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 Jul 19, 2010; 02:05PM - Tuna in the Anchorage
 Category:  ali
 Author Name:  Gary Graham
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: Endless Season Update July 17th, 2010
REPORT #1223 'Below the Border' Saltwater Fly-Fishing reports since 1996
East Cape
Caption: Could have been a contender dorado; unfortunately it was not caught in the Dorado Shootout this weekend.

As expected the cooler off-color water is receding, but this week brought another oddity. For several days there were YFT's being caught among the mooring balls of the hotels. Nothing huge but if you went out 30 to 40 miles where the porpoise play, there were some up to 75 pounds.

There were plenty of the smaller fish caught in the Dorado Shootout this weekend but getting a big one was tough .

The billfish action has remained steady but has had little pressure with most anglers choosing the other species as their preferred target.

The epoch roosterfish bite continued another week producing some 50+ pound fish almost daily. There has also been an appearance of schools of sierra , usually more of a winter event.

Lastly, the pargo bite yielded a few fish to 25 pounds.

Current East Cape Weather

Magdalena Bay, Baja Mexico
Preparations for the big First Flyfishing Tournament which will be held August 13, 14, 15th are underway; as usual when there is a big event planned everyone gets tight-lipped about the fishing. .... Bob Hoyt

Current Magdalena Bay Weather
Zihuatanejo, Mainland Mexico
The 80° blue water is practically on the beach. The fishing is really decent, as each boat fishing the blue water is averaging two sailfish a day, and at least 1 dorado of 20-25 pounds. However, not many boats fished this week, with only four or five boats going out a day.

We had been getting rain at night, but today and yesterday we had rain in the morning and early afternoon. However, the fishing has not been affected.

Adolfo, on the panga Dos Hermanos, fished the beach all week and did excellent on roosters. He told me the water has cleaned up after the heavy rains of a couple of weeks ago and in the last two days he released 11 roosters, with five “long releases”. He also told me there are more roosters than jack crevalle.

Cheva, on the panga Dos Hermanos II, fished for roosters today, releasing three in the rain. They could have had more, but the clients had had a good time and wanted to go back to the hotel. The last three days, Cheva had been fishing the blue water with a total of four sailfish, two striped marlin, three dorado, and a blue marlin. A great three days anywhere…Ed Kunze

Current Zihuatanejo Weather

Cabo San Lucas
The warm water has finally brought in some blue marlin. Several were released this week and a few were brought in for weighing. Most of them were in the 200-pound class, but there were a couple reported to be over 300 pounds, and one was about 500 pounds. The striped marlin bite improved as well with the fish finally starting to bite on a regular basis. There were no big numbers posted by anyone, but almost everyone was releasing one a day and having shots at a few others during their trips. A few decent sized sailfish were caught, with most of them in the 90 to 100 pound range; there were a few smaller ones around 60 pounds, still these were nice fish. A couple of blacks were reported from boats that were working near to shore for dorado.

Even though we were seeing big tuna last week, and boats were going to the Gordo Banks to target them, boats from Cabo did not have great results. With these large fish you really needed to be on the spot at first gray light, but the boats fishing from San Jose got a few as they only had a 20 minute run instead of two hours. In our area there were plenty of fish in the 10 to 20 pound class with a few going to 30 pounds. These fish were found with the porpoise and while it did take some time to find them, once you did, at least for the first few boats, the action was good,. A good catch was eight fish with most boats catching three or four. A few never found them or had other targets in mind.

Dorado were a little larger on average as we expected to happen with the warmer water. The fish were not concentrated in one area;, they were scattered out, one or two here and there. The key for dorado was finding a frigate bird that was staying in one area and occasionally swooping down to the water. The larger fish were in the 25 to 30 pound range while the average was 15 to 20 pounds.

Inshore fishermen found red snapper averaging seven pounds as they worked the rocks on the Pacific side of the Cape. There were also quite a few nice roosterfish and larger jack crevalle found cruising just outside the breakers ..… George and Mary Landrum

Current Cabo Weather
 Jul 5, 2010; 06:30PM - The Return of the Sardina!
 Category:  ali
 Author Name:  Gary Graham
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: Endless Season Update July 4th, 2010
REPORT #1221 'Below the Border' Saltwater Fly-Fishing reports since 1996
East Cape
Caption: All in all, this will be remembered as one of those weeks when you should have been here! photo Mark Rayor, Vista Sea Sports and Ruth Moran.

East Cape fishing exploded in the week leading up to the 4th of July. Lots of fish…big fish, and finally the sardina have returned.

Yellowfin action continues to be extraordinary! There have been many schools of porpoise with tuna to 150 pounds beneath them. The good news is that the porpoise schools are spread out allowing the fleet to do the same. Action begins as close as the lighthouse and can be found in any direction.

The dorado action is on the upswing as well, though most of the schoolie fish are on the smallish side. However, just when you least expect it, in comes a 30 to 40 pounder.

Then there is the giant of a wahoo (104 pounds) caught off La RIbera by a father and son from Colorado who were fishing with skipper Ramon from La Ribera on Los Amigos.

Billfish, sails, stripers and blues, are there for the taking for those interested. Inshore the Humboldt squid are there to get everyone started in the morning before heading out for a big one.

Then the rooster fish action has produced more Bubba's than a Catfish Noodling tournament in the south. All in all, this will be remembered as one of those weeks when you should have been here.

When the action gets this good, anglers often end up getting hooked, literally. Here is a refresher on what to do when it happens…the removal part not the other!

