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RED Crankbait replacement hooks 3551/35647

RED Crankbait replacement hooks 3551/35647
Red crank bait replacement hooks 2x strong model 3551/35647

PRICE: $0.20

God Bless The Troops
We sleep safely in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm. - George Orwell
Jason Wallis Photography
Corporate Headshots Magazine covers Fashion Advertising Campaigns Model Portfolio's and Headshots Family Portraits Weddings
Did you know that
About 60% of US Anglers practice catch and release.
Women make up about 33% of fresh water anglers and
about 85% of fresh water anglers begin fishing at 12 years old.


fishing store

 Stainless Steel Treble Hook Model 7731

Stainless Steel Treble Hook Model 7731
Stainless Steel Model 7731 Treble Hook use as Pier Bridge Gaff Grappling.

PRICE: $13.99

Globe Line Winder GFA-4000 Spinning Reel
Globe Line Winder GFA-4000 Spinning reel 10 bearings front drag system 5:1 ratio 220 yds 12 lb test

PRICE: $60.99

Ixtapa Zijuatanejo Mexico Sportfishing Package

Ixtapa Zijuatanejo Mexico Sportfishing Package
Sportfishing in Ixtapa Zijuatanejo Mexico on super panga sport cruiser and luxury yachts.

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fishing wanted
 Mar 30, 2008; 09:52PM
 Category:  Boat Motors
 Name for Contacts:  David Houk
 Phone:  660-953-0132
 City:  Mercer
 State:  MO
 Country:  usa
 Description:  I have a 50 horse mercury for sale or trade. Runs great new water pump last fall. just looking for a few more horses. call leave message if no answer I will return your call.

fishing photo contest
w i n n e rw i n n e r
Kids Only Fish Photo Contest
Kids 12 and under only in this contest A free tackle package to the photo with the most votes. Contest ends Jan 1, 2013
Hunter Trout
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Hunter, 3
Nice winter day out fishing with daddy on the pier!
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fishing tips and tricks
 Aug 5, 2003; 10:26PM - Albright Knot
 Category:  Knots to use
 Author Name:  Steve vonBrandt/S&K Guide Service
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Tip&Trick Description 1: Albright Knot
The albright knot is most commonly used for joining lines of different diameter, for creating shook leaders and when Bimini Twist is tied in the end of lighter casting line. It is also used to connect monofilament to wire.

1.Create a loop in the tag end of the heavier line, then feed the tag end of the lighter line through it.
2. Bring the tag end up and over the loop to make your first turn.
3. Make a series of turns around all three stands, keeping it as tight as possible.
4. make a minimum of 10 turns, bringing the tag end out of the end of the heavier line's loop.
5. To tighten the knot, pull the standing part of the heavier line. At the same time, slide the turns toward the loop end.
6. When turns are in a neat position, pull both standing parts to make the knot tight. Trim ends.

fishing boats and accessories
 May 19, 2005; 07:10PM - Special Overstock Pro Bass Boat Covers
 Category:  Boats
 Price:  varies
 Name for Contacts:  Terry's Outdoors
 Phone:  417-300-6605
 City:  Nixa
 State:  Missouri
 Country:  USA
Click here to enlarge Description 1: I have a great buy on a Pro17, Pro18, Pro19, and Pro20 overstock me for details

fishing reports
 Sep 24, 2010; 11:52PM - Fall Fishing in BC CANADA
 Category:  Canada
 Author Name:  Noel Gyger
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description:

Weekly Fishing Reports (Smithers, Terrace, Kitimat, Prince Rupert and Meziadin North)

Noel Gyger

September 12 to September 19, 2010

Dear Fishing Friends:

Weather has been excellent with lots of sunshine. Fishing for Steelhead, Coho, Cutthroat Trout, Bull Trout and Dolly Varden Char using fly, spin and conventional gear has been excellent.
The Skeena River is very low and in excellent shape. Fishing for Steelhead and Coho is excellent. It is not uncommon to catch both Steelhead and Coho on the same day.
The Kalum River is very low and in excellent shape. Steelhead and Coho are coming in now. I have reports of some great catches.
The Kitimat River remains very low and clear. The best fishing results have been achieved during the early mornings or when the 'Tide Fish'(Coho moving on the incoming tides) are moving through the lower Kitimat River.
The Douglas Channel Coho is hit and miss during this time of the year. Most of the Coho are heading for or are already in the rivers that they will be spawning in. The Kitimat Harbour Fishery is still producing Coho and with the nice weather a few boaters trolling the harbour are being rewarded for their efforts.
Check out the Ron Wakita report below.
The Zymoetz (Copper) River is very clean. Summer-run Steelhead are moving in now and great catches are being reported.
This week guide reports came from Ron Wakita, Mike Herzberg, Ariel Kuppers and Wes Owen. Thank you to all of the fishing guides and anglers who sent reports and photos. It is very much appreciated!

