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 Author Name:  Captain Butch Foster
 Author E-mail:  captainbutchf@earthlink.net
Click here to enlarge Report Description: 6-20-08

We were headed offshore today with Tim Greene, Kevin Stanley, Eldon Hinegardner, Jerry Fredell, Olin Huffman, from Marganton,NC and Mike Greene from Lenoir,NC.

We found the fish in the 350's area to be biting pretty good. The highlite of the morning was a big Hog Nose Snapper and a big Almaco Jack that gave a great fight all the way to the boat!!

On the lite line the first King Mackeral we had was big enough that she bit through the #6 wire. We almost got her into gaff range before the wire parted and estimated her in the 30's.

The next king was just above 'snake' barely but then after that the current started backing up into the wind and that made running a lite line impossible for us as we anchor to bottom fish.

We tried drifting so we could run the lite line but then everyone was staying tangled so we scraped that idea.

We ended the day with the cart 3/4 full of fish for the crew, that's around 250 to 300 lbs. of fish. That should make a nice fish fry for everyone!!

We all had a beautiful day even though the winds and seas picked up in the evening making the ride home a little 'sporty' in the 3 to 5 foot seas, but the 'old Mako' made short work of them as she challenged each and every one at a crusing speed of 30 knots and a dry ride!!!

We didn't go out today, the weather was unstable and it looked like trouble was in the mix. As I have said so many times in the past, if you are not sure go with your first instincts!!

As it would happen, strong storms developed on the coast. Reports of at least two boats capsizing and one drowing so far. Guy's, it's a grim reminder that a fish is not worth the chance.

Just think what would have happened if these storms had taken an offshore path instead of going up the beach.

Our thoughts and prayers go to the victims and their familys!!

As for fishing tomorrow, I haven't decided yet. But you can bet that if there is the slightest chance of bad weather, we won't have a report on the fishing because I won't have my fishermen out there unless I know it's safe!!!

Till next time, stay safe, fish smart, and God Bless!!!

Fish On!!!!
Capt. Butch