Current East Cape Weather

Magdalena Bay, Baja Mexico
In keeping with the oddest Baja fishing season in memory, there have been reports of marlin mixed in with the yellowfin tuna, but, as we know reports are as common as Pacifico's at a Mexican fiesta. The photos made the difference this time. In 71 degree water on the 23's , they caught two and broke off several marlin on the light gear they were using for the small tuna with plenty more marlin mixed in.

More weird stuff: WFO for halibut in Santa Maria Bay…go figure... Bob Hoyt

Current Magdalena Bay Weather
Zihuatanejo, Mainland Mexico
We had been experiencing some fantastic action in the early part of this last week. The 84° blue water was just off the beach and the sailfish were going strong. Plus, we were recording some incredible catches of roosterfish and jack crevalle inshore. And then the rains came…

Adolfo, on the panga Dos Hermanos, told me his clients caught 18 roosterfish on Sunday. They were taken on surface poppers and slow-trolled live bait. He was working the areas south of Valentine and down to the antennas. He went back on Monday, and the roosters were gone, but he got about 15 jack crevalle, which are not so sensitive to the huge volume of fresh water lowering the salinity of the coast line. Due to the wind and intensity of the rain, he didn’t even try to fish on Wednesday.

From Sunday evening through Thursday afternoon, we have gotten 15 inches of rain, which really screws up the inshore fishing by bringing in tonnage of silt and fresh water from the numerous local rivers and streams. The silt makes the water look like weak hot chocolate and the fresh water lowers the salinity. It will take a couple of weeks to get things settled down again.

Our normal heavy rain comes at night, in the form of thunder showers, but we have had intermittent heavy rain at any hour of the 24 hour day. Other than the month of September, this
is very unusual.

There is a group of fishermen who have been fighting the elements, and considering the conditions they are fishing in, they are doing well. There are ten fly fishermen here from the California's central valley, chartered through Mike Powers of American Fishing Company in Sacramento. Without the five pangas they are going out in daily, there would have been only three or four boats on the water each day this week.

So far, Adan on the panga Gitana is the high boat in the fleet, raising 15 sailfish, teasing 10 to the boat, with the fly clients hooking six. Please understand, a hooked fish on the fly is not exactly a fish brought to leader. The line gets wrapped around the reel, hooks are not set firmly enough to withstand the incredible aerobatics of a sailfish, the angler is standing on the fly line, etc.
Second captain honors go to Fernando, with two sailfish actually getting to the boat for photos.

When the sailfish action died off on Thursday, all of the group’s boats found the schools of small yellowfin tuna, which were willing to eat the fly. Plus, there were schools of the small pelagic sharks, which rarely get larger than four feet, but have a large shark’s appetite......…Ed Kunze

Current Zihuatanejo Weather

Cabo San Lucas
There was a decent preview of summer fishing this week with striped marlin being a bit more active than last week, blue marlin showing up and a few swordfish showing as well. The striped marlin were found pretty close, as was everything else, mainly due to the fact that the farther out you went, the rougher the water became! Striped marlin were seen tailing on the surface but for the most part were ignoring the normal caballito and mackerel live baits. The boats that did the best were hooking small bonito close to shore,,,then slow trolling them. There were a few fish found that would eat the other baits, so it was not a waste of time or money to buy them, but the bonito seemed to work better. There was a nice blue marlin of 600 to 700 pounds caught and released (I saw the video) two miles off of Gray Rock. There was also a 150-pound swordfish caught around the 95 spot on Wednesday.

Yellowfin were being caught every day and there were a few large fish found up in the Punta Gorda area. Not as many of the larger fish as there were last week, but if you were one of the lucky boats, the fish were going up to 100 pounds. Nearer to home, there were scattered football fish to 25 pounds.

A few small dorado were caught this week, a few more than were showing up last week, and there were a couple of larger fish reported as well. Most of them were in the 8 to 10 pound class but the larger fish were around 20 to 25 pounds.

Inshore fishing was mostly conducted on the Cortez side of the Cape due to the wind. Pangas were doing all right, but not great, on snapper and small grouper. A few nice amberjack to 60 pounds were caught. Small bonito and football yellowfin tuna as well as a few striped marlin were found very close to the beach and got the panga fishermen excited. The wind and swells made the water a bit off color very close to the beach.

Our fingers are still crossed that the storms stay away, and it appears as if the winds have died down, at least for now. If the water warms back up (it has been in flux all week) the fishing should definitely keep improving. … George and Mary Landrum

Current Cabo Weather
 Jun 1, 2010; 12:55PM - Right Place…Right Time…
 Category:  ali
 Author Name:  Gary Graham
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: Endless Season Update May 30, 2010
REPORT #1217 'Below the Border' Saltwater Fly-Fishing reports since 1996
East Cape
Caption: Mike Hergert provided this photo of a pompano he caught this week during his stay at Rancho Leonero. His panguero, Santos, said it was the largest one he has ever seen and guessed that it weighed between 18 and 20 pounds. Mike also reported that he caught two marlin, six tuna to 50 pounds (enough to fill his ice chest), six dorado from a kayak, two large roosters---one weighing 65 pounds and one weighing 55 pounds---and numerous ladyfish, sierra, etc. on a fly rod from the beach.

While Mike had an excellent week others were not so successful. There were several days of wind to contend with, but it seemed to help the marlin bite.

Tuna action is being found mixed in with the porpoise quite a ways offshore. If you are not one of the first boats to find them, however, it's too late. Apparently the best dorado action is for smaller fish around the moored boats in front of the hotels. Perfect for the kayakers looking for action in the evening.

Inshore action is still where it's happening. Hoards of small roosters with enough 'bubba' class to keep it interesting. The pompano action is near the lighthouse along with some jacks.

