11 Feb 2016 - GORDO BANKS PANGAS San Jose del Cabo Anglers January 24, 2016
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San Jose del Cabo


January 24, 2016

We are seeing increased crowds of visitors, though not that high of
percentage of these visitors are serious salt water anglers. Many people
are escaping the winter chill and heading south, we expect this will
continue, as the eastern section of United States are in the midst of a
serious blizzard now, many flights are being canceled, though expect people
will be ready to get out of town when they are able to. Local weather has
been cooler in the early morning, down around the 50 degree mark, though
days have been clear and sunny, with high temperatures reaching up to 85
degrees. Winds continue to blow predominately from the north, 10 to 20 mph,
switching to the south on some days. Ocean temperatures are avenging 76
degrees throughout Southern Baja region, swells have been moderate,
fluctuating currents, quite swift at times.

The local bait situation remains much the same, slabs of squid, ballyhoo,
caballito and just in recent days some charters found schooling sardinetas
offshore. With ocean temperatures now being about 4 degrees higher than
normal, hard to predict what might happen with fish migrations this winter
season. Plenty of whales now in the area, also more than enough hungry sea
lions, creating even more competition for anglers.

Sportfishing fleets were spread out in all directions, we heard reports of
larger cow sized yellowfin tuna being encountered traveling with porpoise
on the outside of the Pacific Banks, marlin were scattered, some days
charters could find one or two striped marlin, while on others days there
were none to be found, as more concentrations of baitfish move in we do
expect to see more billfish activity. Some stripers were even striking on
the stripped squid that anglers used for targeting tuna on the grounds from
Punta Gorda to Iman Bank. This action was on and off, wind was a problem on
the grounds further to the north, sizes of the yellowfin averaged in the 15
to 50 lb. range, for the most part there were np significant numbers,
anglers did well accounting for two or three tuna in their combined morning

Dorado action dropped way off on the grounds off of San Jose del Cabo, we
did hear of more do-dos being found on the Pacific, these pelagic fish are
just now returning from Southern California, where they had followed the
warm El Nino current this past summer and fall. So we do expect to see more
dorado appearing in the next month, especially if this warm water situation
continues. Wahoo did become more active in the past week, especially early
in the week, there was good early morning action found close off of Punta
Gorda by anglers trolling both lures and trap hooked larger batfish, sizes
ranged up to 40 lb. This bite became more sporadic as the week progressed,
though these elusive gamefish are definitely still holding in the temperate
conditions and we expect continued action for these fish until water
temperatures become too cool for their liking.

More bottom activity being found now, rock piles north of Punta Gorda were
producing leopard grouper (cabrilla), yellow and red snapper, rainbow
runner, bonito, amberjack and triggerfish. No really big numbers, but more
than we have seen so far this season, anglers had success on yo-yo jigs, as
well as on whole or strip baits.

Not much reported along the shore, no sierra to speak of, a few roosterfish
north of the marina jetty, the majority being smaller sized fish which
should always be released with care.

The combined panga fleets launching out of La Playita, Puerto Los Cabos
Marina sent out approximately 57 charters for the week, with anglers
reporting a fish count of: 6 striped marlin, 18 wahoo, 94 yellowfin tuna, 6
dorado, 21 rainbow runner, 22 cabrilla, 35 huachinango, 16 yellow snapper,
4 amberjack, 14 bonito, 2 roosterfish and 110 triggerfish.

Good fishing, Eric

Eric Brictson / Operator
619 488-1859
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