WARNING: BEARS on all our rivers. Be Bear Aware and carry Pepper Spray.
Check your spray for expiry date!

With the participation of some of the Best Dealers (Tackle Shops) in the Northwest I have distributed DVD players and Video clips featuring the Best Fishing in the Northwest highlighting several of the Best Guides and Charters in the Northwest using a variety of the Best Fishing Products on the Market today. The dealers that have the
DVD players are: Home Hardware in Kitimat, J&E Tackle and Hunting Shop in
Prince Rupert, Oscars Source for Sports in Smithers, Meziadin Park Store in
Meziadin Lake BC and Fish Tales Tackle Shop in Terrace.
Please visit these Tackle Shops to watch the shows!

This may be the time to book that guided fishing trip of a lifetime! A few day bookings and lodge packages are being offered at super low discount rates.
Click here for details

New Items on Website

September 17, 2020 Two New items (conservation)
September 14, 2010 One New item (Video Clip: Elaine’s Kitimat River Coho)

River Reports Weather - Normal temp - Sunrise & Sunset - Tyee Test Fishery – Tides – Hydrometric Data

Kalum River
The river is in excellent shape. I have had reports of Steelhead and Coho being caught in both the upper and lower sections.

Skeena River
The Skeena River is in excellent shape. Fishing for Steelhead and Coho is excellent. It is not uncommon to catch both Steelhead and Coho on the same day.

Zymoetz (Copper) River
The water is in excellent shape. Steelhead fishing is fantastic!

Kasiks River
Coho are coming into the river now. The water is very low and they are not moving up river very fast. Fish the deep darker pools where they may be holding. Don’t fish unless you see them rolling.

Exchamsiks River
Coho are coming into the river now. The water is very low and they are not moving up river very fast. Fish the deep darker pools where they may be holding. Don’t fish unless you see them rolling.


Fishing Guide and Tackle Shop Reports

Summary for Skeena and Tributaries
Fishing This Week

Type of Fish Caught
River: Coho, Steelhead, Cutthroat Trout and Dolly Varden Char.
Ocean: All five species of Salmon, Halibut, Bottom Fish and Dungeness and King Crab for ocean.

Thank you for using barbless hooks! (This is a BC fishing regulation)

Largest Fish of the Week
River: 15-pound Steelhead from the Skeena River. 16-pound Coho from the Kitimat River. Ocean: 67-pound Halibut out of Kitimat BC.

BOOKING NOW for fall Steelhead and Coho. Let me know if I can be of service to book you with the 'best' fishing guide and/or fishing lodges for both river and ocean. There are NO extra charges to book through me, just a lot of free information and advice from a person with years and years of fishing and fish guiding experience. It is like hiring two guides for the price Your “dream trip” awaits. Contact Noel anytime…to start planning your trip. Everything will be to your entire satisfaction

Ron Wakita: Reliable Guide and Charters, Kitimat BC
Website: and
Home Hardware Tackle Shop E-mail Phone 250-632-1275

Kitimat River
I apologize for a shortened version of this Fishing Report but I was feeling a bit under the weather.
The Kitimat River remains very low and clear. The best fishing results have been achieved during the early mornings or when the 'Tide Fish'(Coho moving on the incoming tides) are moving through the lower Kitimat River.

Sept 12 Manny Arruda submitted this photo of a 16lb 12oz. Kitimat River Coho. Wow! Nice Coho Manny. It is really close to the same size as the Coho that your sister, Maria caught. Congratulations to you both.

Sept 12 Mike Herzberg drifted with his friends Alex and Pete. They landed 2 Coho out of the 6 they hooked. They hooked their Coho on Hot Shots and on Jigs. Congratulations Alex and Pete! Well done Mike!

Sept 15 Ariel Kuppers guided our clients Bill Neighbour and Dave Thomas. They hooked into 7 Coho and landed 2. Two were hooked on Luhr Jensen #35 hotshots and the rest float fishing roe with Gibbs floats and 2/0 Gamakatsu hooks.