Current East Cape Weather

Magdalena Bay, Baja Mexico

It has been windy lately so few are venturing outside. Bay fishing remains good and in fact has
been picking up with corvina and halibut starting to show in numbers. Local fishermen on
Isla Magdalena have been spotting marlin and swordfish. Bob Hoyt

Current Magdalena Bay Weather
Zihuatanejo, Mainland Mexico
The 80° blue water is just a couple of miles off the beach, and the action has been fairly steady for striped marlin, blue marlin, and a few sailfish. However, this is the time of year to expect these kind of results. It is hard to imagine, but for the 30 calendar days starting about May 12, there can be no better blue marlin fishing anywhere in the world than what we have here on this coast.

A few years back I made a study about our marlin fishing in May. The blue marlin outnumbered the striped marlin by about ten to one, plus there were also a few blacks caught. The sport fishing fleet averaged 7.5 strikes a day, with almost four fish a day brought to leader. Historically during this time period, we average a blue marlin per boat for every three days on the water.

Plus, this was done by boats that were basically geared for sailfish, and found themselves sadly under-equipped when the marlin hit. Some boats, like the See-Ya from Cabo San Lucas, spent the fuel money to get here just to sample this action. They specifically targeted marlin and had a great month. Plus, there was an insignificant difference in fish caught between the pangas and the cruisers, proving the fish don’t care how fancy the boat is.

For this last week, the super panga, Huntress, with Captain Francisco, only caught one sail at the 16-mile mark, in what owner, Mike Bulkley, described as “beautiful blue water”, but they had several marlin strikes also. The Huntress was handicapped by a couple of earthquakes the day before, which really hurts the fishing. Mike also told me there was a lot of the bait-stealing bufeos (boo-fay-ohs) in the area. Almost identical to, but much larger than a porpoise, they are false killer whales, near the top of the food chain, and they can shut off a bite also.

Santiago, on the super panga Gitana, says “fishing is good right now”. He fished three days with John Fuller of Chicago, and friends Ben and Sam, releasing seven sailfish, and catching a 180-pound blue marlin. They also had five more sailfish and two striped marlin strikes, but missed them.

Inshore action was tough this last week, as we had huge waves hit the coast from a storm several thousand miles away. The waves were actually washing up into the beachside restaurants, whose tables are on the sand. But, from tracking the waves on the internet, it sure brought in the surfers from all over the world..…Ed Kunze

Current Zihuatanejo Weather

Cabo San Lucas
There are many more striped marlin being seen, but they were not swimming around with their mouths open. It took time, patience and working the right fish to get hooked up as it appeared most of the fish were still full on squid. Most boats were able to get one to bite and a few boats had better luck and were able to hook three or four fish, but the average was more like one for every two boats hooking up and fighting to each release. The fish are fairly close to the beach, just outside the arch and up the coast on the Cortez side. There were reports of some decent-size black marlin in the area as well.

We had a 'good to decent' bite on football-to-school-size yellowfin tuna close to home. The fish were just outside of the Gray Rock area within five miles of the beach. This placed them in calm water close to home, so they got hammered hard by almost every boat out there. They are gone now but while they were here, guys had great fun on fish ranging in size from 10 to 45 pounds. These fish were associated with a pod of porpoise so they were fairly easy to find most days. Best luck was had by boats able to get sardina up in San Jose, but that meant an early go, as it is a 45 minute run up there and the same back. In order to have the best luck, you needed to be on the fish early! There was scattered action in other areas, but the best alternative was the area to the south and west of the San Jaime banks where the water blued up nicely. The only problem there was that it was easy to get fish close to home and the water was rough out at the Jaime.

Dorado are not here in full force yet, but there are still some decent fish turning up on the catch as boats fishing the near-shore waters on the Sea of Cortez side of the Cape are having decent luck with fish to 20 pounds while trolling live bait. Several pangas reported catching dorado to 30 pounds while slow trolling live mullet for roosterfish just off the beach where you can see the bottom. Other fish were caught on the Cortez side, but the focus was on the Gordo Banks and the Red Hill area. Not a lot of fish were there, but some of the boats were able to get action.

There were still some decent wahoo to be caught; but not in the numbers or the sizes we were seeing recently. The fish that were caught were found in the usual haunts, on top of structure and off of the steeper drops.
Roosterfish remained the best bet inshore with decent action on sierra as well if you worked the beach on the Pacific side of the Cape. All the mullet that have arrived have really improved the inshore action for all species. Amberjack continued to be one of the favorites and limits were easy to come by for most anglers. George and Mary Landrum

Current Cabo Weather
 May 23, 2010; 02:38PM - Snook Again!
 Category:  ali
 Author Name:  Gary Graham
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: Endless Season Update May 23, 2010
REPORT #1216 'Below the Border' Saltwater Fly-Fishing reports since 1996
East Cape
Caption: One of the more unique catches this week was a 28-pound snook in one of the East Cape lagoons, according to East Cape resident, Jim Moyer.

Wow…snook as the lead for the second week in a row! This should dispel any doubts that this is a weird year so far.

This week brought an upward spike in the overall fishing picture for some. Reports of tuna down by Las Frailes were encouraging; however most of the fish were footballs with only an occasional larger fish landed. There has also been a decent volume of striped marlin seen but few biters and a few good sized dorado have been found but no bonanza by any definition.

Inside, the small roosters and ladyfish have been thick but not many in the Bubba-sized scene along the beach.

Now if the sardina would appear, maybe fishing will begin to regain some normalcy.

Current East Cape Weather

Magdalena Bay, Baja Mexico

A new tournament will be held August 13, 14 and 15 in the mangroves out of Lopez Mateos. It will be Baja's first tournament of its kind to be held in the esteros/mangroves. So far, the plans are to include flyfishing, kayaking and conventional categories. I should have the complete details next week.

