellow and friends Chuck and Bill. Water was dirty green and 61 degrees..not the best conditions but we were after sharks...funny..Darryl said before we left that we would probably only catch tuna..well he was partially right.. The current was running 2 knots from the east and the only critters we could draw in were gulls and pelicans..they managed to get most of the chum as the pogies took forever to thaw...after devising a plan to keep the from getting the chum..we finally got some bonita into the slick..that followed by blackfin..think we caught 7 twenty pound blackfin and a few beeliners and one AJ..in the chum slick on drift lines...were able to send a few slabs of bonita getting each man a 100-150 pound dusky shark..ended up heading in early.. PARADISE OUTFITTERS ...985-845-8006