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San Jose del Cabo


June 25, 2017

The official start to summer season began this week, though at this time
the climate feels cooler that you would normally expect at this time. With
high temperatures averaging in the mid to upper 80s. The conditions for
this entire past week was dominated by persistent swirling southern winds,
gusting to 30 mph at times. These relentless winds have turned over the
ocean conditions entirely, the week before we saw ocean temperatures
reaching up to 80 degrees in the direction of San Jose del Cabo and further
north, presently water temperatures in this same region are now in the 69
to 70 degree range, all the way to Punta Colorado and some fifteen miles or
more offshore.

So sportfishing fleets have been searching hard, with only so many options
available. The conditions on land actually felt pleasant, agreeable
temperature, though until these winds patterns settle down, we will be
plagued by cooler water conditions from the Pacific, as well as currents
being greenish for the first few miles out, eventually things will rebound,
but for now it is a waiting game and mainly fishing closer to shore for
what fish species might be cooperative. Bait supplies consisted of mullet
and caballito, surf conditions increased some and this made in more
challenging for the bait netters to find mullet, caballito were being
netted inside the marina channel where it was calmer.

With ocean water temperatures progressively cooler all week, and moving
farther offshore the all-around action became more limited. Earlier in the
week there were fair numbers of roosterfish found trolling baits along the
shoreline, some roosters to 50 lb. were reported, also jack crevalle and a
handful of sierra. A few dogtooth snapper to 20 lb. were landed, as well as
various structure species, island jack, pompano, yellow snapper,
huachinango, leopard grouper, broomtail grouper, amberjack, bonito and
triggerfish. No huge numbers, but decent variety and all quality eating
fish. As the week went on the bite fell off, cooler water shut down the
roosterfish and choppy conditions made it tough to even try and fish the
bottom structure.

A few yellowfin tuna to fifty pounds were landed, these from the grounds
from Iman to San Luis Banks, on yo-yo jigs or various baitfish. Also
limited number of dorado earlier in the week before water temperature
cooled so much. A few wahoo strikes were reported as well, so these pelagic
gamefish are still in the area and as conditions recover the action will
surely turn back around. These weather patterns are becoming even more
unpredictable and can be discouraging, but will recover soon enough, just
can be very unfortunate for anglers that arrived during this time frame.

The combined panga fleets launching out of La Playita, Puerto Los Cabos
Marina sent out approximately 60 charters for the week, with anglers
reporting a fish count of: 2 striped marlin, 5 dorado, 13 amberjack, 9
island jack, 4 pompano, 44 bonito, 9 yellowfin tuna, 30 yellow snapper, 6
barred pargo, 12 leopard grouper, 3 dogtooth snapper, 1 broomtail, 32
huachinango, 12 jack crevalle, 22 roosterfish, 1 parrot fish, 8 sierra and
35 triggerfish.

Good fishing, Eric

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