Few fished this week and the reports were sketchy but it sounded like fishing was slow.

Current Magdalena Bay Weather
Zihuatanejo, Mainland Mexico
The 80° blue water is back on the beach, with the clear and clean water having moved in to about the 6-mile mark. Historically, this is typical of the first or second week of May. Our bread and butter sailfish will be around, but this is also the time when the marlin and tuna move in. Plus, the warm water on the beach brings back our roosters…the most exciting game fish of them all on a fly rod.

Fishing has been steadily improving this last week, with several notable catches. The boats are each averaging about one sailfish and a striped or blue marlin a day. But, there are only 8 to 12 boats a day fishing. Tourism is really slow right now, with many of the better captains sitting at home.

Santiago, on the panga Gitana, emailed me that Bob Majewski from Texas caught and released a 200-pound blue marlin, and Jim McKenna from New York released four striped marlin and two sailfish for two days of fishing.

Mike Bulkley, owner of the super panga Huntress, and Captain Francisco, told me this last Thursday through Saturday they had a great three days on the water with one blue marlin, two striped marlin and two sailfish. The marlin were taken on separate days, but all were within a few tenths of a mile at the 29 mile mark on a 180° heading.

Adolfo, on the panga Dos Hermanos was real happy when he called me. “The roosters are coming back. We got two today up near Pantla!” He predicts with the warm water on the beaches again, we will be in full swing with the roosters in two more weeks.…Ed Kunze

Current Zihuatanejo Weather

Cabo San Lucas
The striped marlin bite has improved a little, but not much as almost every boat is getting a shot or two per day on tailing fish, with a few being hungry and eating the bait. There have been a few more black and blue marlin being hooked up, with varying degrees of success in getting them to the side of the boat for releases. Most of the striped marlin have been found on the Pacific side or right out front, while their larger cousins have been found in the warmer water in the Sea of Cortez.

Yellowfin tuna ranging from 10 to 50 pounds have been getting into the fish boxes somehow, or at least they were at the start of the week. When the water turned over, the bite dropped off a bit. Most of the fish have been found mixed in with the porpoise, but there have been quite a few found while blind trolling. .

I really thought that the warmer water was going to bring in great numbers of dorado, but they just haven't shown up strongly yet. A few fish were in the 30-pound class with the average in at 15 pounds, and they were close in to the beach for the most part, on the Cortez side of the Cape and due south early in the week.

The week started out with a bang as wahoo went on a decent bite for a change. Strangely enough, it was during the new moon phase, not a full moon, so perhaps in another two weeks the bite will take off again. Anyway, it lasted for about four days and everyone who tried for them seemed able to get at least one or two fish, some boats managed a half dozen in the 30 to 40-pound class.

Schools of roosterfish up to 60 pounds in size were found this week. Slow trolling live bait, preferably mullet, worked best for the roosters. A few sierra were still found, and there was a halfway decent bite on amberjack, but most of the pangas tried to target the wahoo!...George and Mary Landrum

Current Cabo Weather
 Apr 22, 2010; 03:24PM - Mexico fishing report
 Category:  ali
 Author Name:  John N. Felsher
 Author E-mail:
Report Description: Five Friends Each Score Personal Best Bass

By Billy Chapman Jr.

As the host and producer of various outdoors television shows for Bass Pro Shops and a 2008 inductee into the Legends of the Outdoors Hall of Fame, Jerry Martin fished and hunted around the world. In all that time, he never caught a double-digit bass – until he fished Lake El Salto recently.