Sept 15 Mike Herzberg reports' Fishing still really slow because of the low water, but we managed to get a few each drift. Anter landed a beauty on Tuesday'. Well done Anter.

Coho stock numbers will continue to improve throughout September. The challenge will be to figure out the best times and tackle to catch them. Early mornings and evenings are usually the best times. As for tackle, spoons, hot shots , jigs, spinners, float-fishing or bottom-bouncing roe are some of the most effective methods but on any given day one, none or all may work. Coho fishing in this very low, clear water is a challenge. I look forward to posting the photos of the anglers who figure it out.

Sept 12 Wes Owen called me at 10:00 AM saying that he was on his way in from fishing and he had his limit of 4 Coho in the cooler fishing by himself. Wes has some clients coming this week and wanted to stay dialed to where the Coho were holding in the Kitimat Harbour so he decided to go out this morning. Wes hooked 7 Coho to land the 4 Coho that he kept. Well done Wes!

We have plenty of open dates for Driftboat Trips for Coho and Saltwater Charters for Coho and Halibut. Any interested anglers please contact Noel

Good Health and Good Fishing!

Sincerely and Cheers Ron Wakita

Video Clip

September 14, 2010 One 'New' clip posted on Video Clips

Commentary by Ron Wakita of Reliable Guide and Charters. I had the pleasure of fishing with my very good friends Noel Gyger and Syd and Elaine Pallister for Coho on the Kitimat River September 8, 2010. Syd is one of the owners of Gibbs/Delta Tackle . We hooked 4 Coho during our short morning drift but Elaine managed to land the only one. Hurray for Elaine! We had a great day on the Kitimat River. We hooked our Coho on Luhr Jensen Hot Shots although we tried to entice Coho with Gibbs Koho and Croc lures . We watched a local angler, Randy Dean land 2 Coho with Koho lures. Randy had an interesting comment that the Gibbs lures worked best at day break. The weather turned out to be outstanding and we had a great morning of fishing. Thank You to Syd, Elaine and Noel for your wonderful company.

Note: to watch the video in the highest possible quality be sure to choose the option 480p on YouTube Go here for a direct link to this video. It is also listed on the Video webpage . Title: Elaine's Kitimat River Coho and listed in category 2010 Coho Clips. Clip #0017. Plays for 3:27 minutes.

Drift boater plug pulling dream come true. How does one know how much line is let out? The answer is, get one of these reels! Abu Garcia has come out with two fishing reels with line counters. One reel is for the BIG Chinook and the other smaller one for Coho and Steelhead. Secret, don’t tell anybody but to catch Coho set the centre line at 55 feet the outside left and right at 48 feet. Have fun with them. Yes, we used the smaller reel in the video.

Gill McKean: Westcoast Fishing Adventures, Terrace BC and rivers north.

Hi Noel, fishing has been outstanding for me this week on many different rivers. I am sorry I just do not have the time to send you some pics. Next week for sure. The following are some special deals I am offering to potential clients. Have them contact you direct to book. Thanks. Noel

NEW! I am offering a 'Super Special' FULL DAY guided Drift-Boat fishing trip on the Skeena and Kitimat Rivers! Maximum 4 per boat. Please contact Noel for details and prices

NEW! I am offering a “Super Special” FULL DAY guided Jet-Boat fishing trip on Skeena and Tributary Rivers! Maximum 4 per boat. Please contact Noel for details and prices

NEW! I am offering a “Super Special” TWO FULL DAYS guided Jet-boat fishing trip on rivers north. Minimum two persons required to do this trip. Maximum four persons. This trip involves lots of travel so one overnight is required. Guests are responsible for their own meals and accommodations. Please contact Noel for details and prices

Tight Lines Gill McKean

Fishing is our addiction - Guiding is our passion - Adventure is in our blood

Jason Munday: Fish Tales Tackle Shop, Terrace BC

Hello Noel. Fishing for Steelhead & Coho is fantastic on all of the Steelhead rivers, including the mainstem Skeena, Kalum and Zymoetz (Copper) River. If you know the where and how you can catch Steelhead on a dry fly. WOW…does that sound like fun or what? The shop has been extremely busy with exited and happy anglers. Come in for a coffee!

Cheers! Jason Munday

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