Lake El Salto

Martin and his four best friends grew up together in Thayer, Mo. They went all through school together, graduating from Thayer High School, Class of 1966. Over the years, they kept in touch and try to reunite for fishing or hunting trips whenever possible. This year, Martin convinced the others to make the biggest trip of their lives and visit Anglers Inn at Lake El Salto. They didn’t leave disappointed.
“This trip was very special,” said J.W. Nelson of Salem, Ark. “We started fishing at 5 years old and fished all of our lives. This year, we wanted to go to the best place where everybody could catch a lot of fish and have a great time. That’s Anglers Inn at Lake El Salto. Jerry told us about it, but it was more than we expected.”
Each of the five caught a personal best largemouth bass. Jerry caught a 9.5- and a 10-pounder on back-to-back casts with a 10-inch black and blue Berkley Power Worm fished Texas style in about 15 feet of water. Lewis Childers, who still lives in Thayer, caught a 10-pounder on a 12-inch green pumpkin plastic worm. His cousin, Keith Childers of Marshfield, Mo., and Nelson each landed bass approaching 8 pounds.
“The fishing was absolutely awesome,” Martin said. “The fish averaged about 4 pounds, but we caught a lot of 5- to 7-pound fish. Our best baits were 8-inch lizards, but my best bait was a 10-inch worm. Green pumpkin was the better color in the morning. Then, bass wanted black and blue. The key for bigger bass was fishing a steep bank with timber on it close to deep water where the bank broke into a creek channel 10 to 14 feet deep.”
John Sawyer topped them all. The Jonesboro, Ark., angler landed a 12.3-pounder, one of the largest fish caught this season at Lake El Salto. The fish inhaled a white six-inch swimbait, but John had a little help from his guide, Armando.
“On the morning I caught the big one, I already had 37 fish including several 6-pounders that mostly hit 8-inch lizards,” Sawyer said. “I decided to try something that I never used before. We got to a cove and I asked Armando to show me how to work a swimming minnow swimbait. He made one cast, said this is how to fish it, set the hook and gave me the rod. People don’t have to be great fishermen to catch big ones at Lake El Salto if they just listen to their guide.”
Besides the lunker, Sawyer caught more than 110 bass with many in the 3- to 9-pound range at Lake El Salto. In all, the five amigos landed more than 500 bass in 2.5 days, which included five personal best bass and three double-digit bucketmouths. They also tempted a frenzied school of jack crevalle with topwaters off Mazatlan before heading home.
“For the first hour at El Salto, we had a lot of topwater action, mostly on Pop-Rs in white or chrome with blue or gray backs,” Jerry said. “As soon as the sun got on the water, fish went about 6 to 8 feet deep and deeper as the sun rose. We caught some of our biggest bass on plastics in 10 to 12 feet of water near submerged trees, but also caught some on white and chartreuse spinnerbaits. On the final day, we fished a flat bank in two feet of water at 11 a.m. and started ripping fish on a spinnerbait.”
At both El Salto and Mateos, topwaters produced excellent action. Brett Whitehead of California caught a 10.5-pounder on a silver and black Zara Spook almost a lunchtime. Wesley Wolfe of North Carolina caught a 10-pound, 13-ounce lunker on a Sammy topwater bait, again at midday. He also caught several fish in the 6.5- to 8-pound range.
For consistent big-fish action, though, swimbaits topped the list. Slowly retrieve a 5-inch Yum Money Minnow in hologram shad, Tennessee shad or foxy shad just over the bottom. Use a weighed hook inserted into the plastic and barely poking out the back. Count down 10 to 15 seconds so the bait sinks and retrieve it as slowly as possible.
Texan Tim Barber caught a 10-pounder on a Yum Money Minnow on his first cast near a point. His partner, Danny Hale caught a 9.8-pounder on an identical bait. Fellow Texan, Steve Barnett caught his two biggest fish, one a 9.5-pounder, on a hologram shad Money Minnow. He also caught some big ones on Carolina-rigged black and blue lizards.
Other significant El Salto catches, Bill Arwood of Ohio landed a 10-pounder that smashed a chrome and blue Rat-L-Trap. Fishing with his son, Jagar, Darin Halbleib of Texas caught his 10-pounder on a black and blue jig. Jagar caught most of his fish on watermelon lizards with some topping 7 pounds.
Phil Thomas of Florida caught a 10-pounder on an 8-inch watermelon red flake lizard in 15 feet of water. Art Tatum and Michelle Healy didn’t catch monsters, but they used watermelon lizards and motoroil worms to catch more than 100 bass a day with a 4-pound average. Michelle landed one nearly 8 pounds, shy of her 10.4-pounder from a previous trip.
“Anglers Inn is the Disneyland for fishing,” Michelle said. “I’ve been to Lake El Salto twice this year and absolutely love it. I had the most amazing massage I’ve ever had and the food is incredible. I can’t wait to come back.”

Lake Mateos
At Lake Mateos, anglers frequently land more than 120 bass a day, as Pennsylvania angler Daniel Slavek did recently. He joined a group led by Dr. Louis Mameli of Georgia fishing with eight friends and family members. Each of them consistently caught 100 bass a day with many in the 5- to 8-pound range. Hot baits included citrus crankbaits, chartreuse and white spinnerbaits, white topwater baits or watermelon lizards.
“Lake Mateos is one of the best places I’ve ever fished,” Slavek said. “I caught a bunch of 5- and 6-pounders. The lodge is beautiful and the service is outstanding.”
Mike Marrone of Big 5 Sporting Goods in California led a group that fished both Lakes El Salto and Mateos. They also fished with the Anglers Inn International Offshore Division in the Sea of Cortez out of Mazatlan.
“Lake Mateos is gorgeous, but the fishing is off the charts,” Marrone said. “Our first day was our slowest. We only caught 68 bass with several in the 5- to 7-pound range. On the last morning at Mateos, we caught more than 80 fish on XCalibur Zell Pops in white or foxy shad. It was the best topwater bite I’ve ever experienced in my life. We caught fish for two solid hours. After the topwater bite subsided, we whacked bass on senkos and Texas-rigged lizards. In four hours, we caught well over 100 fish. Our top 20 that morning were all over 5 pounds with several over 7 and one 8.5-pounder.”
For more info or for booking your next Anglers Inn International adventure, call 1-800-GOTA-FISH, (468-2347) or send an e-mail to On line, see

Roosters running in waters off Mazatlan

By Billy Chapman, Jr.

Roosterfish dominate the saltwater action out of Mazatlan this week. After staying at the Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay, Mike and Melinda Hickey of Alabama experienced some outstanding rooster action in the Sea of Cortez. Trolling mullets, they landed 12 of the spectacular fish with such impressive dorsal fins. The biggest weighed 32 pounds.
One of the most highly sought game fish off the Pacific Coast of Mexico, roosterfish can exceed 100 pounds and may stretch four feet long. A member of the jack family, they range throughout the warmer waters of the Pacific Ocean from California to Peru.
Like the Hickeys, most people tempt these finicky fish with live bait or by trolling fresh baits. Anglers can also cast for these terrific fighters. Anglers Inn International Offshore Division runs center-console boats configured specifically for casting plugs at roosterfish. Besides roosters, anglers might also catch corvina, snook, mackerel and other species on lures.
Many of our clients enjoy bass fishing at my lodges at Lakes El Salto and Mateos, so we designed our boats to incorporate details found in bass boats, only larger. Our 28-foot center console boats provide safe, stable and comfortable platforms for anglers who want to throw lures at saltwater fish, much like in bass fishing. We can plan combination trips where anglers can also visit one of my freshwater lodges for a few days of trophy bass fishing.
Also like in bass fishing, we believe in leaving something for tomorrow. All our crews practice STRICT catch and release on billfish, roosterfish and snook. However, anglers can keep food species, such as snapper, grouper and dorado. We can even cook it for you!
While chasing roosters, look for birds. A swarming flock of birds diving into the water could indicate a school of feeding fish, particularly jack crevalle. Get upwind of these frantic schools and drift into them, casting various spoons and topwater baits. Keep a live bait rigged on a drift line for any cruising roosters that might also want to feast upon the baitfish school.
Offshore, more billfish moved into the area as the water warms and clears. Start looking for billfish about 15 miles from shore. Water temperatures range in the high 70s. Anglers might pick up sailfish, striped marlin or blue marlin. Good numbers of dorado, mackerel and mako sharks also swim in the waters off Mazatlan.
Coming all the way from Nome, Alaska, Cheri and Katie Kruschek spent a week in Mazatlan to celebrate Katie’s 20th birthday. They stayed at Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay, where Anglers Inn International serves as the exclusive sportsmen’s outfitter for the 5-Star resort. The mother-daughter team often fishes the rivers of Alaska for salmon, but seldom fish in salt water. They spent a morning trolling for dorado aboard an Anglers Inn International Offshore Division center console boat, catching Katie’s biggest fish ever, a 20-pound dorado. The fish hit a squid jig.
“Spring break just happened to fall on my birthday, so my mother and I decided to go somewhere beautiful and warm,” Katie said. “I heard a lot about Mazatlan from friends so we came down to see it for ourselves. It might sound odd to some people for a mother and daughter to go off on vacation alone to another country, but we have a great time together. I’ve been fishing ever since I can remember, but haven’t done much in saltwater. Catching the dorado was a lot of fun. We had just put the lines in the water and it hit right away. It was my first dorado and biggest fish ever.”
The Anglers Inn International Offshore Division can plan an adventure specifically catered to your needs. We offer guided surf trips, kayak operations plus light tackle casting, bottom fishing and bluewater trolling. To book your next adventure in Mexico, call Anglers Inn International at 1-800-GOTA-FISH, (468-2347) or send an e-mail to On line, see
 Mar 29, 2010; 09:17AM - Whoosh Closes March
 Category:  ali
 Author Name:  Gary Graham
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: Endless Season Update March 28, 2010
REPORT #1208 'Below the Border' Saltwater Fly-Fishing reports since 1996
East Cape
Caption: Lance Peterson landed this rooster from the beach in spite of less than ideal conditions.

Mixed bag throughout the week; on the windy days, the marlin show and then on a flat calm day, they couldn't be found. Out in front of La Ribera there were plenty of small tuna and skipjack as well as some amberjack, grouper and yellowtail in deeper water. There were even a few sailfish in the count.

The dorado are scarce with only a few landed all week.

Surprisingly the roosterfish bite continued in spite of the windy conditions with a few decent-sized fish being caught from the beach.

Boats focusing on the inshore were able to score on sierra, jacks and pargo.

Current East Cape Weather

Magdalena Bay, Baja Mexico

According to the locals the white sea bass action has been great outside of Cabo San Lazaro. The Humboldt squid are also still in the neighborhood.

Current Magdalena Bay Weather
Zihuatanejo, Mainland Mexico
With the change to cooler, dirty water and some very large waves hitting the beaches, the very good inshore action for jack crevalle and sierras has taken a nose dive this week. However, the slack has been taken up in spades with excellent blue water fishing.

Striped marlin, like last year, showed up again this year. Historically, we rarely catch striped marlin here, but when they have shown up this past two years, we have been getting more striped marlin than sailfish.

Most of the fish are being caught between 12 and 18 miles, with each boat in the fleet averaging two striped marlin and a sailfish per day. Naturally the better captains are doing better than that.

Some notable catches this last week were with Adolfo on the panga, Dos Hermanos, releasing four striped marlin and five sailfish in one day.

Santiago, on the panga Gitana, reported the following:
Debbie Goggins from Alaska released two striped marlin and one sailfish fishing with Adan on the Gitana II.

Dan Gaffney, with his wife and son from North Carolina, released three striped marlin, two sailfish and they caught many jacks and bonitos, during six days of fishing over the past week. They fished with Santiago on the Gitana.

Also, Cheva on the panga Dos Hermanos II released three striped marlin yesterday, and Arturo on the panga Janeth released three striped marlin and two sailfish..…Ed Kunze

Current Zihuatanejo Weather

Cabo San Lucas
Marlin fishing has remained slow. Victor, my panga guy, had to have the catch of the week on these guys. Pulled in close to the lighthouse to check for sierra and released two striped marlin in the 150-pound range. They were just cruising for a bite to eat! While some folks in PV brought in a 684-pound black this week, we haven't seen anything like that yet. So with these warmer waters moving in, there is a chance!

Yeah I had sashimi for dinner last night!!!!! Finally, Friday some yellowfin tuna showed up. Of course being the only game in town you had to get to the school early or they were scattered. Fish were in the 15 to 30 pound range. Hope this warmer water will keep them around, although yellowfin don't mind the cooler waters.

Dorado on the other hand like these warmer waters and a couple came up to play. Decent ones also in the 15-pound range, not those little slippers that we had last month. Dorado grow fast, but not that fast!

Sierra , roosterfish, grouper, snapper, a smorgasbord inshore. Sure glad the tuna have shown up to relieve the pressure on the inshore fisheries. We want to keep those reefs full all year round. …George and Mary Landrum

Current Cabo Weather
 Mar 22, 2010; 06:32PM - March Marlin
 Category:  ali
 Author Name:  Gary Graham
 Author E-mail:
Report Description: Endless Season Update March 21, 2010
REPORT #1207 'Below the Border' Saltwater Fly-Fishing reports since 1996
East Cape
Caption: Mark Rayor launched his new Cabo and promptly landed their first fish of the year.

For those willing to brave the windy conditions, there were striped marlin to be caught. Mark Rayor launched his new Cabo and promptly landed their first fish of the year even though the water was slightly off-color.

Didn't seem to bother the Humboldt squid action that has been going on for awhile. It's a good thing, since live bait has been hard to come by because of the wind.

Even the dorado have been squirrely…up one day and down the next, with no rhyme or reason. Meanwhile, back inside, the yellows and amberjack were found at the drop offs.

Roosterfish are still around but most that were caught seemed to be small and smaller. There were a few better size reported but no photos kept them into the unconfirmed category.

Current East Cape Weather

Magdalena Bay, Baja Mexico

This was the only area reporting decent weather. Yellowtail to forty pounds were found under the debris floating outside Boca de Soledad. Outside of Magdalena Island there has been a good whack on white seas bass feeding on small squid. Speaking of squid, the commercial fishermen are loading up on Humboldt's every night.

Inside the Esteros, few bothered to fish this week so there is little to report.

Current Magdalena Bay Weather
Zihuatanejo, Mainland Mexico
The 80° blue water has moved into the six mile area. The fishing has picked up some, with the best hard-working captains all getting a few fish.

Karen and Saxon Hutmacher of Alaska fished two days with Cali on the Vamonos II. On the first day they had a couple of strikes on sailfish, got a striped marlin, and then also got a blue marlin of about 300 pounds to the boat. The next day they got two sailfish.

Mike Buckley, owner of the twin engine super panga Huntress, emailed me with the following: 'We had two charters, one inshore with lots of bonito and two dorado and one offshore with three sailfish at 22 miles. All three sails struck at the same time and we released them all. Water was beautiful, but that was the only action all day.'

Todd Sandell and his friend Ron of Seattle treated themselves to their 40th birthdays by fishing with Cheva on the panga Dos Hermanos II with their 8wt fly rods. They had excellent action on the small game, with most of the fish being the hard-fighting black skipjack tuna, but they also got a very nice sierra, which was their dinner that night.…Ed Kunze

Current Zihuatanejo Weather

Cabo San Lucas
Marlin fishing has remained slow again this week. Still a few bites close to shore, but not hearing of anything offshore. Even the bottom fishing for marlin up the Pacific side isn't working yet. Where are they? Just not here in the numbers we have seen in the past. March should be great for striped marlin.

Still pretty thin in the tuna department and it's not pretty water getting to them. Reports of porpoise schools in close but the boats working the schools are reporting only small bonita. There were a couple of fish coming into the docks but all reported that there were some pretty rough seas getting there and back. Rumors of a good bite past San Jaime the other day, but I never saw any fish to match the rumors.

A few dorado saved the day for some this past week. Not in numbers, but the ones caught were all in the 15 to 20 pound range instead of the four to six pound range that have been passing by.

Wahoo: Okay, let's change this just for spring to Mexican Wahoo…still pretty much the catch of the week…although they are taking a big hit. If you are into the bigger 6 to 10 pound fish, there aren't as many of them being caught. Still lots of the smaller ones. Hey guys throw those two to four pound fish back; let them grow up! Got to leave some as breeders for next year!!!

Inshore continued to prove to be the best action. Snapper bite is alright…haven't seen the numbers of red snapper hitting the docks like in years past, but they are there. People are just spending more time targeting the sierra I think. Don't laugh, but I did see some decent triggerfish come into the dock. (they really are good eating!) Also a few small mako shark were being released. Maybe with this cooler, high sixty degree water moving in the yellowtail bite will pick up again. …George and Mary Landrum

Current Cabo Weather
 Feb 15, 2010; 12:01PM - Early Easter Egg Hunt??
 Category:  ali
 Author Name:  Gary Graham
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: Endless Season Update February 14, 2010
REPORT #1202 'Below the Border' Saltwater Fly-Fishing reports since 1996
East Cape
Caption: So you thought that Mexico was protecting the turtles…
click here

After a week of up and down weather, including some gentle rain, today finally seemed like the beginning a few good days. Throughout the week on the good days the sierra were thick enough to attract the attention of the local gillnetters…sigh. The bad news is the roosters have begun to show and of course the nets are not very selective. A few of the boats that did venture offshore, however, found a few tailers below the lighthouse, but unfortunately they didn't seem to be too interested.

Current East Cape Weather

Magdalena Bay, Baja Mexico

Still slow action or is it lack of fishermen? Either/or the squirrely weather has kept everyone off the water.

Current Magdalena Bay Weather
Zihuatanejo, Mainland Mexico
The 80° water is still here, but the blue water is still off the charts somewhere. At about six miles, we at least have a decent 'clean' water, so a few fish are still in the area.

The fleet is averaging only about onw sailfish a day per boat, with a few small dorado showing up for a few boats. The biggest problem has been the tremendous amount of debris in the water. From just off the beach, to out beyond 20 miles, the floating grass and river bank vegetation that washed out of the Rio Balsas River has made it real difficult to keep a trolling spread from getting fouled. Last week's 12' of rain in 30 hours really opened the flood gates on the rivers and washed a lot of debris in.

It has been a deckhand's nightmare. Even with the captain dodging the worst of it, a line is always getting fouled.

Adolfo, on the panga Dos Hermanos II, has been working the areas to the North and has been doing well on some large jack cravelle......…Ed Kunze

Current Zihuatanejo Weather
 Sep 26, 2009; 08:37AM - Tough Tuna
 Category:  ali
 Author Name:  Gary Graham
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description:
Endless Season Update 09/25/2009
REPORT #1184 'Below the Border' Saltwater Fly-Fishing reports since 1996
East Cape
Once again, September has been a winner. The Humboldt squid continues to be the first stop in the morning for many of the boats. Talk about matching the hatch! Fresh cut chunks of squid are the perfect chum or bait for the dorado and small tuna and when fishing near the rocky points that dot the East Cape.

Of course if you want to go farther offshore and chase the porpoise schools, there are still some gorilla-class tuna reaching 200 pounds. Pulling on one of those behemoths can easily replace the day’s workout on the Nautilus machine…and then some.

If you are trying to avoid the tuna workout, there are still plenty of sailfish, as well as blue and striped marlin to take care of the billfish urge.

Most of the dorado, tuna and skipjack caught close to shore are in the single digit to mid-teen range; offshore don’t be surprised if a larger one shows up in one of the porpoise schools.

The beach is the beach and it is still hot midday. That said, if you are looking for sight casting opportunities, midday is the best time. Later, as the sun sinks behind the hills, it seems like the fish come alive for a brief period before it gets too dark to fish.

Current East Cape Weather

Magdalena Bay, Baja Mexico

Local commercial fishermen are reporting lots of dorado around the shark buoys, and the clear blue water close to the shore is holding plenty of smallish tuna as well as a few larger ones up to 30 pounds.

With many of the Soouthern California yachts beginning their long trek down the coast to Cabo San Lucas, we expect to hear good reports of the numbers of fish found as they pass by Magdalena Bay.

Inside the esteros, there has been little current and both grouper and snapper have been on the bite. Still there’s only an occasional snook caught, most weighing no more than ten pounds.

The yellowtail action at the Entrada is mostly the smaller firecracker variety chasing small sardine to the surface, which in turn attracts the birds, making it easy to spot the schools. Farther outside the Entrada there are schools of skipjack and a few dorado to be found.

Though there are plenty of fish, there are few tourists visiting the area recently.

Reports are that Mex 1 is passable all the way from the border to the tip! However, road crews working on the road are causing some short delays…Bob Hoyt

Current Magdalena Bay Weather
Zihuatanejo, Mainland Mexico
The average water temperature is back up to 85° with the blue water only a couple of miles off the beach.
Santiago, on the panga Gitana, told me there is very decent fishing, but few people to take advantage of it. The boats going out have each been averaging two to three sailfish a day, plus a couple of nice dorado around 20 pounds.
We have had some hard rains, which has discolored the inshore water some, but when you find the open patches, the roosterfish action is still holding very strong. Three to four roosters a day is common with at least a couple of them approaching 50 pounds…Ed Kunze
Current Zihuatanejo Weather

 Aug 28, 2009; 03:52PM - Read Carefully!
 Category:  ali
 Author Name:  Gary Graham
 Author E-mail:
Report Description:
Endless Season Update 08/28/2009
REPORT #1180 'Below the Border' Saltwater Fly-Fishing reports since 1996
East Cape
Based on sample online reports this week, everyone agreed that billfishing was off. However, one report suggested “the billfishing has slowed, as most anglers are targeting the tuna and dorado.”

Another report begins, “fishing seemed to be a roller coaster ride. We had some great days and some slow days.

Then…wait…wait…keep reading! The report continues, “But, overall the fishing was good. We saw many big tuna again this past week, the biggest weighing in at 120 pounds and many more in the 50 to 90 pound range were also weighed in.”

Another report also alluded to a good tuna bite with tuna averaging 25 to 40 pounds and once again, wait…wait…wait…”the largest this week 120 pounds.”

Then comes---“dorado are plentiful, both inside and outside.”

“Inshore fishing has been very consistent with pargo and pompano taking baits daily. The
roosters are smaller this week.”

“Bait has been scarcer than normal. Mostly sardine has been available this week.”

Then my final source, a local with no boats or rooms to rent sent the following:

“Things are very slow. A few schoolie dorado off the light house and a very slow tuna bite on 15 to 25 pound tuna fishing the same area. South of Los Frailes a few tuna if you are lucky enough to find the porpoise. Very slow on marlin and sails; inshore is tough as well. Not many boats going out either. All is very quiet on the East Cape.”

Current East Cape Weather

Magdalena Bay, Baja Mexico

Barbra and Bruce Carter, from Hayward, CA, limited out in the bay on grouper, corvina, bass and two snook. And Mark Wisdom, a surfer from Cabo, broke the ice with four wahoo fishing out of the camp on Cabo San Lazaro. He came for the waves which were great ,but topped it off with the wahoo.

Current Magdalena Bay Weather
Zihuatanejo, Mainland Mexico
The blue water is just off the beach, with the average surface temperature at 87°. Due to the absence of tourism, only a couple of boats are going out each day, getting about one or two sailfish per boat. Dorado fishing is slow, and the water is too warm for yellowfin tuna or marlin.
The very good inshore action we have been having shut down this week. The fish are still here, but the surf was huge all up and down the coast. The bait fish can't handle the heavy surf, so the game fish have followed them into the deeper water.
Cheva and I fished with fly fishing clients, Scott and Christine Repass, of New Jersey, down south at Puerto Vicente Guerrero, and did not raise a fish. We also had to move around quite a bit, covering a lot of areas, to keep out of the stained water. Even though we are not getting any rain on the coast, the mountains are getting plenty, with the rivers discoloring the water near their outlet.
Adolfo, on the panga Dos Hermanos, reported the same conditions to the North of Zihuatanejo; not catching a single roosterfish for his three days on the water..…Ed Kunze
Current Zihuatanejo Weather

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